Monday, July 18, 2016

Max's Rant for the Day

Pat Buchanan is still the same old bastard he always was. 

He goes off on a binge of quoting population statistics (which I don't believe those numbers either) 

and ends up pissily saying this: 


White America has begun to die.

Can Obama really believe that amnesty for undocumented immigrants is still in the cards with a Republican Congress scorched by the forces behind Trump?

Can he believe that the right-wing parties proliferating across Europe, which see their nations imperiled by a rising tide of Muslim immigrants and refugees, will pack it in and support the EU’s march to a transnational superstate that controls immigration and borders?

What has been tabled for discussion this year, in Europe and America, is the future of the West as an identifiable civilization to be cherished and defended by the peoples whose ancestors created it.
And Obama’s reverence for Islam notwithstanding, the West remains the greatest civilization of them all.

Belatedly, Western Man appears to have decided to defend the shire, pull up the drawbridge, and man the parapets on the castle walls.

As for Trumpism and the Brexiteers, Mr. President, in the words of Jimmy Durante, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

A Commenter then straightens out the facts of the matter:  

“Nativism … xenophobia or worse”       My Bolds ;  Max.
Funny. People like Obama would have cheered for the anti-colonial struggles of the Third World that sought to wrest control back from the Western Imperialists.

People like him cheered for Vietnamese patriots against US ‘imperialism’ during the Vietnam War. And Obama claims to have opposed the globo-agenda of US invasion of Iraq. (But then, he later bombed and destroyed Libya and Syria.)

It goes to show that Globalism is worldwide Jewish-Homo Imperialism. Elite Mulattoes take part in it cuz they have a stake as agents. And Latino elites, so envious of Anglo achievements over Latin ones in Mexico and South America, are working with the GLOB to destroy yanqui and gringo. It’s motivated by envy. Weasly Latino Conquistador elites never admit that they achieved less cuz of their backwardness and lack of vision and because they ruled over darkie hordes than breeding more white people. They pretend to be ‘people of color’ and act like ‘victims’ of gringo.

Just like Western Imperialists once attributed Third World aspirations for independence to dark ‘barbaric’ or ‘savage’ impulses, the globo-imperialists(and Obama is nothing but their mouthpiece) are shaming and batting down the liberationist dreams of white people who want their nations back. 

White people want to be INDEPENDENT of their globalist masters. But for this to be possible, white people must stop wasting time on fears of Sharia and name the real globo-masters: Jewish Supremacists, Homo-Imperialists, and white traitor-collaborators who are engineering the total invasion of Western lands and total muddying of the blood. 

But because the GLOB controls education and pop culture, so many white people have been brainwashed by PC. White Independence Movement must fight or try to convert back the white cucks who’ve been turned against their own people. But then, Third World liberation warriors also had to fight the collaborators. Vietnam Independence Movement was against not just against the French and US but South Vietnam whore-dogs of the foreign empires.

In every Third World nation, there were plenty of ‘turned’ collaborator natives who served the Western Imperialists. They were like Vichy Frenchmen who sided with German occupiers. Trudeau is the quisling of Globalism. Just look at that man-child.

Isn’t it interesting that Obama never demands of Israel what he demands of white nations. He is taking orders from his Jewish masters. 

Brexit is a War of Independence. All white nations must be made independent of globalism, Jewish supremacism, homo degenerate imperialism, and vile feminism. 

Only then can the nation be saved.

Name the enemy and name them properly .

People like Omar Mateen didn’t invade the US. They were allowed by globalist system implemented by the GLOB.

It’s White Independents vs GLOB overlords and their darkie hordes and white cuck-laborators.

And, to go the necessary defining step further, ' globalism, Jewish supremacism, homo degenerate imperialism, and vile feminism' are all just other descriptors/labels  for Babylon, the sodomite Kingdom of Darkness --  Satanists-Luciferians, Islamics,  malignant narcissistic psychopaths, homosexuals and their cohort social justice warriors.  -- Max


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