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Pope Francis is Nothing But a Mouthpiece for Globalist David Rockefellers Club of Rome Malthusian Population Control Agenda- Fight Back Now!!

From our friend  For Health Freedom, John C. Hammell, President International Advocates for Health Freedom 556 Boundary Bay Road Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA 800-333-2553 N.America 360-945-0352 World

Pope Francis (L) is a Mouthpiece for David Rockefellers "Club of Rome" Which is Pushing a Malthusian Eugenics/Genocide Agenda on All of Us Via the UN's Treaty on Climate Change which is being written by the UN's IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change, which is pushing "Geoengineering" (chemtrails) as a supposed "Final Solution" to cull the human herd while pretending to be "protecting us from so called "Climate Change")
Your Help is Needed to Monkeywrench This Evil Agenda by mass forwarding this alert and by supporting Michael Murphy's latest anti chemtrail film "An UN conventional Shade of Grey"!(After watching the trailer- Please buy an advanced copy and make a donation to help him be able to complete the film.)
The photo in the Middle is the Altar to Satan inside UN HQ, its called "the UN Meditation Room" This room was paid for by the Lucifer Trust, which changed their name to the "Lucis" Trust to try to disguise who they are. I have seen this room with my own two eyes and wanted to run from it because it exudes a sinister vibe. I wouldn't be surprised if satanic ceremonies involving blood drinking and child sacrifies were made inside this room. The UN no longer allows the public in it since its been exposed, now they're trying to cover it up. Learn all about this Satanic Altar here and here.
The photo on the right shows a woman's back with very deep skin lesions caused by weaponized parasites such as callembola that are being sprayed on us via Chemtrails. These weaponized parasites are laying eggs inside of us and when they hatch people get these horrible skin lesions. The elite are using nanotechnology to tweak these parasites in a bioweapons lab at Stanford University. (at this link you can watch a youtube exposing this which even shows the patent #) They have found a way to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs, to strip us of our humanity and to turn us into microchipped zombies who they can control and we must stop them!
IAHF List: Bernie Suarez of Activist Post has written a great article 

Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order

Please read this article, and following it, in the comments scroll down to my comments. I expanded a lot on what Bernie said. He briefly touched on the topic of Geoengineering, but I expanded on this topic greatly in my comment by alerting people to the fact that both the Vatican and the UN engaged in coverups when they held rigged conferences on so called "Climate Change" in which they engaged in rampant censorship intended to bolster their evil agenda which comes straight from David Rockefellers "Club of Rome"
Neither the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) or the Vatican would allow climatologists on all sides of the so called "Climate Change" issue to present their data, which means they EXCLUDED the Heartland Institute because they have respected climatologists, including some from NASA who indicate that the planet has actually been in a 17 year cooling trend, and the only "global warming" is ocurring as a direct result of Geoengineering (chemtrails) which is ostensibly intended to PROTECT US from "global warming" by spraying billions of tons of toxic heavy metals (especially aluminum oxide) into the biosphere, supposedly to act like an "umbrella" to shield the earth!
The REALITY however is that the Vatican/UN/ Club of Rome are ACTUALLY LYING to us about the REAL reason for the Spraying! The REAL reason is population control! By spraying billions of tons of aerosolized aluminum, barium, strontium, cobalt, arsenic, ethylene dibromide, molds, viruses, mycoplasma, and weaponized parasites tweaked in a bioweapons lab via nanotechnology, the elite have conned the masses who mindlessly accept the mainstream news spin in which we're supposed to practically "worship" Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) and we're supposed to buy this BS that he's somehow a "great humanitarian" and "true ecologist" who is "taking on the greed of the corporations" to "transform the world."

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Hungary passes law allowing govt to use army in asylum seeker crisis

Hungary passes law allowing govt to use army in asylum seeker crisis
Posted on September 21, 2015 by Sunfire


The Hungarian parliament has passed a law authorizing the government to deploy the military to help handle the asylum seeker crisis in the country, which includes powers to use non-lethal force.

According to the law, the army would be allowed to use rubber bullets, pyrotechnical devices, tear gas grenades or net guns, the parliament’s website said.

The legislation passed with 151 votes in the 199-member parliament, with 12 against and 27 abstentions.

The ruling center right Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban was supported in the vote by radical nationalist Jobbik party, which previously sought even tougher measures.

