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I received this email today regarding the breakup of the United States as allegedly reported by the BBC in Canada.<<<<snip 


  1. Maxine Speaker September 2, 2016 at 4:49 pm
    ‘The Great State of Jefferson’, is an authentic organic movement of the people, however, it is not something new. Talk of it has been around for at least four decades, to my personal knowledge. The rural people of NorthernCal and southern Oregon have long been furious with dotgov stranglehold control of disastrous mismanagement and destruction of waterways and natural resources, which was aided, abetted and facilitated by collusion of the states’ governments. The concept of succeeding from the states of Oregon and California and forming a new state seemed an attractive political option to many people, from the 1960’s forward. All these counties involved have Constitutional sheriffs, and the people are keenly aware of dotgov jackboot ongoing assault upon free people’s rights. It was no accident that the Lavoy Finnicum murder was perpetrated in that neck of the woods.
    As you point out in your excellent article, many complicated factors are interwoven.
    May God heal enough eyes to see and enough ears to hear, so that the truth of all these things can be revealed.