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Standing Rock: The Environmental and Social Justice Consequences of Fracking and the Dakota Access Pipeline
"You can live without money. You can live without oil. But you can't live without water."
 - Standing Rock Youth [1] 
In May of 2016, a multi-billion dollar corporation, Energy Transfer Partners, began construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project, despite long standing opposition from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North and South Dakota. The DAPL, also known as the Bakken Oil Pipeline, is designed to extend 1,168 miles across North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois, crossing through communities, farms, tribal lands, sensitive natural areas and wildlife habitat. It is intended to carry crude oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to Illinois where it will link with another pipeline that will transport the oil to terminals and refineries along the Gulf of Mexico. [2] 
If construction is completed, the pipeline is expected to carry approximately 500,000 barrels of crude oil daily from North Dakota to Illinois, crossing underneath Lake Oahe and the Missouri River a half-mile upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's reservation.  [3] The Missouri River is the main source of drinking and irrigation water for the 8,200 residents of the Standing Rock reservation.  The pipeline would pump an estimated 17,000 gallons of oil per minute underneath this water source, which would be devastated by a spill or leak. [4] This project poses serious environmental threats and will disturb burial grounds and sacred sites on the Tribe's ancestral Treaty lands. [5] On July 26, 2016 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave its approval to run the DAPL underneath Lake Oahe, in violation of federal law. One day later, on July 27th, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe filed a complaint in federal court seeking an injunction to halt construction. [6] The Tribe's legal action has been followed by a rapidly growing movement of peaceful support.  A timeline and collection of articles chronicling events is available here
Standing Rock: The Environmental and Social Justice Consequences of Fracking and the Dakota Access Pipeline

A Sacred Movement For the Future

"We have seen the power of tribes coming together in unity and prayer and we will continue to pray for the protection of water, mother earth and her creation, as well as all past and future generations. " - Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault, II
There are now thousands of people camped out at Standing Rock, including international supporters and representatives from hundreds of Indigenous tribes across the North American continent.  These water protectors are engaging in daily peaceful, prayerful, non-violent actions to stop construction.  Prayer, diverse Indigenous spiritual practices, and a duty to protect sacred sites and natural resources are central to this movement. In return, their efforts are being met with force and violence at the hands of private security and law enforcement entities guarding the pipeline.  [7]  In one incident on September 3rd, DAPL construction workers plowed through a piece of Tribal land, destroying sacred sites and burial grounds. [8] Water protectors who attempted to stop the bulldozers were confronted by private security forces who deployed pepper spray and attack dogs. Following news reports of the incident, the  journalist who covered the story and filmed the attacks was charged with trespassing and rioting by North Dakota authorities. [9] 
The repression effort is becoming increasingly more militarized and there have been hundreds arrests, injuries, dog attacks, pepper spray, strip searches, and other violations of civil rights. On October 23rd the Morton County Sheriff's office announced plans to escalate their response by calling in additional police forces from six states to confront the Standing Rock water protectors. [10] 

"To many people, the military tactics being used in North Dakota are reminiscent of the tactics used against protesters during the civil rights movement some 50 years ago. And I believe that there are similarities there. But to us, there is an additional collective memory that comes to mind. This country has a long and sad history of using military force against indigenous people—including the Sioux Nation." 
- Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault, II
On October 27th, as this article was being written, several hundred officers in riot gear surrounded and moved in on one of the Standing Rock camps, firing rubber bullets, bean bags, tasers, and pepper spray, with support from helicopters, military Humvees, ATV's, and a sound canon. Over 100 people were arrested. Several live streamed videos were recorded and are available here: Video 1, Video 2

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is now calling upon the federal Department of Justice to intervene on behalf of their rights to freedom of speech and religion, and to investigate civil rights violations by state and local law enforcement agencies. [11] 


Who is Behind the Pipeline?

"This is another chapter in the long history of the federal government granting the construction of potentially hazardous projects near or through tribal lands, waters, and cultural places without including the tribe." - Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault, II
The business entity responsible for the DAPL — Energy Transfer Partners,  — is owned by Energy Transfer Equity (ETE), a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has enjoyed skyrocketing profits this year as natural gas prices rose. During one week in April, the CEO of ETE, Kelcy Warren, personally gained $430 million from his 18% stake in the company when share prices rose 32%, bringing his personal net worth to $2.4 billion dollars.   [12] 

The proposed pipeline route will cut through 50 counties in 4 states. As the general site plan illustrates, this massive pipeline is passing through a corridor of numerous cities, towns, and reservations. The outcome of the Standing Rock resistance will have a great impact not only on Native American citizens and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, but on all communities located along the 1,168 mile corridor. [13]

Standing Rock: The Environmental and Social Justice Consequences of Fracking and the Dakota Access Pipeline

Fracking and North Dakota's Oil and Gas Boom

The DAPL is a direct result of advances in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, practices which have created a dramatic increase in oil and gas production in North Dakota. [14] Beginning in 2006, fracking led to a ten-fold production in oil production in North Dakota, making it the second highest oil producing state in the nation, second only to Texas.It is this excessive production that created the industry's demand for pipelines. [15] 
Oil and wastewater spills from pipeline leaks are now tragically common in North Dakota. More than 18 million gallons of oil and toxic wastewater were spilled from 2006-2014, steadily increasing in the years after the boom. [16] 
Fracking operations foul the water supplies in a number of ways. The water table can be irreparably damaged by the hydro-fracking itself, which is a separate issue from contamination from pipeline leaks in that. Likewise, the groundwater can be tainted very quickly and profoundly by the disposal of fracking wastewater.