On Saturday, Hungary completed construction of a 41-kilometer fence on its border with Croatia, which is the source of the refugee and migrants flow.

Budapest also accused Zagreb of violating Hungarian sovereignty after Croatia allowed a train carrying a thousand asylum seekers into the country.

Europe has been facing an ever-toughening crisis since the spring. Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have fled their homes in search of better security and life prospects. 
The migrants and refugees are using Eastern European countries, such as Hungary, Serbia and Croatia, as transit routes to Germany, with local authorities having serious problems processing the deluge of people.

All in all, over 300,000 asylum seekers have crossed the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of the year, according to the UN, with the figures expected to reach over 850,000 people in 2016.
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Brainwashing America

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1858)
clr gif

All houses wherein men have lived and died
Are haunted houses. Through the open doors
The harmless phantoms on their errands glide,
With feet that make no sound upon the floors.

We meet them at the door-way, on the stair,
Along the passages they come and go,
Impalpable impressions on the air,
A sense of something moving to and fro.

There are more guests at table than the hosts
Invited; the illuminated hall
Is thronged with quiet, inoffensive ghosts,
As silent as the pictures on the wall.

The stranger at my fireside cannot see
The forms I see, nor hear the sounds I hear;
He but perceives what is; while unto me
All that has been is visible and clear.

We have no title-deeds to house or lands;
Owners and occupants of earlier dates
From graves forgotten stretch their dusty hands,
And hold in mortmain still their old estates.

The spirit-world around this world of sense
Floats like an atmosphere, and everywhere
Wafts through these earthly mists and vapours dense
A vital breath of more ethereal air.

Our little lives are kept in equipoise
By opposite attractions and desires;
The struggle of the instinct that enjoys,
And the more noble instinct that aspires.

These perturbations, this perpetual jar
Of earthly wants and aspirations high,
Come from the influence of an unseen star
An undiscovered planet in our sky.

And as the moon from some dark gate of cloud
Throws o’er the sea a floating bridge of light,
Across whose trembling planks our fancies crowd
Into the realm of mystery and night,—

So from the world of spirits there descends
A bridge of light, connecting it with this,
O’er whose unsteady floor, that sways and bends,
Wander our thoughts above the dark abyss.

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Trends EU refugee & migrant influx, Islamic State

From Dahboo7's newer channel

Published on Sep 17, 2015

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Pope Francis has blamed the “bad and unjust” global capitalist system for the refugee and migrant crisis that Europe is facing right now – while warning that Islamic State jihadists may take advantage of the massive influx to slip into EU undetected.
EU refugee & migrant influx, Islamic State
Calling economic migrants and the flow of refugees fleeing war zones in the wider Middle East and Africa only the “tip of an iceberg” the pontiff highlighted what he believes to be the root cause of the crisis.

“The cause is a bad and unjust socioeconomic system, in everything, in the world,” Pope Francis said in an interview with the Portuguese Catholic broadcaster Radio Renascenca. “ These poor people are fleeing war, hunger, but that is the tip of the iceberg.” 

Read More:   

I'm including the photo to give you an idea of the size of the territory we're talking about. Europe is not that large!
The huge figure was revealed today by Hungary's minister for foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjártó.

Speaking as the country begins work on its second fence to stop migrants heading across its border he predicted the current crisis will continue for years.

Mr Szijjártó told Hungarian Times: "The name of the fence is 'Temporary Security Border Fence' but I think there is no question that in this case temporary means years.

"It's a self delusion to call this situation a migration crisis; it is a massive migration of nations, with inexhaustible reserves.

"I don't think that the analysis results, stating that 30-35 million people out there could possibly become migrants, would be an exaggeration.
Related articles

Hungary builds migrant fence at Croatian border as crossings close...

Europe’s migrant crisis: Over 200,000 refugees apply to stay in EU...

"Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all countries with a huge population and an extremely unstable situation."

The Hungarian government also defended itself from criticism over its fences.

The first barrier was put up at its border with Serbia but, after migrants changed their route, they have now begun erecting a 41 kilometre fence at Croatia.

Migrants look to break through to Hungary as that sees them enter the European Union's Schengen Zone which offers free movement between member countries.


Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all countries with a huge population and an extremely unstable situation."

