Sunday, September 11, 2016

12:00 NOON EDT -- We now have the VIDEO of Hillary Clinton collapsing from a medical episode as she left the 9-11 memorial ceremony in New York City this morning.  Video below:

11:23 AM EDT -- SuperStation95 can now CONFIRM Mrs. Clinton was "rushed to a hospital Emergency Room" due to a "medical episode." and that she "was fully unconscious and had to be carried" by her protective detail

UPDATE  11:31 AM EDT  -- SOURCE: "Before passing out Hillary was combative, dizzy, and disoriented. Detail and staffers knew something was up."

UPDATE 11:35 AM EDT -- Hillary Campaign Staff tells media they are no longer permitted to video _anything_ from 9-11 Ceremony . . . Clinton Staffers are desperately sifting through the crowd trying to find anyone with video of Hillary fainting.  Not sure what they intend to do if they actually find someone with such video.

UPDATE: 12:28 PM EDT -- We have the video (above) of Hillary collapsing before she was able to get to her campaign van/ambulance; and being carried into the van like a bag of potatoes by her Secret Service protective detail.  As shown in the 3 photos below, from the video, Hillary was so weak, she had to prop herself up on a security barrier! (Click to enlarge image)

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