The fracking process involves drilling wells thousands of feet deep into the earth, past aquifers, to reach rock formations, and forcing them to release oil and gas. Once the well is drilled and encased, three to five million gallons of water mixed with chemicals and sand are pumped at extreme pressure into the well, which shatters the rock, creating multiple fractures. The sand and chemicals seep into the cracks and hold them open to release oil and gas which is pumped to the surface. This process poses a high risk of ground water contamination. Once the fracking injection fluids enter a natural aquifer or water course, the damage is extremely difficult to reverse. [17] 
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Like a ‘Concentration Camp’ Police Mark DAPL Protesters with Numbers & Lock Them in Dog Kennels

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish
Cannon Ball, N.D. — On Thursday, police from no less than five states sporting full riot gear and armed with heavy lethal and nonlethal weaponry, pepper spray, mace, a number of ATVs, five tanks, two helicopters, and military-equipped humvees showed up to tear down an encampment of Standing Rock Sioux water protectors and supporters armed with … nothing.
Under orders from the now-notorious Morton County Sheriff’s Office, this ridiculously heavy-handed standing army came better prepared to do battle than some actual military units fighting overseas.  
dapl-concentration-camp-thumbBut the target of their operation — a group of slightly more than 200 Native American water protectors and supporters opposing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline — never intended to do battle with the armed, taxpayer-funded, corporate-backed, state-sponsored aggressors.
Reports vary, but no less than 141 people were arrested Thursday, and — according to witnesses — police marked numbers on arrestees’ arms and housed them in cement-floored dog kennels, without any padding, before they were transported as far away as Fargo.
“It goes back to concentration camp days,” asserted Oceti-Sakowin coordinator Mekasi Camp-Horinek, who, along with his mother, was marked and detained in a mesh kennel, reports the Los Angeles Times.
Although Thursday’s incident remained relatively peaceful for some time, with only shouts, chants, and occasional attempts by water protectors to convince this standing army to examine its motives and reconsider, clashes nonetheless broke out — solely because of gratuitous police aggression.
After facing off for a couple hours, these militant cops began closing in on the water protectors to shut down the Treaty of 1851 camp — in reference to the Fort Laramie Treaty of that year, which established a large parcel of land designated exclusively Native American territory not to be disturbed by the U.S. government. Prior to his arrest, Camp-Horinek had established the camp, stating, as cited by Indigenous Rising:
“Today, the Oceti Sakowin has enacted eminent domain on DAPL lands, claiming 1851 treaty rights. This is unceded land. Highway 1806 as of this point is blockaded. We will be occupying this land and staying here until this pipeline is permanently stopped. We need bodies and we need people who are trained in non-violent direct action.  We are still staying non-violent and we are still staying peaceful.”
Despite the water protectors’ commitment to nonviolence, the militarized police response went as would be expected — horribly awry.
“A prayer circle of elders, including several women, was interrupted and all were arrested for standing peacefully on the public road,” stated a press release from Indigenous Environment Network. “A tipi was erected in the road and was recklessly dismantled, despite law enforcement statements that they would merely mark the tipi with a yellow ribbon and ask its owners to retrieve it. A group of water protectors was also dragged out of a sweat lodge ceremony erected in the path of the pipeline, thrown to the ground, and arrested.”
Claims to the contrary by Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier aside, Native American and Indigenous water protectors and supporters have refrained from violent acts on the whole, preferring instead peaceful prayer vigils and acts of civil disobedience.
No matter how peacefully the opposition acts, armed defenders of Big Oil interests seem determined to brutalize, disrespect, and generally incite and inflict violence against those who desire unsullied water for generations to come.
In fact, at the beginning of September, a private security firm hired by Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for pipeline construction, indiscriminately unleashed vicious attack dogs on water protectors, press, and supporters — for reasons as yet unknown.
During the savage attack, a pregnant woman, young girl, and many others suffered serious dog bites thanks to the ineptitude of the dogs’ handlers. Afterward, a warrant for inciting a riot was issued Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman — for doing her job, filming events as they happened — though charges were subsequently thrown out.
Although ETP and some law enforcement officers defended the barbarous actions of the private security mercenaries, the Guardian now reports that — because the guards lacked proper licensing — they could now face criminal charges. On Wednesday, the Morton County Sheriff’s Office made the determination that “dog handlers were not properly licensed to do security work in the state of North Dakota.”
Bob Frost, owner of Ohio-based Frost Kennels, told the Guardian, “All the proper protocols … were already done. I pulled my guys out the next day because we weren’t there to go to war with these protesters.”
Frost insisted he had cooperated with authorities investigating the incident — but the sheriff’s department disagrees. Seven handlers and dogs were deployed to the scene in early September, allegedly in response to reports of trespassers; but, according to the Guardian, police have only managed to identify two people.
The sheriff’s department claims Frost has not provided necessary information, and unnamed security officials cited in the report said that “there were no intentions of using the dogs or handlers for security work. … However, because of the protest events, the dogs were deployed as a method of trying to keep the protesters under control.”
In a statement cited by the Guardian, Morton County Captain Jay Gruebele said, “Although lists of security employees have been provided, there is no way of confirming whether the list is accurate or if names have been purposely withheld.”
Water protectors, in the meantime, are left to deal with absurdly disproportionate state violence — and the altogether unacceptable, disrespectful, and demeaning insult of being relegated to dog kennels after being arrested for exercising their rights.
As Lakota Country Times editor Brandon Ecoffey wrote in an editorial Thursday,
“Over the course of the last several months the abuse of detainees by Morton County Law Enforcement has overstepped every boundary guaranteed by the American constitution. Water protectors have been seen being bound and hooded by police. People are being stripped searched and abused within their jail for misdemeanor crimes. And police have employed the use of mass surveillance through drones on the protector camps. This isn’t a war zone this is North Dakota.”

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Native Americans attempting to stop a pipeline from being built on their land and water just got assistance from a large herd of wild buffalo.

Indigenous culture honors American bison (known as Tatanka Oyate, or Buffalo Nation) as a symbol of sacrifice, as the bison give their lives to provide food, shelter, and clothing through the use of their meat and their hides. Native Americans maintain a spiritual tradition with bison, believing that as long as buffalo — a gift from the Great Spirit — roam free and as long as the herds are bountiful, the sovereignty of indigenous people would remain strong.

And in the midst of mass arrests, mace attacks, and beatings from batons, a stampede of bison suddenly appeared near the Standing Rock protest camp. A cry of joy reportedly erupted from the Standing Rock Sioux, as they had been praying for assistance from the Tatanka Oyate during their standoff with riot police and national guardsmen.


Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere at Standing Rock (VIDEO)

vimeo vids at LINK

Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere at Standing Rock (VIDEO)
Native Americans attempting to stop a pipeline from being built on their land and water just got assistance from...


image from somebody's facebook page

Reopening of FBI investigation sent Hillary Clinton’s campaign into chaos.

Do you think her botox has worn off yet?

The reopening of the FBI investigation in Hillary Clinton’s private officially sent her campaign into chaos.

Her campaign is looking to re-coup and re-organize, but Hillary will be getting some more rest.