The Hungarian government also defended itself from criticism over its fences.

The first barrier was put up at its border with Serbia but, after migrants changed their route, they have now begun erecting a 41 kilometre fence at Croatia.

Migrants look to break through to Hungary as that sees them enter the European Union's Schengen Zone which offers free movement between member countries.

He said: "The recent international political decisions created an unstable situation around Europe that makes sure that the amount of people won't decrease.

The Hungarian/Serbian border is another border of Schengen. If we want to follow the orders of Schengen, we have to build a physical obstruction, because this 175 km long area is quite easy to cross.

"The European Union just realised what the Schengen border means.

"If we want to keep the freedom of movement in the European Union, we have to protect the outer borders.''  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Is the UN In Control of Jade Helm? The Ominous Implications

Is the UN  In Control of Jade Helm? The Ominous Implications

CSS Offical-New-Logo2

un weapons enforcement
After reviewing the data that has been streaming in over the past several months, I have concluded that there is a strong possibility that the United Nations has taken over Jade Helm operations and that was the intention all along. And it is not just Jade Helm operations that the American people should be concerned about, all Americans should be wary that the UN is taking over many facets of the American military/political system.

The Beginning

 The United Nations Is positioning for the takeover of the United States.
The United Nations Is positioning for the takeover of the United States as noted in the summer of 2014.
Under the guise of the Central American illegal immigrant invasion of 2014, the United Nations has used this event as well as the Ebola scare to infiltrate its military hardware inside the United States.

Jade Helm In Washington State? All White Attack Helicopters May Be UN

The video evidence below is inconclusive. However, this June 15, 2015 video raises the question as to whether or not the United Nations is involved in Jade Helm activities. There is what you know and what you can prove. I am certain that the helicopters videotaped above the skies of Washington are UN because of other related events.

Hard Evidence of UN Military Action On American Soil

The following was published on September 8, 2015 and it represents the fifth train loaded with military vehicles, going through Tehachapi Ca, in the last 30 days. The trains are always headed west, along with two sited convoys on California State Highway 58, which are also headed west. 

Massive UN Military Vehicles Spotted On Train

Gary Franchi, featured below, released the following video last week depicting a massive shipment of United Nations military equipment through the heartland of America outside of Wheatland, Illinois. Franchi’s questions and observations speak volumes as to the gravity of this threat in the following video. 

Cash for Clunkers, Or An UN Occupation Force?

The following video report was made in the early “unofficial days” of Jade Helm on May 22, 2015, outside of Jacksonville, FL. The sheer number of UN vehicles is very troublesome. There is no other interpretation than the fact that this is an occupation force.

Domestic Participation and Absorption of US Military Units Into the UN Military Command

At the five minute mark of the following video, we see UN military combat troops keeping the peace in Somalia. There is nothing to be concerned about here, now is there? However, the UN troops were actually American military who are members of the 502nd from Fort Campbell. I cannot help but wonder how American soldiers feel about wearing the blue berets of the UN.  

The story takes an ominous turn when it is revealed that these same UN mercenaries were involved in joint training exercise sponsored by the United Nations in Arkansas. And what was there mission? The troops were going house to house in a training exercise know as Agile Provider. Shockingly the year was 1994, so this has been a long time in the making.
In 2013, the following video also depicts official Navy confirmation of UN troops, using American military assets going  house to house in for search and seizure. The announced tactics employed were Special Operation Forces tactics. This is Jade Helm, before there was officially a Jade Helm and it was being controlled by the United Nations. Also during this time frame, 49 American landmarks have been given over to the United Nations in what are called Biospheres. Biospheres are being used to covertly train foreign troops under the auspices of the United Nations (e.g. the Smoky Mountains outside Gatlinburg, TN.).
This video also contains a good snapshot of the history of the evolution of FEMA camps. 

Massive Amounts of Command Vehicles and Portable Detention Pods Spotted Outside of Oklahoma City

In the past few days, I have been sent several photos by no less than three people who spotted this massive train. The pictures contain the following disturbing images. Ask yourself why these are needed on American soil? To understand their purpose refer to the above paragraphs.
okc mil 1
okc mil 2
A picture is worth a thousand words. And then we have the following:
As far as the eye can see.

