Thursday, October 20, 2016

BREAKING!!!! INTERNAL DEMOCRAT POLL: Clinton 19% Trump 77% Nationwide!

BREAKING!!!!  INTERNAL DEMOCRAT POLL: Clinton 19%  Trump 77% Nationwide!

SuperStation95 has come into possession of an Internal Poll performed by Benenson Strategy Group (BSG) of Washington, DC which conducted a special, Internal Poll for the Democratic National Committee and for the Clinton Foundation.  The results are STAGGERING:  Clinton has "flash-crashed" to only 12% favorability rating.  Hillary is LOSING NATIONALLY to Trump by a whopping 19% to 77%

UPDATE 1  8:30 PM EDT October 20, 2016 --
The Confidential Internal Poll explains its methodology as follows: (Click image to enlarge)

The Confidential Internal Poll, which is clearly marked "DO NOT DISTRIBUTE | DO NOT COPY"  goes on to provide the following DEVASTATING "Executive Overview"

The final sentence in the Summary above may seem innocuous, but when we publish what this means - taken from their own document - Americans will be utterly HORRIFIED at the recommendation on how to get away with CANCELLING the federal election by FOOLING the American people . . . .

UPDATE 2  8:45 PM EDT  October 20 --
On the second page, under the title "SALVAGE PROGRAM" the poll lays out, with mind-boggling bluntness, the insurmountable reality for Clinton versus Trump in late September and the first two weeks of October:


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