Hillary has cancelled all campaign events in FL, OH, and NC.

The plan is to start working in states she’s lost serious ground in — like Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Michigan.

Hillary’s campaign is sounding the death knell.

There is no election November 8th, just the trial of Hillary Clinton.

Americans are the jury — and the verdict will “guilty.”

Edit Addendum:  Max
Congress Declares "Conflict-of-Interest" for FBI Deputy Director over Clinton Donations to Wife's Political Campaign

Post by Newsroom
- Oct 29, 2016

More  Where's Huma?


Fox News reporter Mike Emanuel, who is aboard Clinton’s plane, reports Abedin is not with the candidate today.

It’s unclear where she is, but Fox’s Ed Henry and Leland Vittert speculated she’s likely spending the day with lawyers.

“That’s what you have to do in a situation like this,” Henry said. “This is a very serious, serious case.”

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Muthafu***ers in Action -North Dakota oct 27 2016

About the Author
Ryan Cristian is the author of website, The Last American Vagabond, where this article was originally published.
No-Fly Zone Declared as Militarized Police Prep for Assault on ‘Front-Line Camp’ at Standing Rock
Posted on October 27, 2016 by # 1 NWO Hatr

Free Thought Project – by Jay Syrmopoulos

Cannon Ball, ND – Pipeline opponents attempting to protect their water supply from the Dakota Access oil pipeline (DAPL), as well as prevent the continued destruction of burial grounds and cultural sites, are anticipating a confrontation with police today. This news come after “water protectors” refused law enforcement requests to vacate reoccupied land in the pipeline’s path, owned by Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners.

Andrew Ironshell
5 hours ago

FRONTLINE NEWS: Today, Thursday October 27th near Fort Rice, just north of the frontline camp, which has become the staging area for the militarized police force as they threaten to remove us from unceded treaty lands because we put our tents, tipis and bodies on the line between Dakota Access Energy Transfer Partners and the Missouri River. Pray for us and if you can, stand with us. #IndigenousRising #WaterIsLife #OneFight #DefendTheSacred #NoDAPL 

Last week, native activists took the bold action of declaring eminent domain over their traditional territory and set up a new camp “Front-Line” camp directly in the pipeline’s path. Pipeline opponents say they have simply reclaimed the land under the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851, clearly noting the Sioux never ceded that territory. The new encampment lies across Highway 1806, where pipeline security guards armed with guard dogs and pepper spray attacked protestors attempting to stop the bulldozing of cultural sites and burial grounds on September 3.

The impending crisis comes after nearly 200 water protectors set up the new camp on land that Energy Transfer Partners last month purchased from a local rancher in an effort to bolster strategic and tactical control of areas surrounding construction of the controversial pipeline.

According to the AP, however, the Native Americans claim the land is theirs by way of an “1851 treaty and they won’t leave until the pipeline is stopped.” “We never ceded this land,” said protester Joye Braun.

This latest flashpoint in the ongoing conflict is north of the larger and more permanent encampments, which have been constructed on federally owned land where over 200 Native American tribes have gathered to oppose the pipeline’s construction.

On Wednesday, a heavily militarized law enforcement presence began mobilizing heavy equipment, including Humvees, armored personnel carriers, buses and demanded the protestors leave the occupied area.

In an ominous sign, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has restricted flights, and banned the use of drones within a radius of about 4 ½ miles of Cannon Ball. The FAA declared that only aircraft affiliated with the North Dakota Tactical Operation Center are allowed within the restricted airspace. The flight restriction went into effect Wednesday and will last until November 5.

Indian Country Today reports:

What began with prayers and a single tipi alongside Highway 1806 quickly grew to more than a dozen tipis surrounded by tents, buses, cars and hundreds of water protectors. Some are calling it the “1851 Treaty Camp” to acknowledge their Treaty rights.

Across the road is the encroaching pipeline and a heavily militarized police force with armored vehicles, helicopters, planes, ATVs and busloads of officers. Tensions are growing as unarmed citizens worry that police will use unnecessarily harsh tactics.

In recent weeks, nearly 300 unarmed water protectors who were arrested have been subjected to pepper spray, strip-searches, delayed bail, exaggerated charges and physical violence, according to interviews with several who were taken into custody. The ACLU and National Lawyers Guild recently sent attorneys to Standing Rock to help the Red Owl Collective, a team of volunteer lawyers headed by attorney Bruce Ellison, who are representing many of those arrested.

The massive law enforcement contingent, consisting of sheriff’s deputies and officers from numerous other states and counties, as well as National Guard, began staging near the encampment — with scores of Armored Personnel Carriers, buses and Humvees poised at the ready.

“At some point the rule of law has to be enforced,” Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney said Wednesday. “We could go down there at any time. We’re trying not to.”

Dakota Access LLC, the pipeline developer released a statement encouraging trespassers to “vacate the land immediately” or be “removed from the land.”

“Alternatively and in coordination with local law enforcement and county/state officials, all trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and removed from the land,” the company said. “Lawless behavior will not be tolerated.”

Just days ago, sheriff’s officials had said earlier they didn’t have the resources to immediately remove activists from the private land, about 50 miles south of Bismarck. Subsequently, law enforcement officials put out a call for reinforcements, with hundreds of officers from out of state responding.

On Wednesday, actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo and civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson went to the new camp to speak and pray with the water protectors. Ruffalo had arrived the night before to speak on an anti-DAPL panel with Native activists at the Prairie Knights Casino and Hotel, according to Indian Country Today.

After touring the camp Jackson spoke to the crowd, reminding people that nonviolence is key to winning the battle for justice.

“With promises broken, land stolen, and sacred lands desecrated, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is standing up for their right to clean water. They have lost land for settlers to farm, more land for gold in the Black Hills, and then again even more land for the damn (sic) that was built for flood control and hydro power,” Jackson said.

When will the taking stop? When will we start treating the first peoples of these lands with the respect and honor they deserve?

The rerouting of the pipeline away from Bismarck to its current route is “the ripest case of environmental racism I’ve seen in a long time,” Jackson said. “Bismarck residents don’t want their water threatened, so why is it okay for North Dakota to react with guns and tanks when Native Americans ask for the same right?”

The pipeline was originally scheduled to run north of Bismarck until local residents expressed displeasure with the plan, with the DAPL ultimately being rerouted to its current trajectory near the Oceti Sakowin Standing Rock Reservation.

