Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Battle Tracking the RNC with "Operation North Coast"

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Sam Culper With Forward Observer is Battle Tracking the RNC with "Operation North Coast"

by Sam Culper with Stewart Rhodes

Check it out and follow along here:

Here is his report, so far, for today:

Significant Reporting from Tuesday, 19 July
1000: Revolutionary Communist Party holds protest on East 4th.
1320: Reporting of "shots fired" at police van are false.
1329: 2x males in "Muslim garb" carrying AR-15s, headed westbound on Superior at 3rd. Continuing reports as of 1345.
1350: Police conversation about not allowing open carriers to cover their faces. Open carry is fine, but covering their faces while doing so is a safety issue. One officer inquired about what they can allow Constitutionally.
1408: 2x males in "Muslim garb" carrying Ar-15s have arrived at Public Square. Males have "inflammatory verbiage" on their clothing.

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Hat's off to Sam for doing this. And if anyone has any info to add that is significant, add it in the comments below.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

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1425: 2x males in full riot gear open carrying AR-15s. Associated with a black van, illegally parked.

1426: Radiation detectors going off on a bus at 13th and Lakeside.

1438: Cleveland Police, FBI, and Secret Service are en route to investigate incident at 1426.

1445: Police clearing area around 1426 marker.

1450: Bus at 1426 marker cleared and is being permitted to move along.

1600: Reports of Black Lives Matter and Revolutionary Communist Party to hold a joint protest at the Public Square at 1600L.

1604: Reports of group of KKK protestors. Police requesting support to manage the situation.

1606: Pointing out protestors with water guns at the Public Square.

1608: Looking for male with red hair at the Public Square who made threats toward police officers.

1609: Calling for arrest teams at the Public Square to break up a fight between Alex Jones / InfoWars and millennial socialist protestors.

1619: Medics on west side of Public Square are putting on goggles. Unclear if in preparation for urine bombs, which have been mentioned in the past ten minutes, or gas or other reasons.

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