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This is what happened - Thread updating and explaining the latest escalation with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and the geopolitics of the ongoing pipeline wars in the Middle East.

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Sep 2

Absolute nightmare in England as settled refugees begin to protest for the implementation of Sharia law.
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Thread updating and explaining the latest escalation with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and the geopolitics of the ongoing pipeline wars in the Middle East.


Hector Morenco
1. In 1989, Qatar and Iran began to develop the South Pars/North Dome natural gas field which is 3,000 meters below the Persian Gulf. With 51 trillion cubic meters of gas it is the largest natural gas field in the world.
10:45 PM - 11 Nov 2017
2. Since the discovery, Qatar has invested heavily in liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants and terminals that enable it to ship its gas around the world in tankers. Qatar is the world’s leading exporter of liquefied natural gas.


3. In 2009, Qatar proposed to President Bashar Assad of Syria to build a pipeline to send its gas northwest via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria which would eventually reach Europe.

4. Two different routes for such a pipeline were possible. One from Qatar to Iran & then through Iraq to Turkey. The other would go through Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey. Assad refused to agree to the proposal by Qatar to build a pipeline through Syria. 

5. To complicate matters, Saudi Arabia was not interested in a gas pipeline from Qatar to go through its country. But the Saudis would rather have the pipeline go through Saudi Arabia than Iran.

6. In 2010, Assad pursued negotiations for an alternative $10 billion pipeline plan with Iran, across Iraq to Syria, that would also potentially allow Iran to supply gas to Europe from its shared gas field with Qatar. 


7. The Iran pipeline would be completed by 2016. Russia blessed this project believing that it would have an easier time dealing with Iran than Qatar to control gas imports to Europe from Iran, the Caspian Sea region, and Central Asia.

8. In July, 2011, just weeks after civil war broke out in Syria, the Tehran Times released a report entitled, “Iran, Iraq, Syria Sign Major Gas Pipeline Deal“.

9. In 2011, Qatar gave the Clinton Foundation the first of several donations in exchange for Obama/HRC to launch a CIA operation to oust President Bashar Assad from Syria. www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-foundation/clintons-charity-confirms-qatars-1-million-gift-while-she-was-at-state-dept-idUSKBN12Z2SL

10. Shortly after the CIA lead civil war in Syria a massive refugee crisis erupted causing millions of people to die, and ISIS to emerge. 

11. George Soros a longtime supporter of Obama & Hillary Clinton saw a major opportunity in the exacerbation of the refugee crisis. The EU has been traditionaly difficult to govern. If EU was a corrupt Muslim political body then they could simply be bribed without regulations. 


12. Iran was pissed that the pipeline wasn't going through Iran instead of Saudi Arabia. Obama in an attempt to use "diplomacy" gave Iran a plan full of money & the Iran Deal to calm the tensions with Iran.

13. Then in November of 2016 Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States. Trump wanted to end mass immigration from Muslim countries and stop the war in Syria because of all the Muslim refugees coming to America & EU.

14. On August 24, 2017 Qatar abandoned the pipeline through Syria, and decided to cut a deal with Iran to have the pipeline built through Iran to Iraq then Turkey. www.nytimes.com/2017/08/24/world/middleeast/qatar-iran-boycott-saudi-arabia.html … 


15. Trump realizing that the new Iran Deal giving Iran nuclear weapons and also all the gas profits from Qatar would be devistating to the world order. He aligned with the Saudi government to counter Iran.

16. The Saudi's along with the Gulf states of Oman, UAE, and Bahrain set up a blockade of Qatar & escalated a proxy war with Iran in Yemen.

17. Israel who doesn't want to see a nuclear armed Iran sided with Trump & the Saudis in the struggle for the region. This is also why Trump's first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel was so significant. 


18. Last week Iranian intercontinental ballistic missles were fired at Saudi Arabia & the Iranian Revolutionary Guard blew up a natural gas line in Bahrain.

19. The Saudi Government was divided on how to handle becoming a military power in the region resulting in a massive purge of princes & realignment of the internal power structure of the royal family. 

20. Now we wait for what is next but to be clear, this looks like the beginning of a major regional conflict that will be very hard for America not to be actively involved in.

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