With an impending militarized police raid of the camp, Mekasi Camp-Horinek, one of the camp coordinators, told officers the protesters planned to stand their ground, saying “Do what you’ve got to do,” according to the Bismarck Tribune

“I don’t have a crystal ball to know when it will happen, but we know it will happen,” said Mekasi Camp-Horinek, a member of the Ponca tribe in Oklahoma. “We’re going to hold this ground.”

Water protectors could be heard chanting, “Stand in peace against the beast.”

“I’m here to die if I have to. I don’t want to die but I will,” said Didi Banerji, who lives in Toronto but is originally from the Spirit Lake Sioux reservation in North Dakota.

The protesters are simply trying to keep law enforcement from preventing their efforts to stop the pipeline said David Red Bear Jr., 30, from the South Dakota side of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

“If we don’t stop them here, they’re going to cut us off closer to the pipeline. We can’t let that happen,” Red Bear said. “We’re not trying to force anybody’s hand. We’re just trying to stand up for what we believe in.”

The reality is that the citizens of North Dakota are funding a protection force, in the form of police, for a multi-billion dollar corporate entity. North Dakota’s Emergency Commission previously approved $6 million in emergency funding for law enforcement costs related to the protest — with almost all of those funds having been used already. The Department of Emergency Services plans to ask for more, spokeswoman Cecily Fong said.

Do North Dakotans want their tax money spent on police acting as paid enforcers for Wall Street and big oil interests?

While law enforcement claims they are just doing their job and enforcing the law, in reality, they are acting as enforcers for an unjust corporate oligarchy that consistently puts money over people. The financial elite are the ones who the police are truly protecting and serving — not the American people.
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MEANWHILE, UP IN NORTH DAKOTA... The situation is growing tenser by the moment [PHOTOS]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Thursday, 27-Oct-2016 14:01:04

Reminiscent of what Lavoy Finicum and the Bundys encountered during the Malheur Refuge confrontation in Oregon earlier this year.


wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 9 minutes ago
"Hands up, don't shoot," crowd chants. #DAPL #NoDAPL
MEANWHILE, UP IN NORTH DAKOTA... The situation is growing tenser by the moment [PHOTOS]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Thursday, 27-Oct-2016 14:01:04

Reminiscent of what Lavoy Finicum and the Bundys encountered during the Malheur Refuge confrontation in Oregon earlier this year.


wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 9 minutes ago
"Hands up, don't shoot," crowd chants. #DAPL #NoDAPL



wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 3h3 hours ago

"We are totally going to come toward you now." -cop. Like, totally. #DAPL #NoDAPL
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wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 3h3 hours ago

Nasty internal fighting on barricade. "They are not our enemies," says protestor trying to extinguish fire. "Sell out!" Scream others #DAPL
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Unicorn Riot ‏@ur_Ninja 3h3 hours ago

BREAKING: 12:40CDT law enforcement has activated LRAD sonic weapon to attack water protectors at high intensity


wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 12m12 minutes ago

Arrests, teargas, sound cannons happening now #DAPL
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wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 18m18 minutes ago

Arrests happening #DAPL #NoDAPL
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wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 23m23 minutes ago

Looks like mass arrests going to happen any second now at #sacredground #DAPL #NoDAPL
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wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 42m42 minutes ago

Bridge on route 134 barricaded with flaming trees and tires, and a not-flaming (for now) car. #DAPL #NoDAPL
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wes enzinna ‏@wesenzinna 51m51 minutes ago

"This is what it's all about," protestor says. "Sacred water."

ISIS Update 10/26/2016…Aircraft Carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” Enters Strait of Gibraltar

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 12:03

There is a huge update at LINK.   Many videos --  too much to re-post.  

Please see at LINK.

Russia Destroys Most ISIS-Daesh Heavy Weaponry, US Promptly Airdrops 50-Tons of Weapons Into Syria for the Terrorists

Thursday, October 27, 2016 7:29
Obama Isis

By Jay Syrmopoulos  /  Mint Press News  /

The goal of U.S. policy in Syria doesn’t get any more clear; the actual mission being supported by the United States in Syria is regime change, not fighting ISIS.
Reports this week indicated that Islamic State militants were decimated by recent Russian airstrikes, and have lost “most” of their ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment in the precision strikes, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.
An array of Russian bombers and ground support aircrafts targeted Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) sites in the provinces of Raqqah, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The attacks reportedly destroyed command posts, heavy weapons, ammunition and armament depots, military vehicles, plants producing explosives, field camps and bases.
A Syrian rebel firing a TOW missle.
A report by RT stated:
According to intercepted communications, the militants suffer from shortages of ammunition, small arms and grenade guns. Several commanders allegedly say they will withdraw their units unless their ammunition needs are satisfied.
“Russian airstrikes resulted in the elimination of the majority of ISIS ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment,” the Defense Ministry tweeted.
Russian anti-terror military operations in the Syrian theater were launched on September, 30, at the request of the Syrian government. The United States has since accused Russia of targeting moderate opposition in Syria, but Moscow says it is after terrorist groups such as IS and Al-Nusra Front.
#SYRIA Russian air strikes resulted in elimination of the most part of #ISIS ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment
To understand the U.S. position, one has to understand the rapidly evolving U.S. strategy in Syria.
The Obama Administration recently announced that its $500 million plan to train and equip vetted “moderate” rebels was a total failure. Incredibly, the U.S. came up with an even worse plan – remove the training and vetting requirement of the program, and start sending military equipment.
The new protocol embraced by the U.S. would require only leaders of the rebel groups to be vetted. Once the leader of the group is vetted weapons would flow to the group, no questions asked.
Moving quickly to operationalize their new strategy, the U.S. airdropped 50 tons of weapons and ammunition to the newly branded “Syrian Arab Coalition” forces — a U.S. rebel group re-branded, but known for its unreliability and willingness to hand weapons over to al-Qaeda and ISIS.
“Probably 60 to 80 percent of the arms that America shoveled in have gone to al-Qaeda and its affiliates,” according to Joshua Landis, a Syria expert at the University of Oklahoma.
It seems quite obvious that while the U.S. likely supplies al-Qaeda affiliate the al-Nusra front, Ahrar al Shams, and other jihadists in the Syrian combat theater, the idea that the U.S. is once again using the al-Qaeda terror network, similarly to how they were used to fight a proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, should give pause to every American as a potential replaying of past U.S. foreign policy failures.
In addition to the U.S. airdropping 50 tons of weapons to Syrian rebel groups, Saudi Arabia delivered 500 TOW anti-tank missiles to anti-Assad Syrian rebels.
Highlighting the actual motivation behind the U.S. and Saudis supply rebel groups heavy weaponry, TOW anti-tank missiles provided to the rebels by the US and its allies have not been used against ISIS, but to strike Russian-made tanks of the Syrian Arab Army as it fights against al-Qaeda and ISIS.
The goal of U.S. policy in Syria doesn’t get any more clear; the actual mission being supported by the United States in Syria is regime change, not fighting ISIS.
According to a report by the Ron Paul Institute:
The TOW missile program is a CIA program, separate from the failed Defense Department rebel training program. The CIA has been arming and training unvetted rebels — many if not most foreign mercenaries rather than Syrians — to overthrow the Assad government since 2011 or 2012. The shot in the arm it has received from new shipments is obvious, as one rebel commander describes a recent attack on Assad’s forces:
‘It was a tank massacre,’ said Capt. Mustafa Moarati, whose Tajamu al-Izza group says it destroyed seven tanks and armored vehicles Wednesday.
More missiles are on the way, he said. New supplies arrived after the Russian deployments began, he said, and the rebels’ allies have promised further deliveries soon, bringing echoes of the role played by U.S.-supplied Stinger anti-aircraft missiles in forcing the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan in the 1980s.
The current strategy being undertaken is a virtual instant replay of the 1980s US proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The U.S.’s arming of Afghan Islamist rebels to defeat the USSR, directly resulted in the attacks of 9/11 and the ongoing global war on terror. It would be a grave mistake for the U.S. to once again repeat the same mistakes of the past.
It’s stunning how quickly American politicians disregard the clear and present dangers of arming Islamist extremists in an effort to spur regime change. The reality that the U.S. government is supplying weapons to the same extremist groups that attacked the twin towers should serve as a wake-up call to the corrupt nature of international power politics.
The original source of this article is Mint Press News
Copyright © Jay SyrmopoulosMint Press News, 2016