The Tip of the Iceberg

I could fill volumes of books with the related information that I have compiled. This is only the tip of the iceberg. One of my military advisers tells me that UN officers are being embedded inside Jade Helm units. Inch by inch, the takeover will be a cinch. This is being done so covertly, that the general public will not know what hit them when the time is right. And what will hit the American people? This will be the topic of the next article in this series.   

Saturday, September 12, 2015

NWO Agents and Satan Worshipers Plotted to Destroy Europe Through Massive Refugees

Jonas E. Alexis studied mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University and has a master's degree in education from Grand Canyon University. Show More

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NWO Agents and Satan Worshipers Plotted to Destroy Europe Through Massive Refugees

NWO agents and Satan worshipers are largely responsible for the refugee crisis and have carefully plotted that coup in Europe by indirection.

"Brothers, let us congratulate each other for creating chaos in Syria and letting Europe and America pay for it."
“Brothers, let us congratulate each other for creating chaos in Syria and letting Europe and America pay for it. If the world has not figured out who we are, too bad. Michael told them that ‘creative destruction is our middle name,’ and they still has not gotten a clue?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

Let us cut to the chase. The Syrian refugee crisis,[1] which has already created protracted violence and fraying tensions in Europe and elsewhere,[2] was carefully planned and executed by NWO agents and Satan worshipers to destroy Europe and America.
This is indeed an extraordinary claim. But fasten your seatbelt and put your thinking cap on because we are going to deal with serious geopolitical and metaphysical issues.
First of all, we need to lay out some incontrovertible facts. In 2013, at least 17 countries in Europe and America agreed to accept refugees from Syria and elsewhere. By 2015, countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Hungary, England, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia and Kosovo, Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Spain, Finland, Italy, etc., have already received more than two million asylum applications from Syria, Iraq, and Eritrea.[3] The U.S. has recently agreed to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees.[4] Australia plans to accept at least 12,000.[5]
Moreover, more than four million Syrians have already left Syria.[6] That’s enough to create a country within a country. In fact, there are some countries that have less than 2 million people. It gets even more interesting: “Half of the 23 million population of Syria have been forced from their homes, with four million becoming refugees in other countries.”[7]
European officials, who ought not to be oblivious about the political ramifications, are even urging other nations in Europe to take more refugees.[8] Angela Merkel—bless her heart—has announced that Germany is expecting at least 800,000 refugees this year alone.[9]
Angelina Jolie—who has a history of prostrating before the Dreadful Few for money, power and fame for decades—has recently gotten into the act by saying, “At no time in recent history has there been a greater need for leadership to deal with the consequences and causes of the global refugee crisis.”[10] In a similar vein, Oscar and Academy Award winning celebrity Emma Thomson has insisted that Britain is racist for not accepting more refugees.[11]
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who was congratulated by members of the Dreadful Few for being the next President of the European Commission,[12]  even urged Europe to call for “mandatory refugee quotas.”[13] “We are talking about Human beings,” he said, “we are not talking about numbers.”[14] Not only that, refugees, says Junker, “has the right to work from day one”![15]
If at least 2 million people have to work from day one, what will happen to the existing order? What will happen to the average man who is trying hard to bring food to his wife and kids? What will happen to the thousands upon thousands of people who still cannot find jobs in an economic bubble in places like Greece? Well, they will have to phase out.
Furthermore, keep in mind that those refugees are not acquainted with the law of the land.[16] And if they have the right to work from day one, then much of Europe will have to go through a swift but steady process known as extinction.
Which brings us again to a central point in our discussion here: NWO agents and Satan worshipers are largely responsible for the refugee crisis and have carefully plotted that coup in Europe by indirection.
Remember the genius of New World Order agent Michael Leeden? As we saw in precious articles, it was Leeden who made this politically frightening statement:
“Creative destruction is our middle name [Obviously he is talking about the Dreadful Few here], both within our society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law.
“Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity which menaces their traditions (whatever they may be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace … We must destroy them to advance our historic mission.”
Leeden wanted to take down Iraq, Iran, Syria, and any country[17] that did not like the so-called democracy which the Dreadful Few have forced upon the United States. In order to do that, Leeden proposed the “Leeden doctrine,” which simply states that “every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.”[18]
So, Iraq was one of those “small crappy” countries. Ledeen moved on to postulate that the level of casualties in the Iraq War were “secondary. It may sound like an odd thing to say. But all the great scholars who have studied American character have come to the conclusion that we are a warlike people and that we love war.”[19]
If people are to be treated as instruments or subjects, then what is Leeden’s political ontology here? Well, Leeden is unflinching: ideology, lies and fabrications, and indeed perpetual wars at any cost ought to be our intended purposes and guiding principles. In plain language, geopolitical chaos is what Leeden looking for.
Keep in mind that Leeden was one of the people who promoted the falsehood that Saddam Hussein had bought uranium in Niger,[20] though Leeden later denied any involvement in propagating the lie.[21] By 2013, Leeden wrote, “The Putin-Khamenei-Assad alliance has proven durable because it rests on both ideological and strategic objectives, and their main enemy is the United States.”[22] Leeden moved on to perversely and indirectly argue that Russia, Iran and Syria are terrorist states.
So, Leeden wants to see “creative destruction” in the Middle East, but this is not without several detrimental repercussions. What are some of those repercussions? Keep reading.

