Friday, July 22, 2016

Max's Thread Unraveled #18

Max: Shots fired at shopping center in Munich 4 hours ago x
Max: u.s. consulate : " We strongly advise all to shelter in place. Munich police are reporting multiple shooting incidents in the city." 3 hours ago x
ele: about an hour ago x
ele: .......... munich live about an hour ago * x
Max: just returned from trip to town -- watching livestream now about an hour ago x
ele: Appearing to feel very familiar to all the other events .Are we becoming cynical about all this type of event or are they just playing with the world for their own amusement.Fear, inducing emotions of whatever ?!
Max: Am getting ready to do a broadcast, and I will speak to that 

This was my alternative, had Jenne and Mike not helped me. 

Homelessness in Sacramento California - 2013

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