Brother of Clinton’s Campaign Chair is an Active Foreign Agent on the Saudi Arabian Payroll

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish
Tony Podesta — brother of the now-disgraced Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, whose files Wikileaks has been publishing — is not only a powerful Democratic Party lobbyist, but a registered foreign agent receiving a hefty monthly paycheck from the nefarious government of Saudi Arabia.
No — as tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorist as it might sound — that scenario is the absolute truth.  
In 1988, John and Tony Podesta formed the Podesta Group and have used their bigwig party-insider status to lobby and influence government policies — while, at various times, simultaneously holding positions of power — which has created a number of glaring conflicts of interest.
According to the March 2016 filing made in accordance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, Tony Podesta is an active foreign agent of the Saudi government with the “Center for Studies and Media Affairs at the Saudi Royal Court,” and acts as an officer of the Saudi Arabia account.
At this point, the web of pay-for-play between the Washington, political heavyweights, and foreign governments comes lurching into the spotlight.
For starters, the Podesta brothers’ lobbying firm receives $140,000 every month from the Saudi government, which, in no uncertain terms — and despite a status as privileged U.S. ally — wages a bloody campaign of censorship, murder, suppression, human rights abuse, and worse against its civilian population, while bombing hospitals, schools, and aid convoys in neighboring nations.
John Podesta previously served as President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, founded the think tank Center for American Progress (which oh-so-coincidentally touts the need to reframe Saudi Arabia’s hopelessly tarnished image), counseled President Obama, and now chairs Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Tony Podesta acts as a foreign agent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — lobbying to influence government policy in favor of the Kingdom — while also contributing to and bundling for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Think about that for a moment.
One brother uses the influence of money to both affect United States foreign policy and infuse the Clinton campaign with cash — while the other wields the influence of power as a political insider for the same entities.
As the Washington Post reported months ago in July, Tony Podesta’s lobbying efforts “raised $268,000 for the campaign and $31,000 for the victory fund.”
“The Saudis hired the Podesta Group in 2015 because it was getting hammered in the press over civilian casualties from its airstrikes in Yemen and its crackdown on political dissidents at home, including sentencing blogger Raif Badawi to ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for ‘insulting Islam,’” Alternet reported. “Since then, Tony Podesta’s fingerprints have been all over Saudi Arabia’s advocacy efforts in Washington DC. When Saudi Arabia executed the prominent nonviolent Shia dissident Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, causing protests throughout the Shia world and inflaming sectarian divisions, The New York Times noted that the Podesta Group provided the newspaper with a Saudi commentator who defended the execution.”
Notably, the Saudis’ reputation has only worsened as further atrocities pile up — concerning not only a record number of barbaric beheadings this year, but suspiciously reckless and errant U.S.-backed coalition bombings of civilian sites in several regions of active conflict.
Additionally, Tony Podesta’s status as a registered foreign agent for Saudi Arabia is at least obliquely discussed in an email from April 15, 2015 — ironically revealed by Wikileaks’ publishing of his brothers personal communiques — in which former Clinton Foundation chief development officer and now campaign national finance director Dennis Cheng wrote to a small group of insiders:
“Hi all – we do need to make a decision on this ASAP as our friends who happen to be registered with FARA [Foreign Agents Registration Act] are already donating and raising.
“I do want to push back a bit (it’s my job!): I feel like we are leaving a good amount of money on the table (both for primary and general, and then DNC and state parties)… and how do we explain to people that we’ll take money from a corporate lobbyist but not them; that the Foundation takes $ from foreign govts but we now won’t.  Either way, we need to make a decision soon.”
To which general counsel to the Clinton campaign, attorney Marc Elias, replied [all errors original and emphasis added],
“Responding to all on this. I was not on the call this morning, but I lean away from a bright line rule here. It seems odd to say that someone who represents Alberta, Canada can’t give, but a lobbyist for Phillip Morris can. Just as we vet lobbyists case by case, I would do the same with FARA. While this may lead to a large number of FARA registrants being denied, it would not be a flat our ban. A total ban feels arbitrary and will engender the same eye-rolling and ill will that it did for Obama.”
As the exchange continues, how to precisely handle the campaign’s image with potentially controversial donors — while, at all costs, maintaining the flow of cash — becomes even more apparent. As strategist and campaign manager Robby Mook responds,
“Where do we draw the line though?”
Elias suggests a particularly intricate solution:
“If we do it case by case, then it will be subjective. We would look at who the donor is and what foreign entity they are registered for. In judging whether to take the money, we would consider the relationship between that country and the United States, its relationship to the State Department during Hillary’s time as Secretary, and its relationship, if any, to the Foundation. In judging the individual, we would look at their history of support for political candidates generally and Hillary’s past campaigns specifically.  
“Put simply, we would use the same criteria we use for lobbyists, except with a somewhat more stringent screen.
“As a legal matter, I am not saying we have to do this – we can decide to simply ban foreign registrants entirely. I’m just offering this up as a middle ground.”
Mook eventually decides plainly,
“Marc made a convincing case to me this am that these sorts of restrictions don’t really get you anything…that Obama actually got judged MORE harshly as a result. He convinced me. So…in a complete U-turn, I’m ok just taking the money and dealing with any attacks. Are you guys ok with that?”
All of this political wrangling appears to have had the desired effect — despite increasing calls for the United States to either rein in or sever completely its support for the bloody Saudi regime — the U.S. approved a stunning $1.29 billion sale of smart bombs to the Kingdom in November 2015.
Tony Podesta’s specific contract with the government-run Center for Studies and Media Affairs at the Saudi Royal Court, which will earn $1.68 million by year’s end, does, indeed, suggest the infusion of a pro-Saudi message into the U.S. media propaganda machine.
“Saudi Arabia is consistently one of the bigger players when it comes to foreign influence in Washington,” Sunlight Foundation spokesman Josh Stewart told the Washington Post. “That spans both what you’d call the inside game, which is lobbying and government relations, and the outside game, which is PR and other things that tend to reach a broader audience than just lobbying.”
That broader audience — the American public — has indeed been manipulated courtesy of at least the thoroughly-corrupt Clinton campaign if not surreptitiously by the Saudis, as well.
As The Free Thought Project has repeatedly reported, the evidence of collusion among the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the mainstream presstitutes is indisputable — including no less than 65 so-called journalists listed by name in various leaks as darlings of the campaign.
Although this level of corruption and collusion would be considered intolerable in nearly any other nation on the planet. And yet, at the center of this shit storm of contention is an official nominee for the White House — who will not be held responsible for any number of questionable and criminal acts.
The system isn’t rigged — it’s performing exactly as intended — and always will as long as the vote validates its existence.