"Yes, I am telling you to stop killing, even though I enjoy teaching children about killing in my professional life. More importantly, I am honored to have the opportunity to sexualize America and much of the world.
“Yes, I am telling you to stop killing, even though I enjoy teaching children about killing in my professional life. More importantly, I am honored to have the opportunity to sexualize America and much of the world. That is how I make millions of dollars.”
Now, consider another New World Order agent by the name of Barbara Lerner Spectre, founding director of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweeden. In a widely televised program, Spectre declared long before the Syrian war:
“Europe has not learned how to be multicultural, and I think we [the Jews] are going to be part of that transformation which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. 

“Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make and they are now going to be in a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”
If “Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century,” how did Spectre plan to deconstruct Europe’s social fabric? Well, Spectre saw “multiculturalism” as a weapon. So, when the war in Syria ensued a few years ago, Spectre was almost certainly glad. As we all know, one of the indirect consequences of wars is that they force people to migrate to different regions of the world.
Once people are migrated en mass, then it would create serious problems to the existing order precisely because those who try to migrate en mass generally have different sets of values and different ways of living. As British writer Peter Hitchens has recently put it, saving massive refugees means destroying Europe.[23] Even flaming Neo-conservative shill Thomas Sowell did not hesitate to write that
“With refugees, as with all other human beings, the current generation will pass from the scene… All the new [refugee] generation will know is that they are not doing as well as other people in the country where they live. They will also know that the values of their culture clash with the values of the Western culture around them.”[24]
Sowell, however, could not bring himself to the fact that it was New World Order agents and Satan worshipers who carefully constructed and crafted the Syrian war, which created the refugee crisis in the first place.
In fact, “Mossadist philosopher” Henry Bernard Levy—who once boasted that he was “aligned with the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movement” in his lifetime,[25] who crazily postulated that Heinrich Himmler stood trial at Nuremberg,[26] and who passionately believes that “The Talmud is democracy in practice”[27]—was going around the country saying that Assad needed to go.[28]
Sowell could not accept the fact that he was one of the puppets who implicitly chastised President Obama back in 2013 for not taking Assad down.[29] After accepting the complete fabrication that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, Sowell wrote then:
“I cannot see why even a single American, a single Israeli or a single Syrian civilian should be killed as a result of a token U.S. military action, undertaken simply to spare Barack Obama the embarrassment of doing nothing, after his ill-advised public ultimatum to the Syrian government to not use chemical weapons was ignored.
“Some people say that some military response is necessary, not to spare Obama a personal humiliation, but to spare the American presidency from losing all credibility — and therefore losing the ability to deter future threats to the United States without bloodshed.”[30]
You see, Sowell keeps waking up at night and having nightmare about Syrian refugees in Europe, but he is (deliberately, I dare say) blind to the fact that he and his bosses (the Dreadful Few) are accomplices. In fact, both the Israeli regime and the Zionists/Neo-Bolsheviks/Neo-Conservatives in America fought tooth and nail to have perpetual wars in Syria and other places. How else would they still support the Syrian rebels/terrorists?
As we have discussed in previous articles, NWO agent Daniel Pipes said unapologetically that America needed to support both the Syrian rebels/terrorists and Assad so that both sides would end up killing each other in the process. Who will pay for that perpetual conflict in Syria? Certainly not Daniel Pipes. The average American will. After all, didn’t Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef say that we Goyim are donkeys and were created to serve the Dreadful Few?
Make no mistake about it, Sowell is a clever man, but his ideology does not allow him to see the obvious. For example, it was widely reported that the Israeli regime was supporting ISIS in Syria, but Sowell, as usual, was completely silent.

