Thursday, July 21, 2016

Need Help From Alert Australians

Also from Gates of Vienna : 

Need Help From Alert Australians

It’s around midnight in Sydney, so alert Australians may be hard to find at the moment. But here’s what I’ve been looking at in the very dissatisfying morning news reports:
A man is in custody after he set himself on fire and drove his flaming vehicle into Merrylands [Sydney] police station’s underground carpark.
No officers were injured in the car-bomb attack when the man rammed the vehicle into the carpark about 7pm.
The man, who is said to be in his 60s and of Caucasian appearance, set himself on fire but the gas bottles did not explode after he rammed the vehicle into the underground carpark of Merrylands police station in western Sydney.
He is said to have initially tried to drive into the front of the police station, and claimed he had a bomb.
To summarize the very limited available facts:
The suspect is said to be “Caucasian-looking”. He has “a history of mental illness”, and “has no known links to terror groups”. The Police Commissioner says: “Initial inquiries suggest there are no links to any groups”.
AND: “The station had been recently fortified after receiving threats including letters threatening attacks on ‘non-Muslims’ and pictures of severed heads.”
Those are all indicators that this guy is a Muslim. There’s no name yet, and of course no photo.
I’m trying to stay current by doing a Google news search on “Merrylands” and refreshing it every once and a while.
If any of our Australian readers pick up any interesting details from local TV outlets or other media, please leave them in the comments.
Sources: The Daily Telegraph (Australian),
The Daily Mail

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