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Project Veritas 4: Robert Creamer’s Illegal $20,000 Foreign Wire Transfer Caught On Tape

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden
Project Veritas has just released Part IV of it’s multi-part series exposing numerous scandals surrounding the DNC and the Clinton campaign, including efforts to incite violence at Trump rallies and, at least what seems to be, illegal coordination between the DNC, Hillary For America and various Super PACs.
Part IV focuses on a $20,000 foreign donation made by an undercover Project Veritas journalist to Americans United for Change (AUFC).  Ironically, shortly after the $20k donation wire was released, the contributor’s “niece” was offered an internship with Creamer’s firm, Democracy Partners.  
In the new video, Creamer says: “Every morning I am on a call at 10:30 that goes over the message being driven by the campaign headquarters … I am in this campaign mainly to deal with what earned media with television, radio, with earned media and social media, not with paid media, not with advertising.” He also mentions a conference call discussing a woman potentially coming forward to accuse Trump of inappropriate behavior.
Creamer, a seasoned Chicago activist who is married to Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), whose Republican opponent, Joan McCarthy Lasonde has called for her to resign over her husband’s activities, also talks about his work with Barack Obama, whom he says he has known since the 1980s, when Obama was a community organizer in Chicago: “He’s a pro, I’ve known the President since he was a community organizer in Chicago.”
Elsewhere, Creamer adds: “I do a lot of work with the White House on their issues, helping to run issue campaigns that they have been involved in. I mean, for immigration reform for the… the health care bill, for trying to make America more like Britain when it comes to gun violence issues.”
In the effort to prove the credibility of the undercover donor featured in the videos and to keep the investigation going, Project Veritas Action made the decision to donate twenty thousand dollars to Robert Creamer’s effort. Project Veritas Action had determined that the benefit of this investigation outweighed the cost. And it did.
“First thing, like I said, thank you for the proposal.  And I’d like to get the $20,000 across to you.  The second call I’m going to make here is to my money guy and he’s going to get in touch with you and auto wire the funds to you,” said the PVA journalist.
Creamer told the PVA journalist to send the money to Americans United for Change. Shortly after the money was released, the “donors” “niece” – another Project Veritas Action journalist – was offered an internship with Creamer.
In an effort to see how far Creamer would go with the promise of more money, another Project Veritas journalist posing as the donor’s money liaison requested a meeting with Creamer. During that meeting, Creamer spoke about connections he had with Obama and Clinton.
AUFC President, Brad Woodhouse, subsequently returned the money, after Project Veritas started to release their undercover videos, citing “concerns that it might have been an illegal foreign donation.”  Oddly, Woodhouse was not terribly concerned about the “legality” of the donation when he chose to accept it a month prior.
In an unexpected twist, AUFC president Brad Woodhouse, the recipient of the $20,000, heard that Project Veritas Action was releasing undercover videos exposing AUFC’s activities.  He told a journalist that AUFC was going to return the twenty thousand dollars.  He said it was because they were concerned that it might have been an illegal foreign donation. Project Veritas Action was pleased but wondered why that hadn’t been a problem for the month that they had the money.

Goats in Rome

-Thousands of Muslims gathered outside Rome’s Colosseum to protest the closure of mosques and other places of worship in the Italian capital.

The group gathered outside the iconic ancient Roman building to pray as they promoted their right of freedom to worship during the peaceful march yesterday.

An imam led the group in chants of ‘Allah Akbar’ which means ‘God is great [sic],’ as they kneeled to the ground facing the Colosseum.

The Muslim community of Rome gathered by the Colosseum to pray and demonstrate against the alleged shutting down by police of unofficial places of worship in the city

The Latest: Pope calls for generosity in Italy over migrants,” Associated Press, October 26, 2016 (thanks to Lookmann):
…The pope has appealed for openness and generosity over immigration as Italy grapples with how to accommodate a growing number of migrants.