So, after years of incubation, NWO agents like Spectre got the answers they were looking for: Europe needs to be flooded with massive refugees from Syria and elsewhere. This is certainly a daunting task, and Spectre could not have done it alone. Her brethren needed to get involved. Listen to this headline by the Jewish Daily Forward: “Jewish Groups Lead Push to Crack Open Doors to Syria Refugees.”[31] It stated:
“Of the four million Syrians who have fled their war-torn country in recent years, at least 135,000 of them require immediate resettlement. But America has absorbed fewer than 1,000. For Jewish activists pushing the government to shift gears, that feeble number and the accompanying bottleneck in resettlement of Syrian refugees are troubling reminders of their community’s own experience during World War II.
“‘Waiting two years for resettlement isn’t really rescue,’ said Melanie Nezer, vice president for policy and advocacy at HIAS, the leading communal group dealing with the admission of refugees. ‘As a Jewish community, we understand what it means to be refugees without getting any help. We would have been in a different place if the world had stepped up then.’
“Experts anticipate that by the time the refugee evaluation process is completed, some 400,000 will be recognized as needing resettlement. This will present America with a request to absorb 200,000 Syrian refugees.
“But U.S. resettlement quotas, which have not been updated in years, now stand at 70,000 people total, from all over the world, per year. HIAS and Jewish groups are asking to increase this quota to 100,000 per year, a level the United States maintained in the 1980s. ‘It’s not a huge number for a country the size of the United States,’ Nezer said.”[32]
This sounds all and good until we realize that the Israeli regime didn’t get along with this Jewish program. What does Benjamin Netanyahu himself have to say about this? Take it from the horse’s own mouth:
“We have already devotedly cared for approximately 1,000 wounded people from the fighting in Syria and we have helped them to rehabilitate their lives. But, Israel is a small country, a very small country, that lacks demographic and geographic depth; therefore, we must control our borders, against both illegal migrants and terrorism.”[33]
Did you catch that? Israel, says Netanyahu, is already supporting the Syrian rebels/terrorists, therefore the country does not have place for people who got caught in a crossfire. Syrian refugees are even called “infiltrators” in Israel, meaning that they are not welcome there.[34]
Last year, when countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan received some refugees from Syria, Israel received none. Yuval Ben-Ami, an Israeli journalist and author based in Jaffa, declared then:
“At this point in its history, Israel seems determined to barricade itself, primarily of its immediate neighborhood.”[35]

So, is Netanyahu implicitly telling people like Angela Merkel that they are stupid for accepting at least 20,000 Syrian refugees in just one week?[36] Is he really saying that countries like Hungary, Poland, etc., are really following the Jewish plan by accepting those refugees?[37] Is he laughing at Republican and Democratic presidential candidates in the U.S. when they follow his ideology here?[38]
Obviously he is. Listen to Batsheva Sobelman of the LA Times:
“For many Israeli Jews, even the smallest number of additional non-Jews is a potential threat, and the Syrian refugee crisis and the debate about Israel’s role has reawakened the country’s most deep-seated fear — that of losing the Jewish majority and subsequently the character of the Jewish state.
“Even those in support of opening the gates to refugees say they mean 10,000 at the most, with some calling for a token action such as that taken by former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who in 1977 took in about 70 refugees from Vietnam….
“Transportation Minister Israel Katz said it would be a mistake for Israel to get involved in the Syrian civil war by taking in refugees. ‘We are too close, too involved. We are not a European country,’ he said.”[39]

Here is the million-dollar question: where are the Jewish organizations and communities that are currently pushing for massive refugees in America and Europe?[40] Why does the New York Times keep putting the issues at the feet of Europe and never ask Israel to help?[41] Do they mean to tell us that they never heard of what Netanyahu said? Or are they themselves part of the plan? Leslie Baruch Brent, a Jewish professor emeritus in immunology, has recently declared that
“We owe this to mankind to help the unfortunate people who are desperate and whose plight we are to some extent to blame for.”[42]
Nicholas Kristoff of the New York Times has recently made similar claims. After applauding Germany and America for their effort to accept more refugees, Kristof got one concern. He said that by allowing too much migrants, then we probably will have to deal with “human smugglers and skinheads, neo-Nazis and far-right xenophobic politicians.”[43] But if we do not have those neo-Nazis, Kristof seems to think that we should quickly move to help those refugees because they “could be us.”[44] Again, why doesn’t he pass this message to the Israeli regime?
Brent, we are told, “was just a child when his parents sent him to live at a Jewish orphanage in Berlin to escape the unbearable anti-Semitism in the small German town where they lived.”[45] But Brent could never bring his thesis to Netanyahu.
Brent, who has said that the British treatment of the refugee situation is “horrendously negative and selfish,”[46] could not even approach Jewish organizations and media with this double talk. But Brent unintentionally (the cunning of reason again) destroyed Netanyahu’s point by saying:
“Extremists who want to get into Britain or other countries like France or Germany, will get there anyway. I think 99.9 percent of Syrian refugees are genuine refugees who are trying to escape from the horrendous life in their home countries, whose families have been decimated or left behind. They’re just desperate people and when you have people like that, you have to help them”[47]
So, let’s get them to Israel, Brent. If you are so passionate about those refugees, if they remind you of Nazi Germany, then give Netanyahu a call and ask your leaders to open their borders. Stop playing game and lip service and do something. Perhaps Europe will follow your example? Furthermore, ask super-wealthy countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Bahrain why they “have refused to offer sanctuary to a single Syrian refugee.”[48]

What we are seeing here is that NWO agents and Satan worshipers want to destroy Europe, which Benedict built from scratch shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire.[49]
Moreover, NWO agents and Satan worshipers are using the Syrian refugees in the same way that the Dreadful Few used blacks and homosexuals in the United States.[50] In short, Spectre and her brethren will not stop until the essentially Jewish plan becomes a fait accompli. In fact, their intellectual antecedents predicted that this would be the case.
For example, in a speech delivered at the B’nai B’rith in 1902, Solomon Ehrmann, a Viennese Jew, envisioned a future in which “all of mankind will have been jewified and joined in union with the B’nai B’rith.” When that happens, “not only the B’nai B’rith but all of Judaism will have fulfilled its task.”[51]
So, according to Ehermann, Judaism’s task is to take over the world and basically “jewify” virtually everyone, to subdue and usurp the moral and political order. According to historian Albert S. Lindemann of the University of California, for Ehrmann, “Jewification equaled enlightenment.”[52] So, the logic is pretty clear: the world, according to the political implications of Judaism, is currently in darkness. The world needs to be “enlightened” by accepting a wicked ideology.
In a similar vein, Baruch Levy, one of Karl Marx’s correspondents, declared that
“the Jewish people taken collectively shall be its own Messias…In this new organization of humanity, the sons of Israel now scattered over the whole surface of the globe…shall everywhere become the ruling element without opposition…
“The government of the nations forming the Universal or World-Republic shall all thus pass, without any effort, into Jewish hands thanks to the victory of the proletariat…Thus shall the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, that, when the Messianic epoch shall have arrived, the Jews will control the wealth of all the nations of the earth.”[53]
What Levy was implicitly saying here is that the New World Order is essentially Jewish or Talmudic. This has serious geopolitical implications, and this is one reason why Europe and much of the West have been inundated by massive refugees. As we have already suggested, it is not that those refugees (who can be good, bad, and indifferent) are the source of the problem. Far from it.
We have already seen that NWO agents and Satan worshipers meticulously and deliberately created conflicts in places like Syria in the first place. As Gilad Atzmon has recently put it, the powers that be
“turned the Mediterranean Sea into a death trap… it was Jewish aggressive politics and Zionist global lobbying that brought this colossal refugee crisis about.”
Once this colossal crisis began to manifest itself in numerous places, then Syrian refugees have no other options but to find some kind of exit beyond Syria. People like Stefan Molyneux[54] are incapable of addressing this serious issue because they are not really looking at the root of the problem. In that sense, they are secularized versions of Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, people who can make neither heads nor tails of what is really going on in the Middle East.

It should become clear by now that NWO agents cannot escape the fact that they are the key players behind the “death trap” in the Mediterranean Sea. If “creative destruction” is their “middle name,” then it is not farfetched to assert that they seek to destroy the social and political order and substitute an essentially diabolical ideology, which, as Civilta Cattolica predicted more than one hundred years ago, has already elevated the racist ideology of the Talmud above reason, morality, and even the Goyim.[55]
If you think this is again mumbo jumbo, then consider this. The Guardian reported in an article entitled “Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq” that:
“The war on terror, that campaign without end launched 14 years ago by George Bush, is tying itself up in ever more grotesque contortions. On Monday the trial in London of a Swedish man, Bherlin Gildo, accused of terrorism in Syria, collapsed after it became clear British intelligence had been arming the same rebel groups the defendant was charged with supporting.
“The prosecution abandoned the case, apparently to avoid embarrassing the intelligence services. The defence argued that going ahead with the trial would have been an “affront to justice” when there was plenty of evidence the British state was itself providing “extensive support” to the armed Syrian opposition.
“That didn’t only include the “non-lethal assistance” boasted of by the government (including body armour and military vehicles), but training, logistical support and the secret supply of “arms on a massive scale”. Reports were cited that MI6 had cooperated with the CIA on a “rat line” of arms transfers from Libyan stockpiles to the Syrian rebels in 2012 after the fall of the Gaddafi regime.”[56]
The war on terror has become so funny that the Guardian said: “terrorism is now squarely in the eye of the beholder. And nowhere is that more so than in the Middle East, where today’s terrorists are tomorrow’s fighters against tyranny – and allies are enemies – often at the bewildering whim of a western policymaker’s conference call.”[57]
As we have seen in many other articles, the racist ideology of the Talmud is the source of the problem, not good or bad DNA. And children learn about this racist ideology as soon as they begin to talk. Just recently, the Independent has reported that “Three-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told ‘the non-Jews’ are ‘evil’ in worksheet produced by London school.”[58] It stated:
“British three-year-olds have been told ‘the non-Jews’ are ‘evil’ in a Kindergarten worksheet handed out at ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in north London, it can be revealed.
“Documents seen by The Independent show children are taught about the horrors of the Holocaust when they are still in kindergarten at the Beis Rochel boys’ school in north London… The document refers to Nazis only as ‘goyim’ – a term for non-Jews some people argue is offensive.
“Emily Green, who used to teach at the same Beis Rochel girls’ secondary school, now chairs the Gesher EU organisation which supports ultra-Orthodox Jews who want to leave the community
“‘It’s not uncommon to be taught non-Jewish people are evil in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools. It is part of the prayers, teaching, their whole ethos,’ she said. Describing it as a form of ‘indoctrination,’ Ms Green added:  ‘Psychologically, you become so afraid of the world out there after being taught how dangerous and bad and evil non-Jews are, that it makes it harder to leave.’”[59]
This racist ideology needs to be confronted and deconstructed by practical reason and truth. Israel Shamir would have called this racist ideology “Judaic paranoia,” which has kept the Dreadful Few from coming to the truth for thousands of years. When Shamir got out of that Judaic paranoia, he declared that he is:
“daily grateful to Christ who saved me from the Judaic paranoia of hating and being hated and brought me into the world of loving and being loved.”[60]
For Shamir, every Jew has to come to terms with himself and morally and metaphysically reject the war against the moral and political order “by discovering God’s presence in the world, that is Christ.”[61] And this is “an act of free will,”[62] not an act of DNA molecules as espoused by a number of writers and activists. Shamir argues that Jews must “give up hate” and “accept the love that is Christ. Christian faith is not compatible with Jewish exclusivity.”[63] He continues to say:
“Indeed, the plans of Almighty include the Jews; like the plans of the Ring included the hobbits; but some will play the role of Frodo, while others will take the part of Gollum, some will support Antichrist, and some will stay with Christ.”[64]
Shamir certainly nailed it. It must be emphasized that each man has to choose a side in this cosmic and ideological conflict. If your allegiance is to truth and practical reason, if you uphold the moral and political order, then you are on the right side. You are a light in the world of darkness and chaos. Keep fighting. Do not trade the moral order for financial and political gain, and show the enemy once again that you are not for sale.

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