Sunday, September 11, 2016

Daring (Again) To Speak The Unspeakable

Like so many that day, the last act Kevin Cosgrove did on the Earth was to cry out to God.

Fifteen years on and the predominant feeling is one of utter waste.  When we look back at events like Pearl Harbor, we can at least say, “You did not die in vain.”  With 9/11, it is now crystal clear that they all died in vain.  9/11 could have been a watershed event that stopped and reversed the descent into terminal effeminacy and auto-destruction of western Christendom.  Instead, it marked the point when the curve rotated into a parabolic spike of self-loathing and the basest narcissism and nihilistic decadence that human civilization has ever seen.

If the axiom is true that the darkest hour is just before dawn, then 9/11 and all of its horror was not the darkest hour.  It is going to get much, much darker.  How could it not?

When our hour comes, I pray we are able to die, like Kevin Cosgrove, with “God” on our lips.

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