Pope Francis’ appeal on Wednesday came the day after residents of an Adriatic coastal town formed a blockade to prevent the arrival of 12 female migrants, one of them pregnant, who were to be housed in a hostel. In the face of resistance, officials found lodging elsewhere.

Francis said that “in every age, the phenomenon of immigration calls for a response of openness and solidarity. In our own day, the growing influx of refugees fleeing war, famine and poverty is a summons to welcome and care for these brothers and sisters.”… 

John Brennan is completely unqualified to be Director of Central Intelligence

October 26, 2016 1:03 pm By Michael J. Del Rosso

obert Spencer wrote this yesterday:

Is it widely known that there is a top intelligence official in the Obama Administration’s CIA who has converted to Islam? Yes. It was reported in none other than the Washington Post in 2012. Why couldn’t it be Brennan? The movie Zero Dark Thirty about the killing of Osama bin Laden, for which the moviemakers gained access to classified material (the Obama administration was criticized for making it available to them) featured a top counter-terror official who strongly resembled Brennan and was shown performing Muslim prayers. Were the filmmakers hinting at something they knew? Did La Miere speak to Brennan?

Allegations that Brennan is a convert to Islam are based upon firsthand reports of those who served with him in Saudi Arabia.

Those allegations include that Brennan was the target of a Saudi intelligence influence operation, one outcome of which was Brennan’s conversion to Islam.
At that time, Brennan was chief of station, a billet that is designed for an operationally trained officer with experience in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, which Brennan was not. Brennan’s background is that of an analyst, which may explain why he lacked the sophistication and experience to understand that he was being played by the Saudis in an influence operation.
Anyone so inept as to be oblivious to basic hostile intelligence tactics such as this influence operation is unqualified to be DCI.
Furthermore, Brennan’s definition of jihad, “meaning to purify oneself or one’s community,” is incorrect as a matter of fact, since all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence say that the primary and paramount definition of jihad is kinetic war against non-Muslims to forcibly establish submission to Islamic law globally.
If Brennan truly believes his fictitious definition of jihad, he is unqualified to be DCI, since he obviously is unaware of or indifferent to the fact that he is directly contradicting all published Sunni jurisprudence. Al-Qaeda’s bin Laden, ISIS’s al-Baghdadi (who has a doctorate in Islamic law), Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the other numerous violent jihadi terrorist groups all say that they are at war with us because Islamic law makes such war — jihad — obligatory for all Muslims. They also point out that Islamic law makes the funding of jihad obligatory, as well as lying to further jihad. That 15 years after 9/11, Brennan has yet to drop $40 on to purchase a certified English translation of an authoritative textbook on Islamic law, such as Reliance of the Traveller, is professional malpractice of the highest order for someone who has held the senior counter-terrorism and intelligence positions he has.
Furthermore, the fiction that Brennan is espousing is not just any fiction, it is a deliberate propaganda lie by America’s enemies in our 15+-year war. It is designed to disorient us from understanding our enemy’s Threat Doctrine. If he is truly unaware of this, he is a useful idiot in espousing enemy propaganda in time of war, and is unqualified to be DCI.
If Brennan does know the factual Islamic legal definition of jihad, then he is deliberately espousing enemy propaganda in a time of war, in which case Brennan is a traitor — and unqualified to be DCI.<<<<snip

None of what Brennan says is true regarding the legal definition of jihad in Islamic law. The opening sentence in the Reliance of the Traveller chapter on jihad is crystal clear: “o9.0 – Jihad. Jihad means to wage war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion.” (Italic emphasis in original.)

Hence Brennan is either, as explained above, too stupid to live and shouldn’t be DCI, or lying about the true definition of jihad (which deception is also obligatory according to Shariah), in which case he is guilty of treason and again shouldn’t be DCI, but rather prosecuted.

This is not a religious issue. Americans believe in freedom of religion for religions that believe in freedom. Rather, it is a national security issue. It is a statement of fact that pious, observant Muslims are required to adhere to Islamic law, which is not scripture, but legal texts written by men. A cursory examination of Reliance of the Traveller will show that it uses the word “obligatory” hundreds of times, and enumerates mandatory acts for all Muslims which are felony violations of the U.S. Code, including terrorism, material support of terrorism, perjury, espionage, treason, making war against the United States, sedition, and misprision of treason. Please let that sink in.
Every American should have a problem with this.

And why don’t we? Because blame isn’t limited to John Brennan. America’s political and national security elites, and especially our mainstream journalists, are guilty of professional malpractice, dereliction of duty, and worse, for being willfully ignorant of these easily verifiable facts.

The net result is that America has not only lost this war, but we changed sides and are aiding our enemy. We need look no further than what Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration did to Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria, and tried to do to Egypt, for evidence of that.

Michael J. Del Rosso is a Senior Fellow for Homeland and National Security for the Center for Security Policy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Max's Thread #49

Streamed live 1 hour ago
Max is back talking smack Oct 25 2016 about what will happen in the next two weeks.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."  

As the truth is where you find it, so the battlefield is also where you find it.

At four o'clock in the afternoon I learned that  exactly one hour remained to register to vote.

Someone named Diane in the County Auditor's office sent a fax and made a phone call

about the paperwork, to someone named Rachel at City Hall in a little town nearby,

and Jenne and I made a flying leap to town. At 4:45, with fifteen minutes to spare,

Rachel faxed the paperwork back to Diane, and I was registered to vote in General Election, in the state of South Dakota.

Not so long ago, I would have never dreamed I would ever even consider taking part again in 'the political process',

but just as the truth is where you find it, so the battlefield is also where you find it, and that is not necessarily at all where you expect to find it,

and seldom is -- if ever--where you prefer to find a battle field.  So what do you do then, throw down your sword, turn tail,  and run? 

Oh, yeah, voting may well be merely 'a symbolic gesture meaning nothing'

 -- between the rigged soros voting machines and other falsifying devises

and the fact that the popular vote doesn't determine anything any way in the united states general election,

perhaps voting for Trump is a meaningless action. 

But what is known for absolute certain --whether symbolic or not--,

 a vote cast for Hillary is a vote for the New World Order and Satan,.

 and a conscious choice to refrain from decision and commitment

and cast no vote at all 

is also a vote by default for the New World Order and Satan.

There is no sitting on the fence with this one. 

And yes, it's a battle field.

This is an email, today's date,  from the campaign office of Donald the Trump:

Donald Trump must reach 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. We’ve outlined a map to show where we currently stand as well as the possible paths forward to win.

