Thursday, October 6, 2016

Images October 6

September's images are far away now,


blurred and indistinct.....


Today it was too cold for Two to walk on the railroad track
or play hide and seek in the old calf barn. 

October's early breathe came chill and shrill, wet, dark, lonely.

Jenne took Two into town to his mom about noon.

Mike sat at the table reading the newspaper for a while

and didn't say much, while the dishwasher ran

sterilizing the jars for Jenne's last batch of tomatoes,

and Jenne tried to get herself back into her Yahoo account

from which she had been somehow deleted.

I lit the scented candle for evening upstairs at four o'clock in the afternoon.

 Far cold thunder rumbled.

By 4:45, the rain turned to snow. 

Mike was reading the paper again.  He was unimpressed.  "It happens," he said.

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