While we are not taking any state for granted, those colored red are states that we can safely assume will vote for Donald Trump. Blue states favor Hillary. Blank states are too close to call.

Over the past month, polls have shown us winning Iowa, Ohio, Maine, Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina. If we maintain our leads in those six states, we can reliably claim 266 electoral votes. Hillary can claim 193. But we’d still have 4 electoral votes to go.

Polls show us close in New Hampshire, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. Winning just any one of those states would lead us to victory<<<<snip

ANALYSIS: Election outcome scenarios reveal 95% chance of widespread post-election violence... streets of America to run red with blood
Monday, October 24, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger 

My ANALYSIS of possible outcomes from the upcoming presidential election reveals that America only has a 5% chance of remaining peaceful after November 8. This does not mean the violence will occur on November 9th, but rather that events will be set into motion on that day which will lead to an escalation of violence (95% chance, see below).

Here are the scenarios I see unfolding, all based on the best available information right now:

Scenario #1) Trump wins popular vote
There are three sub-scenarios under this outcome:

Scenario 1A (10% chance): Trump wins popular vote, but democrats steal electoral vote to claim victory, overriding the voters

Even though Donald Trump wins the popular vote, the democrats have bribed enough electoral college representatives to sway the vote to Clinton, even in contradiction to their own states' voters.

Should this occur, expect mass protests, violence, bloodshed and many legal challenges in those states where the electoral college votes do not reflect the popular vote. There is no question that the Trump-supporting citizens of America will not accept a "rigged" election outcome where the electoral college votes are essentially stolen from the People. This would very quickly escalate into armed citizens marching in the streets and occupying key government buildings in an armed revolution against corruption.

Scenario 1B (60% chance): Obama declares Trump victory invalid, claiming the Russians hacked the vote

In my analysis, this is the most likely outcome of the upcoming election, and the democrats have been planting this narrative in advance with ridiculous claims that "the Russians" are running Wikileaks and that Trump is a "Putin puppet" (direct claim from Hillary Clinton in the third debate).

The purpose of all this is to create the narrative where a Trump victory can be declared invalid by Obama. Despite all the talk among democrats about how much they love and respect democracy, the simple truth is that they deeply hate it (and don't trust it). There is almost no chance that Obama and the Clintons will voluntarily cede power to Donald Trump.

If Obama declares a Trump victory invalid, all hell breaks loose across the nation, with leftists going "full terrorism" and patriots taking up arms to defend democracy against the anti-American traitors in Washington D.C.

Scenario 1C (5% chance): Democrats accept the Trump victory and agree to peacefully transition power.

Even if Obama and the Clintons admit defeat and agree that Donald Trump is the next President, the liberal voters go nuts and begin firebombing buildings all across America. You'll see mass riots breaking out everywhere. Obama can then use this to declare Martial Law and, if he wishes, postpone the transfer of power to Donald Trump (or blame him for all the violence, of course).

Remember, the democrats are already running mass staged violence across America ( They can easily stage riots, arson, bombings and much more in order to maximize chaos in the streets.

Scenario #2) Clinton wins popular vote
Based on current information (and considering just how much the "official" polls are completely rigged by deliberately oversampling democrats), in my analysis, there is only a 25% total chance that Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote. Here are the sub-scenarios under that 25%:

Scenario 2A (20% chance): Clinton wins the reported vote, but Trump challenges the validity of the election results

This scenario very likely starts with legal challenges to the mass election fraud, but could quickly escalate to a military coup or an armed citizens' revolt where outraged Americans literally march on Washington and depose the corrupt regime in power.

Expect huge bloodshed in this scenario. There is no question that roughly half of America simply cannot and will not accept Hillary Clinton as their president. She is too corrupt, too evil and too dangerous to maintain the consent of the governed. (Hillary Clinton is a serial criminal who must be indicted and imprisoned if America is to remain anything resembling a legitimate nation that respects law.)

Thanks to Wikileaks and Project Veritas, everyone with a working brain now knows the democrats are hopelessly corrupt and deeply invested in widespread voter fraud to steal the White House.

Scenario 2B (5% chance): Trump accepts the election results and tells supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton

If Clinton wins and Trump admits she won fair and square (which seems VERY unlikely), he could publicly call for everyone to back down and accept the Clinton presidency.

I see the chance of this at only 5%. And even then, so many conservatives and patriots are going to be so angry at this outcome that they may decide to stage their own peaceful protests.

95% chance of mass violence in one form or another
The upshot of all this is that I see only a 5% chance of a peaceful, non-violent outcome to this election. In most conceivable scenarios, America descends into mass violence of one form or another.

This is a direct result of the extreme polarization of political beliefs in America today, where we have an entire class of illiterate, ignorant Hillary Clinton supporters who only watch CNN and have no idea whatsoever that the Clintons are corrupt criminals. Witness the depth of the democrats' corruption in this Project Veritas veritas (part 3), just released today: 

n the other side, we have informed, awake Americans who understand how this election is their very last chance to restore democracy by voting against the corrupt establishment.

These two groups cannot reason with each other. They cannot compromise, and frankly, you can't even reason with democrats anymore because they are all so propagandized and brain damaged that they have utterly abandoned the very concept of "facts." (To them, a "fact" is anything Hillary Clinton says, while a "lie" is anything Donald Trump says.)

We are so far beyond the realm of reason that democrats are now essentially running America like a massive political CULT steeped in delusion and mental illness. Believing in the lies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has very nearly become a psychiatric disorder, as their ideas are rooted in such lunacy that only a mentally ill person could possibly believe them (or vote for them).

In essence, this vote on November 8th is not merely a vote to find out whether America will reject the insane corruption of Hillary Clinton, it's also a vote to find out whether the American people have collectively lost their minds.

If Clinton wins, it means we will all find ourselves living in a society of mentally ill zombies and cultists who are a danger to everyone (including themselves).

The global debt collapse will be initiated no matter who wins
Importantly, no matter who wins, the global debt collapse is imminent, which means the entire scam of Big Government, endless growth and high entitlement payouts is going to come to a catastrophic end. And that's mathematically guaranteed to unfold no matter who wins the presidency.

Make sure you understand the if Donald Trump wins and takes office, the central bankers of the world will deliberately crash the system so that Donald Trump can be blamed for everything.

I've even published an entire video detailing this scenario. View it here: