Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Saturday

Black Saturday was an extension of Black Friday

For two days Jenne had waited hopefully for Nick to show up, but Nick hadn't.  Finally on Saturday morning, he called, and  said he'd gotten tied up with some other things. He might stop by later or maybe tomorrow. 

Jenne closed her phone, and was absently looking out the kitchen window.  "That poor dumb pheasant thinks he's a chicken."

I went to the window and looked out with her.  A cock pheasant meandered near the road by the mailbox along with a few chickens.  They were all pecking contentedly in the gravel together.

'Last winter, " Jenne said, "I saw Mike throwing corn on the woodpile.  I asked him what the hell he was doing, and he said there were two-three pheasants living in the woodpile and he was feeding them."

The day went on.

In late afternoon I heard Jenne screaming and I went downstairs to see what was the matter. I got downstairs just in time to see the back end  of Jenne's big Dodge truck go roaring down the road, and Knight and the other two horses go flying through the trees coming the other way.  The dogs had gotten into the house and were cowering in fright on the floor.

In ten or fifteen minutes, I heard Jenne yelling again. Mike was over at the other farm on his tractor with the manure wagon.  She was telling Mike on the phone what had just happened. She was so mad she was shaking, and so distracted that she couldn't find her glasses.

Three guys in a white pickup had shot at the pheasant by the mailbox, and she had followed them.  She caught up with them at a neighboring house.  "We was just road-hunting," one of the guys said. "That's legal. You can't do nuthing about it."

 "Not in somebody's yard in the middle of their chickens and horses, it's not! You stupid little cocky prick!" And it went on down from there.

The license plate of the white pickup was muddy, and she couldn't read the number. She got out of the Dodge to wipe it off, stepping between two of the guys.  The third guy, the cocky prick, blocked her truck door and wouldn't let her get back into her vehicle, insulting her and intimidating her.  He held  his shotgun across his chest.  Her gun was in her purse in the truck, but she couldn't get to it. Jenne blew up.  

Jenne grabbed the guy by the shotgun and tried to push him out of the way, but he was too large and strong.  Jenne grabbed the gun again, and this time twisted it quickly the other way and in one move  she  struck him upside the head with the barrel-end  of his own gun. He stepped back in shook, and she got in her truck and drove away.  

"Just want to make sure first," she said to Mike. "If we report this, it will start a feud with the neighbors.  Are you ok with that?"

"Yes," said Mike, "Go ahead and report it.  A game warden will come out, is all that will happen.
It ain't going to be no feud."

Black Friday

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving in the u.s. brought the full confluence between the other part of the year 
and the holiday season, which I annually dreaded, and especially despaired in 2016.  Thanksgiving dinner had seemed to me very much like an occasion of the Last Supper or the Condemned's Last Meal. Many people wondered was this to be the country's last Thanksgiving?   I had masked my sorrows, loneliness, longings and unrequited hopes, fully appreciative of the fact, that were it not for Jenne's generosity and Mike's tolerance of my lengthening imposition, I would be shuffling along in a line-up with a paper plate at a homeless shelter in Salem Oregon or Sacramento California, or at a charity feed in a church basement or a Lion's Club social hall in some little town along the rural corridors of I-5 N-S or  I-80 East.

On the prairie, the day after Thanksgiving in 2016  bloomed brilliant and blue, crisp and clear. The weather was as mild and as sweet as a day in spring, windless, mistless, not a snowflake, not a raindrop. Receding flattened dabs of melting snow littered the wet ground.  The green-then-gold-then-tan-drab forests of standing corn were gone now. Leaves were gone.  The prairie lay flat and empty, the color and texture of a damp burlap gunnysack. 

I walked through the barnyard. Sheep peacefully bleated over nothing.  Two roosters crowed absentmindedly back and forth at each other.  Hens puttered and scratched. Dozens of cats ambled about, got underfoot, or sat in the sun. Geese and ducks gaggled along feeding on green grass and weeds and corn spilled between the grain bins. I went to see Princeton and Trouble in their new pen, which was  sheltered from the wind between the barns.  Jenne showed me the new waterer she had installed for them.  "Its heated and fills automatically, with a float."  We went in the milkroom. Mike's kittens were asleep in a heap on top a sack of feed.  Back in the barn, it was dark and quiet, the calves sleeping in their cribs of straw.  The littlest of the twin calves couldn't get up; he was tangled in his blue calf-coat.  Jenne untangled him, and removed the coat. "He really doesn't need it right now, anyway; it is warm enough."  Then she cell-phoned Mike and told him what she had done. 

For some reason unclear to me at the time, we drove through the farm --past black and white cows lolling in a pasture, others in a feed-lot--  past the Old Farm Place where I saw the ghost of myself still lingering lost among the shaded purple flowers of un-June --  to the place known as the Other Farm.

 Hollihock and Sunflower in the pigpen, grown fat and large now, danced an expectant jig and Jenne fed them out of her hand a treat of potato chips from  a crumpled bag found in the cab of the truck. "I would have brought them a better treat, but I didn't know I was coming." Jenne liked to give them cookies.

Mike showed up in a tractor hitched to the manure wagon, which for some reason he wanted to leave there, and he got in the truck on the driver's side, with Jenne perched on her fanny on the console in the middle. Black and white cows watched over the fence.

On the drive back to the house, I asked Mike how many head of cattle he had.   "Well, lussee now," he said. He listed them off by group, and Jenne kept track, adding on her fingers.  The tally was 75 head of cattle altogether.  "And the bull," Jenne said.  "You didn't count him.  So that makes 76." 

Jenne and Mike went in the house, and I walked by myself across the road by the mailbox to the paddock.  Three horses were at the far end, almost out of sight. I called to Knight, and loping quickly through the trees with his head up,  he came to me, and  I knew he would.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Not Since JFK, Has a President Spit Into the Face of the Globalists, Until Now

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A few people reflect upon the death of President John F Kennedy -- November 22, 1963. 

President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence spent Sunday morning attending services at a Somerset County church before re-starting transition meetings at Trump's golf course down the road — a slate expected to include Gov. Chris Christie this afternoon.

Trump and Pence visited Lamington Presbyterian Church in Bedminster — a white-steepled worship hall that opened in 1740, 36 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


insert quote here   A few people reflect upon the death of President John F Kennedy -- November 22, 1963. 

Melania and Barron Trump won’t be moving to the White House

insert quote here   A few people reflect upon the death of President John F Kennedy -- November 22, 1963.

Not Since JFK, Has a President Spit Into the Face of the Globalists, Until Now 

Peace is possible with President Trump. But will the globalists let him fulfill his destiny, or will he be thrown into the bone yard of history without living out his destiny as was JFK.
Peace is impractical. War is inevitable. That is what the globalists and their puppet media would have mankind believe. The problems that are created by war are man-made and therefore, can be solved by man. However, our right to self-determination and peace have been robbed from us by people like David Rockefeller.
When war becomes the number ONE business venture of the globalists, they obfuscate the benefits of peace and prevent the directing of a nation’s assets towards the betterment of its people. Rockefeller, Rothschild et al, hold humanity in such disdain that they seek to make money on the forced decline of mankind. For in their eyes, mankind cannot be allowed to prosper and grow, man must be subjugated and turned into cannon fodder in the next bankster-created war.
It was true in JFK’s time and it is even more true today in Donald Trump’s time.

One President saw things as they were and sought to shift the focus of the nation towards peace. That President had such dangerous ideas in the eyes of the elite. President John F. Kennedy was a visionary. He sought to remove the stranglehold that the banksters had on our government by reducing the oil depletion allowance, printing C-notes to slowly erode the Federal Reserve, enact a foreign policy to keep the U.S. out of Vietnam and above all else, he sought to reduce the threat posed by the previously unrestrained growth of nuclear weapons. Trump is promising to do the same types of things. In this sense, he is spitting on history
In June of 1963, JFK called out the elitist war mongers in his famous American University speech. Unfortunately, JFK’s enlightened attitude was a threat to the prevailing establishment and he paid for his idealism with his life five months after delivering the American University Commencement speech.
We had never seen a President championing the virtues of peace and the elevation of the concern for the common man. We will not likely ever see this kind of leadership again. The following excerpts of JFK’s American University speech show us what could have been and why the elite could not handle four more years of a JFK Presidency. For if JFK had lived, the following ideals would have formed the goals of an energized nation.
Here are the words of a young, idealistic President as spoken at American University in June of 1963:

“…So, let us not be blind to our differences–but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal…
…First: Chairman Khrushchev, Prime Minister Macmillan, and I have agreed that high-level discussions will shortly begin in Moscow looking toward early agreement on a comprehensive test ban treaty. Our hopes must be tempered with the caution of history–but with our hopes go the hopes of all mankind…
…Confident and unafraid, we labor on–not toward a strategy of annihilation but toward a strategy of peace…”
A slightly less eloquent, but more simple Donald Trump said “I can work with Russia to eliminate ISIS, and wouldn’t everybody be better off if we could talk and work things out?” The answer is yes, but the globalists are determined to have their war of population reduction.
JFK Became a Changed Man
When JFK entered the White House, his party ways came with him, but there would soon be a series of events that would make John Kennedy a changed man. In 1961, the CIA and director Dulles circumvented JFK by launching a secret invasion of Cuba in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It was only at the last moment did JFK discover the unfolding events in which he refused to provide air cover and the invasion failed on the beach. Kennedy fired Dulles and threatened to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. This even marked the beginning of the bifurcation between JFK and the elite because the CIA had become their errand boy. The elite and their mafia partners desperately wanted Cuba back under their control and JFK blocked their ambitions. The following year, as a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK had another chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the elite and again he failed. It did not matter that JFK had averted WWIII, he failed to put boots on the ground in Cuba and again, the elite and their designs for Cuba were thwarted.
vietnam protestorsSimultaneous to the events in Cuba, JFK was dragging his feet on Vietnam. He was reluctantly continuing on the path of allowing combat advisers to continue to operate in South Vietnam.
Vietnam was potentially a huge cash cow to the establishment elite. There was the promise of lucrative drug trafficking from the Golden Triangle”. Also, Chrysler Corporation received 90% of all US defense contracts in 1963, mostly in a middleman capacity. Bell Helicopter and Chase Manhattan Bank would reap record profits from the Vietnam War. All of these corporations were Rockefeller owned institutions. Unfortunately for the elite, JFK was growing more isolationist. He became a changed man following the Cuban Missile Crisis as this event shook him to his core. He feared putting the US in military situations that could result in another confrontation with the Soviets. In 1963, JFK had announced that he was bringing home all combat advisers in 1965. JFK and South Vietnamese President, Diem, agreed that America would never send ground troops to Vietnam. Diem and his brother were assassinated by the CIA and 21 days later, JFK was dead. Nine months following these assassinations, America sent 100,000 ground troops to South Vietnam following the now discredited, false flag event known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the elite bathed in their blood money. AS I PREVIOUSLY SAID, SUBSTITUTE “TRUMP” FOR “JFK” AND “SYRIA” FOR “VIETNAM”.
JFK had been so shaken by the real possibility of WW III, that he and the Soviet Premier were actually having discussions regarding the capping of nuclear arms production. The elite could not have any part of this unprofitable course of action. There is no money to be made in peace especially if you are Martin Marietta (today known as Martin Lockheed). The establishment elite wanted to continue down the path arming America’s nuclear arsenal to the teeth. JFK had become a major impediment to profits in this regard. Remember, if peace was profitable for the globalists, there would be no more war. I am certain that Trump is all too aware of this point.
Trump Became a Changed Man
I doubted Trump when he first announced he was going to run for President. He was ultimate free-trader, an insider’s insider. Somewhere, he must have looked at people he loved and said “What have I done?”, and the result is what we have today. Like JFK, Trump is a changed man. Like JFK, he is a man on a mission. And like JFK, will Trump be ….?  (It is possible that the autism/vaccine issue concerning 10-year-old Barron Trump may have been one of the awarenesses that contributed to 'the changed man' status.-- Just sayin -  Max )
The Changed Man/Men Take(s) Center Stage
JFK, no doubt motivated by the fear of WW III, was blocking Vietnam and was going to kill the cash cow of nuclear arms production. No doubt, JFK saw the establishment elite as the enemy of humanity. They were willing to take the country to war so that they could fatten their wallets.
JFK began to take action against the elite. He was taking away half of their unwarranted oil depletion allowance. JFK stuck a big stick in the eye of the Federal Reserve by printing over $4 billion dollars of silver backed money, thus threatening the stranglehold the Federal Reserve had enjoyed over the country for the past 50 years.
JFK began making speeches, very damning speeches, in which he called out the establishment elite and their “secret societies” and then JFK signed his death warrant with his American University speech in which he announced, among other things, a desire to pursue peace with the Soviets. Once again, there is no money in peace.
On behalf of “the greater good”, JFK had to be eliminated and he was. However, I have often wondered if JFK had survived, how would America have been changed. Through Donald Trump’s Presidency, we have an opportunity to find out.
Trump will kill the free-trade agreements in their present form. The election of Trump has already killed the latest free trade deal with the EU according the Merkel. Trump will greatly reduce the flow of cheap labor into the United States by putting real controls on our border. He will build a country based upon peace and negotiation with our foes. Don’t mistake this for weakness, JFK and Trump never have backed away from a challenge.
If JFK Had Lived

If JFK had lived, so too, would have 58,000 Americans and untold millions of Vietnamese. If JFK had lived, we would not have spent two trillion dollars on nuclear arms. The money could have been spent, as JFK suggested, on education. America might not have become the hopelessly dumbed down nation that it has become. If JFK had lived the Federal Reserve would have eventually gone the way of the two previous central banks in the United States. The US Congress would have retaken the constitutional power of coining money, interest free money. America would have remained solvent.
If JFK had lived, he would have continued to confront the oil companies and today, we might have achieved energy independence and could be paying about a buck for a gallon if gas. Alaska would be the new Middle East and the petrodollar, which threatens to plunge us into a world war over Syria and Iran, would no longer be a problem. The world would be coming to the US for its energy needs and our economy would be booming. Trump insists he is going to unleash America’s energy potential which means the opening of oil development on the North Shore of Alaska. This will break the monopolistic grip the oil companies have enjoyed over energy since the beginning of our industrialization period in the 1880’s.
If JFK had lived, the people would have had their true representative in the White House. The events in Cuba so changed John Kennedy, that he became a true Ron Paul/Donald Trump in the last two years of his life. It was the last time, that anyone, outside the elite establishment, had anyone in top level government that cared for them, until now.
The day that John Kennedy died, November 22, 1963, was the beginning of the end for America. These same forces, the interlocking directorates of the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, the major oil companies and the media that they control, continued to suck the life out of America to the point of where we stand today, a shell of our former country. The day Donald Trump was elected, November 8, 2016, America has one last chance to right the wrongs of our recent past.
Donald Trump Must Live
JFK died with his work incomplete. Donald Trump can finish the job, even in a manner that Reagan could not. Trump is taking this country forward. He will appoint enemies as well as allies to his administration. He knows that to avoid a civil war, he must get a significant number of people from the other side on board to participate in his government. To not do so is to perpetuate and exacerbate the differences that area already there.
I AT ONE TIME, falsely held out the hope that the 50th Anniversary of JFK’S death would rekindle a curiosity about who killed JFK and why and then subsequently link that knowledge into today’s America and our desperate need for a populist revolution. This could have been the impetus for change in America. Alas, the elite controlled the narrative in the fall of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death with a plethora of documentaries which lead away from the truth that there was a conspiracy to kill JFK. As a result, the country’s interest will continue to wane and with it, the belief that JFK was killed as a result of a conspiracy.
In 20 years, if we still have any freedom of the press left, will history be saying the same thing about an assassinated Donald Trump? To prevent this question from every being asked we must remain in prayer and be of like mind.
In 1993, 80% of the country believed that JFK was killed as the result of a conspiracy. If Donald Trump is assassinated, don’t believe the lone nut gunman theory who had a diary saying what he was going to do. IF Trump is assassinated, it will be by the hand of the criminal elite. I am not interested in playing the same parlor games with Trump that we have done for 50 years with JFK’s death with an endless discussion of “who dun it?”
The elite weathered the storm of JFK’s assassination and have continued unabated on their journey towards sucking the life out of this country. They will continue to do so until there is nothing left and we are thrown onto the junk pile of history. Donald Trump offers real hope. His journey began with JFK and could end with an assassins bullet. If Donald Trump is assassinated we must all treat the event as if it were perpetrated by an enemy of the United States and react accordingly.

On November 22nd, on this 53rd anniversary of JFK’s murder, as we turn our collective eyes back on our future and reminisce about JFK, let us realize that we have been given a temporary reprieve in Donald Trump,
Remember that in June of 1963, JFK called for peace with the Soviet Union, and today Donald Trump is doing the same with Putin. Will this be Trump’s death warrant as it was with JFK? It is said that the JFK assassination marks the time where modern America lost her soul and any remaining semblance of her moral compass. Trump has given us a second chance. The more we write and speak of this, the more hesitant that the globalists will be in carrying out the ultimate act against Donald Trump.
This is our last chance America, be vigilant and be vocal.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Can You Say Purple Revolution- False Flag attack - two pieces that go together

hicago O'Hare Airport Workers Vote to STRIKE on Thanksgiving!
Post by Newsroom
- Nov 18, 2016
- 0
Hundreds of workers at Chicago O'Hare International Airport are planning to strike during the Thanksgiving holiday, one of the busiest times at one of the country's busiest airports. Janitors, baggage handlers, cabin ...  

FBI Warns Of Thanksgiving Terror Potential; Walsh Says No Specific Threat To Boston

CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) — As the holiday bustle picks up, so does law enforcement awareness.
Sources tell CBS News the FBI is alerting police across the country about a potential terrorist attack around Thanksgiving.
It specifically warns of homegrown terrorists. Potential targets? Shopping malls, special events, crowded venues–locations in Washington, D.C. and Virginia described as target-rich zones. ISIS’s magazine called New York City’s Macy’s Parade an excellent target.  
(WBZ-TV graphic)
(WBZ-TV graphic)
And potential tactics could include guns, IEDs, or drones equipped with IEDs.
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says there is no specific threat to the Boston area, but it’s good to stay on your toes.
“We’re going to have more visibility out on the streets,” Walsh told WBZ-TV Friday. “People are going to see more police officers out there. You know, even during the holiday season, the shopping, we try to put more visibility out there.”

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Treasonous Conspiracies Against the Government of the United States of America (Updated 11/17/2016)

NavyJack – Treasonous Conspiracies Against the Government of the United States of America (Updated 11/17/2016)

If the Presidential inauguration occurs on schedule and with the current, validly elected President Elect, then the nation will have dodged a bullet. If not; God bless you and your loved ones. God Bless the United States of America. For the Republic! NavyJack.

UPDATE 11/15/2016 – Hundreds of teenage students stormed Lloyd Center Shopping Mall in Portland late yesterday afternoon to protest against the President Elect. This type of activity correlates with the objectives of item 3 above (Expand Protests and Riots to Shopping Malls to Generate an Economic Collapse). While this is a small-scale example of what would be needed to cause serious economic damage, imagine your family and children being caught up in this type of action. For retailers, this type of activity during the holiday season would spell financial ruin. 


Update 11/15/2016 – Portland #PDX anti-Trump protesters posted flyers in Pioneer Square regarding an upcoming protest. 


bviously our Operation HYPO personnel will be ignoring their childish demands and providing as much information to police as possible to assist in the arrest of criminals involved in rioting.

Update 11/16/2016 – The New American Communist Revolution? – by Martin Armstrong

There is an attempt to create a socialist revolution in this country led by the youth and Obama and Hillary seem happy with that. This is a very dangerous situation and the computer does show rising civil unrest. The Democrats seems to be intent on burning down democracy if they do not win. I have never seen this get so out of hand in my lifetime. There is a lot of evidence surfacing showing that these protesters are being paid by organizations alleged to be funded by George Soros, which is why Hillary remains silent. Adds recruiting these people are appearing on Craig’s List around the country. Clearly, this is an anti-democratic movement to reject the election and take government in a unilateral move producing anarchy. We are spiraling toward civil war if this is not stopped. Between now and January, this may get serious.

Read the article at

Update 11/16/2016 – Oath Keepers: “Communist” anti-Donald Trump protesters “completely unprepared to back up their bold assertions”

This nice little hit piece written by BRENDAN GAUTHIER at SALON attempts to ridicule our concern for the safety of the citizens being exposed to the violent anti-Trump protests. I’m not really sure how a progressive audience mentally justifies their support for the injuries and damages caused, but somehow they do. The author derided our inclusion of the communist symbols and rhetoric of the protesters as if these were not central to the protests themselves. Odd since nearly every printed sign at protests nationwide have been provided by one of these communist organizations.

Read the article at

Update 11/17/2016 – Given the opportunity to denounce the violent protests occurring throughout our nation, President Obama instead encourages protesters to make their voices heard and not be silent:
These statements will motivate the left to not only continue these protests, but to increase the volume and potentially increase the violence. The President was given a direct question that could have been used to help temper the anger and frustration of the supporters of former Secretary Hillary Clinton. The President failed to do his duty by failing to ask protesters to respect the election outcome and by failing to advocate for a peaceful transition of power. He could have at least asked them to refrain from further violence and destruction of property. While these remarks certainly do not demonstrate support by the President for the treasonous items discussed above, the fact remains that neither President Obama nor former Secretary Hillary Clinton has denounced these violent protests or the attacks on citizens by disappointed Clinton supporters. After 8 days of continuous protests and riots, this is very disturbing.


Click here for live updates


Pay close attention to item #3 above. A manufactured economic collapse is clearly on the table for the globalists and their communist lead gaggle of useful idiots who are now showing their true face as America hating, flag burning domestic enemies of the Constitution. George Soros has a well documented history of killing the currencies and economies of nation states for his own ends, so we would be foolish to think he would not do it here, to us. The U.S. economy (and dollar) is truly a “walking dead” zombie economy, which is artificially propped up by the banking elites who run the Federal Reserve, as well as the Saudi’s, who prop the dollar up with their oil. The globalists could kill it at any time in short order -and “kill” is not an overstatement.

Given that risk, it is essential that we prepare for it (as I have been urging you all to do for years now). And what does a catastrophic economic collapse mean on the ground? For our modern, urbanized, non-agrarian society where urbanites think food comes from Walmart, it means mass starvation when the plug is pulled. Look to the examples of what happened in the Wiemar Germany economic collapse, the Bosnian economic collapse, or Argentina – but worse, because Americans are even more urbanized and ill-prepared.

Do you have a year’s worth of bulk, basic food, like wheat, rice, beans, salt, sugar, powdered milk? Do you have three months worth of the boxed and canned groceries you normally use? Do you even have two weeks extra of your normal groceries, and three months of basics? I’ll bet the answer for most of you is a big fat NO. Fix that. And fix it now. You know the globalist elites want to kill you off, right? And starvation is the easiest way for them to do it. Just look to Stalin and Mao’s example. You can bet the globalists do.

Got food?


CONFIRMED: Sessions AG, Pompeo CIA, Flynn Natl Sec Advisor -

November 18, 2016

  (Left) U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), (Center) Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo, (Right) Retired General Michael Flynn, Source: Edward Szall/TRUNEWS

A Trump transition official says the following appointment offers have been accepted: Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Representative Mike Pompeo for CIA Director, and Retired General Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions will be next United States Attorney General.
Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo will be next CIA director.
Retired General Mchael Flynn will be next National Security Adviser.
Trump transition official confirmed cabinet offers were accepted Friday.
Sessions opposes any path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, enthusiastic backer of Trump's promise to build a wall.
Sessions is an Army veteran, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and chairman of its Strategic Forces Subcommittee.

(NEW YORK CITY, NY) U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has tapped three senior leaders of his national security and law enforcement teams, choosing Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general, Representative Mike Pompeo as CIA director and General Mike Flynn as national security adviser, a transition official said on Friday.

The transition official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the announcements would be made formally on Friday.

All three men have accepted Trump's offer, the official said.

In choosing Sessions as the nation's chief law enforcement officer, Trump would award a loyalist whose hard-line and at times inflammatory statements on immigration were similar to his own. Sessions opposes any path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and was an enthusiastic backer of Trump's promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

Sessions, 69, a former Alabama attorney general and U.S. attorney, has received a telephone call offering him the job, according to CBS News.

Bloomberg reported a Trump aide called Senator Ted Cruz, another possible contender for the job, on Thursday night to tell him Sessions would get the position.

Reuters copy, TRUNEWS analysis
- See more at:

Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Zealand’s earthquake was so powerful the sea floor lifted TWO METRES and exploded through the sand

Daily Mail
These incredible photographs show how New Zealand‘s 7.8 magnitude earthquake lifted the seabed two metres – and exploded through the sand.
Dramatic aerial pictures reveal the scale of the devastation caused on the coastline north of Kaikoura, on the country’s South Island.
Scientists say the seabed lifted an estimated two metres on the foreshore and admit they have never seen anything like it.   
It comes as rain and strong winds battered central New Zealand on Thursday, threatening further damage – just days after the quake killed two people and sparked with huge landslides.
More than 1,000 tourists and residents have since been evacuated from the small seaside town by a fleet of helicopters and a naval vessel since the 7.8 magnitude quake struck early on Monday.
Devastation: Incredible photographs show how New Zealand 's 7.8 magnitude earthquake lifted the seabed two metres - and exploded through the sand
Damage: The enormous 7.8 magnitude earthquake not only tore apart the seabed, but homes and roadways, and some of the country's famed mountain areas
Landslide: Aerial photos capture the devastating aftermath of the New Zealand coastline after it was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake around midnight Sunday
A 'before photo' taken in March 2016 shows how the coastline looked before the earthquake struck on Monday
An 'after' photo taken in recent days shows the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake
Aerial photos shared by Environmental and Engineering Consultants Tonkin and Taylor reveal the seabed uplifted an estimated two to two-and-a-half metres out of the sea and above ground level on the foreshore. 
Once submerged, the rocks – covered in barnacles, limpets and seaweed – have now been pushed up above the surface. As a result of the sudden uplift, sea life including lobster and abalone, have been seen stranded out of water.
The areas which appear purple in colour show how the sea bed has been forced up to the surface.
The photos, shared and liked more than 1,000 times on Twitter, also show the direct impact to wildlife following the earthquake with sea creatures stranded out of the water.
While incredible, the photos capture the devastating death of sea-life, some of which cannot survive above water
Emergency services officers inspect the immense damage caused to Rotherham Road near Waiau town, 90 kilometres south of Kaikoura
Warships from the United States, Canada and Australia have been drafted in to help earthquake relief efforts in New Zealand
New Zealand woman Anna Redmond uploaded photos to her Facebook account showing the uplifted coast up close.
Her photos show abalone, or paua, covered seabed jutting out metres above the ground.
While incredible, the photos capture the devastating death of sea-life, most of which cannot survive above water.
While it is not the first time the island has been hit by an earthquake, experts claim it is the first time tremors have caused the New Zealand seabed to lift.
Marine Geologist Dr Joshu Mountjoy said he had ‘never seen it before during an earthquake’.
‘(It’s a) very complex fault rupture,’ Dr Mountjoy told Stuff.
He said some faults went side-to-side and others vertically and the after-effects from the most recent earthquake look as if they moved vertically and pushed land upwards.
‘It will take a while before this becomes normal again,’ he said.
The experts were not alone in their shock with many going online to express their disbelief.
Ruins: The earthquake destroyed Elms homestead killing resident Louis Edgar in Monday's 7.8-magnitude quake
Pictures show the damage to the Main North Railway line from the earthquake at Kaikoura. 
Rescue efforts after a devastating earthquake in New Zealand intensified last night
The powerful quake tore through roads  and set off huger landslides in the area. This picture shows the damage on State Highway 1
‘That is unreal, that has to be at least 15-20 feet of upwelling to expose those pauas like that,’ one Facebook user said.
‘Amazing power of mother earth,’ said another.
The enormous 7.8 magnitude earthquake not only tore apart the seabed, but homes and roadways, and some of the country’s famed mountain areas.
It struck at around 12am on Sunday north of Christchurch claiming the lives of two people and causing extensive destruction.
It was followed by two other major aftershocks – one 6.3 magnitude quake centred in Cheviot and the other a 5.8 magnitude which rocked New Zealand’s South Island.
Kaikoura, a fishing town and popular whale-watching base ringed by steep mountains, was completely cut off by landslides covering the coastal road and rail corridor.
Further helicopter evacuations from Kaikoura on Thursday had been disrupted due to the bad weather, said Sarah Stuart-Black, director of the Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management.
Danger: Rocks cascaded down on to a road close to Kaikoura when the earthquake struck early on Monday
Danger: Rocks cascaded down on to a road close to Kaikoura when the earthquake struck early on Monday
On the move: Evacuees from Kaikoura walk away from the New Zealand Air Force helicopter that brought them to the town of Woodend, near Christchurch
On the move: Evacuees from Kaikoura walk away from the New Zealand Air Force helicopter that brought them to the town of Woodend, near Christchurch
‘We are really concerned about the changing weather situation,’ she told reporters. ‘It could mean that there’s an increased risk of further landslides, obviously surface flooding, so we want people to be safe.’
An inland road to Kaikoura, briefly reopened to emergency vehicles, was closed due to more landslides, officials said.
Warships from Australia, Canada and the United States, in the country for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th anniversary, had arrived in Kaikoura to assist with the recovery.
‘The ships, crews and maritime helicopters provided by our partner militaries have given us a great deal of flexibility in supporting the national relief effort,’ said New Zealand Joint Forces Commander Major General Tim Gall.
Most of the tourists evacuated to Christchurch, the South Island’s largest city about 150 km (90 miles) south of Kaikoura, had continued their journeys but around 130 people were being housed temporarily in Canterbury University’s student halls.
With damage expected to take months to repair, the government announced a NZ$7.5 million ($5.3 million) wage subsidy package to support small businesses in Kaikoura for two months.
‘These companies … are going to have a sustained reduction in their turnover to the point of almost nothing for a long period of time and that’s why we think it’s appropriate for the government to step in,’ Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce told reporters.
Analysts at ANZ Bank said that, while the local economic hit would be significant, there would only be a ‘small dent’ in New Zealand’s overall activity, far lower than the 2011 quake in Christchurch that killed almost 200 people.
In Wellington, as many as 60 buildings were damaged, including serious structural damage to three relatively recently constructed multi-storey buildings, one of which engineers said would have to be torn down.
The government said it would launch an investigation into why the newer buildings had been unable to withstand the quake.
More buildings were evacuated and roads cordoned off on Thursday as engineers assessed the damage.
Wellington is bisected by several fault lines, and large areas of its business district are built on reclaimed land, raising questions about building practices in the capital despite some of the world’s strictest codes.
‘It is a concern, people do want to know the buildings they’re in are going to be safe,’ Wellington Mayor Justin Lester told reporters. ‘Everybody wants a building to perform as is expected, so when it doesn’t … you need to understand how. There’s no simple answer.’
The force of the tremor was most evident in the upper South Island, where parts of the coast moved metres. A team of volunteers rescued thousands of abalone, a large shellfish known locally as paua, that had been thrown up from the sea bed and left high and dry.
A popular New Zealand fur seal colony near Kaikoura, where pups could often be seeing playing in a waterfall in a nearby stream, was destroyed by a landslide, Department of Conversation officials said.
Civil Defence evacuated some residents near several rivers in the region where landslides from the earthquakes had blocked the rivers and risked dangerous collapses.
Seismologists are still recording hundreds of aftershocks – some 2,000 have rattled the region since the initial tremor.
Government body Geonet Science estimated an almost one-in-three chance of another 7-7.8 magnitude quake hitting the wider region within the next 30 days.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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EXCLUSIVE: U.S.-Backed "Rebels" In Syria "Will Not Be Backed by a Trump Administration; They Should Go Home"

Again, see LINK for vids, maps and images.

EXCLUSIVE: U.S.-Backed "Rebels" In Syria "Will Not Be Backed by a Trump Administration; They Should Go Home"

Post by Newsroom
- Nov 14, 2016
- 1

EXCLUSIVE: U.S.-Backed "Rebels" In Syria "Will Not Be Backed by a Trump Administration; They Should Go Home"

Earth-Shaking word from Trump Tower here in New York is that a "yuuuuuge" change to US foreign policy is in the works, involving Syria and other areas. "Rebels that have been backed by the US in Syria should go home right now" said one key player in the ongoing presidential transition plans who insisted on anonymity due to the serious nature of the topic. The precise (verbatim) quotes provided to SuperStation95 were:

My Bolds-- Max

"The United States will not back the forcible overthrow of Democratically elected governments" under a Trump Administration and, "Neither the United States military nor its weapons technology will be for rent to destabilize one government to the benefit of another, or to advance corporate interests. US-Backed "rebels" in Syria -- and elsewhere -- should go home right now."

The individual who offered the quotes, did so in writing and insisted they be conveyed precisely as shown above, with "not one word or punctuation mark changed." This individual also insisted the document provided be "shredded, burned and its ashes discarded in the wind outside prior to publication." That has been done.

The fact that this type of potential policy change has even been mentioned outside the closed-door world of international geopolitical intrigue is major, even earth-shaking in its implications. It would be a staggering change to US policy with implications that literally span the globe.

If undertaken by the new Administration, the so-called "civil war" in Syria would likely end overnight. But such a change would also have immediate implications in places like Ukraine and even Yemen as well.

This revelation comes hours after it was reported that Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone call with US President-Elect Donald Trump. The two spoke of improving relations and also discussed certain issues. The big take-away from that call was the agreement by both men to "Take out Terrorists." That telephone call is reported HERE


BELOW IS ANALYSIS AND OPINION MIXED WITH NEWS FACTS. We draw this line clearly so readers understand what is "news" versus what is analysis and opinion.

In weighing the stunning news above that the US will not back rebels to overthrow democratically-elected governments and that US-Backed Rebels is Syria should go home, it is absolutely vital that readers have an understanding of just how bad things are, and how they got so bad, what the world is facing as a result of US behaviors overseas, and what it means that US policy is being changed. Below is that background.


The conflict in Syria erupted in 2011, quite by coincidence, just after Syrian President Bashar Assad refused to permit a natural gas pipeline running from Qatar, in the Middle East, to Europe, to be built through Syria.

Email communications allegedly uncovered from the laptop of former Congressman Anthony Weiner during the recent election campaign, allegedly show that foreign governments like Qatar made cash contributions to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. That money is of particular interest because about a Million Dollars from Qatar allegedly arrived to the Foundation after the Syrian President Bashar Assad, REFUSED to allow Qatar to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria to supply gas to Europe.

Not long after that million was donated, seven (7) experienced operatives from the CIA were dispatched to Syria, allegedly on orders from the US State Department which Clinton headed. Those 7 CIA operatives reportedly created the Free Syrian Army (FSA), to begin efforts to forcibly overthrow President Assad of Syria. The operatives reportedly recruited Jihadis and others and began launching attacks inside Syria to destabilize its government, while the State Department churned out a media onslaught describing President Assad as a "brutal dictator" who "tortured his own people" and "used chemical weapons against civilians" etc., etc., etc. This fomented what would become the now 5 year old Syrian "Civil War."


Each country through which such a pipeline runs, charges a fee to the pipeline owner based upon the amount of gas run through the pipeline and the distance of that pipeline through each country. But Syria saw the pipeline as damaging to their ally, Russia. Moreover, at the same time as Qatar was planning a pipeline to Europe, Iran was planning one of its own, also to run through Syria.

In order to understand the geopolitics involved, it is important at this point to note that Russia provides the overwhelming majority of natural gas to Europe. This gives Russia a degree of power over Europe; which neither the Europeans nor previous US Administrations felt comfortable about.

The Qatar pipeline would lessen or eliminate Europe's dependence upon Russian gas which, from a geopolitical power perspective, would allow Europe and the US to better "control" Russia's power abroad.

At the time, Iran was still under UN Sanctions over its alleged nuclear program and pretty much the entire western world did not want Iran to suddenly be earning billions from supplying gas to Europe. Here's how the Iranian Pipeline was to be built:

Under the Qatar plan, the pipeline would have traveled through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. The Iranian pipeline would travel through Iraq, Syria and a much smaller area of Turkey.

While Turkey is still a secular state, its financial interest in the Qatar pipeline stemmed from the distance that pipeline would travel through Turkey; much longer than the proposed Iranian pipeline. the longer distance of the Qatar pipeline means more money for Turkey. But interests other than money were also at stake. Qatar is Sunni Muslim. Iran is Shi'ite Muslim. Sunni and Shi'ite do not seem to get along . . . at all.

This religious component caused other nations to get involved in what would become the Syrian conflict. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey joined together to support the overthrow of the Syrian government because those countries are mostly Sunni Muslim like Qatar. They all have an interest in curtailing the growth and influence of Iran and its Shi'ite belief system.

So it was in the interest of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey to make certain the Qatar Pipeline was built and the Iranian pipeline was not.

For Syria, it made no difference. Either pipeline would result in about the same amount of revenue for that country. But Syria was in the way of the Qatar pipeline and that just wasn't going to be allowed by the Sunnis regimes in the Middle East or the US.

As the Syrian conflict grew, it became clear just how much Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey were involved. Rebel camps which were uncovered in various battles, contained food, clothing, weapons and ammunition all found to have originated in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey! Late in the conflict (just this year) weapons and ammunition from the United States were also found in rebel camps.

Battling proxy armies from all these countries did not go well for Syria. As it became clear the Syrian government would fall, President Bashar Assad reached out to his ally, Russia, for military assistance. He got it.

Russia came into battle with two goals:

1) Stop the rebel overthrow of its ally, the Syrian government, AND;

2) Stop terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaida, which had entered the fray.

But there was a problem: Determining who was a "rebel" and who was a "terrorist" was not an easy task. So Russia turned to the United States and asked the US to identify who was who. The US failed to do so, in part because the US did not want Russia attacking the rebels being backed by the US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan et al, and, unfortunately, because there are no clear lines between who is a "rebel" and who is a "terrorist."

After delaying and delaying, then obstructing and obstructing by the US over this issue, the Russians ultimately told the US to either crap or get off the pot. The US was told to identify who was who, or Russia would simply go after all the people it felt were attacking the Syrian government. At that point, the US cut cooperation with Russia!

In the interim, the US began churning out anti-Russian propaganda. Even the campaign of Hillary Clinton was in on it, demonizing Russia for allegedly interfering in the election, and openly promising to "confront Russia" if Clinton was elected.

While all this was going on, the US and its NATO allies, began moving tanks, troops and missile systems to the Russian Border with Europe. Through media outlets, the US and NATO began claiming that Russia had once again become "aggressive" and a push to demonize the Russian Federation began churning out all sorts of rhetoric.

The decision by the Obama administration to cut cooperation with Russia in Syria, just two months or so ago, meant the US was defacto "protecting" the terrorists in ISIS and al-Qaida. The decision by the US and NATO to begin moving troops, tanks and missile systems to the Russian border with Europe made it clear to the Russians that the stage was being set for actual war between the US/NATO and Russia. All this over a pipeline and the desire to "control" Russia.

Seeing what was being done in Syria, what was still ongoing in Ukraine, and the troops tanks and missile systems being placed on its border by the US and NATO, Russia knew that __it__ was in the cross-hairs. So on October 18, the Kremlin publicly made clear that if war broke out in Syria it would not simply be war in Syria; "it would be war everywhere."

The American and European people were kept in the dark over these developments by the western mass-media. But thanks to the Internet and alternative news sites like SuperStation95, reporting was getting out about what was taking place and these reports began to awaken the American people.

Emigrate While You Still Can . . . Learn More Here


What the US and NATO did in Ukraine was another disaster. Ukraine is a former satellite of the now defunct Soviet Union. Ukraine was not a member of NATO. This lack of membership was, in part, due to a commitment made by former Secretary of state James Baker.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and dissolved itself, the Russians were very concerned that their vulnerability might be exploited. So they asked for an assurance that, since they were no longer a threat to Europe, that NATO agree not to expand itself? Secretary of State Baker told Russia that NATO "will not move one inch eastward."
One of the biggest sources of tension between the United States and Russia today is the enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to countries that were either Moscow’s allies in the Warsaw Pact or part of the Soviet Union itself. During the Cold War, Leningrad was roughly twelve hundred miles away from the edge of NATO; now (as St. Petersburg) it is less than a hundred, thanks to the membership (in NATO) of Estonia.

Present-day Russian officials insist that the United States, by enabling and supporting this expansion, has broken promises made during the era of the George H. W. Bush presidency and German unification, when the Soviet Union came to an end.

Ron Asmus, a Clinton State Department official who helped to enlarge NATO, remembers being continually confronted by these claims; Moscow firmly believed that it had “received assurances from the United States, France,and the United Kingdom that NATO enlargement would go no further than eastern Germany.” This view has become conventional popular wisdom. In The New York Review of Books, security analyst George Friedman argued that the Russian invasion of Georgia in the summer of 2008 was a reaction to the fact that “George H.W. Bush . . . had promised the Russians that NATO would not expand into the former Soviet empire.”Russian leader Vladimir Putin was trying to push back and reestablish a sphere of influence, he argued. Similarly, Bill Keller told readers of The New York Times that the invasion was Putin’s “existential payback” because the United States had “charm[ed] away his neighbors.”

For their part, U.S.foreign policy officials from both the first and second Bush eras as well as the Clinton administration have consistently denied that any such agreement existed. Both Republican and Democratic administrations maintain that what was said in 1990 was a speculative part of the negotiations surrounding German unification and had no significance for the rest of Europe after that deal was done. Scholars have supported this interpretation; Mark Kramer has written of the myth of guarantees against NATO expansion.

Russians disagree and, as a result, contradictory memories about the end of the Cold War remain a source of tension and controversy in today’s geopolitics. In particular, this tension arises from differing interpretations of four fateful bilateral meetings in February 1990: one in Washington, two in Moscow, and one in Camp David. As will be described below, these talks involved (in various combinations) President Bush, Secretary of State James A. Baker III, West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, West German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, along with Gorbachev’s foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze and top aide Anatoly Chernyaev. When NATO expansion became a reality in the 1990s, Russian negotiators would repeatedly cite these meetings, most notably the Baker-Gorbachev conversation of February 9, 1990, in order to claim —as Asmus put it—“that they had received a US pledge not to enlarge NATO to Central and Eastern Europe.”

Regardless of who is correct, there is no denying that NATO undertook a very aggressive enlargement and now virtually surrounds Russia. Take a look:

Russia's position is simple: Since the big bad Soviet Union is no more, and Russia isn't about to attack anyone, why is NATO surrounding us?

Moreover, recently, NATO installed "missile defense" systems in Poland, Romania and Turkey, which can not only shoot down Russian Nuclear missiles to prevent Russia from defending itself if the west attacks first, but can also be fitted with nuclear warheads to attack Russia first -- and do so within about FOUR MINUTES!

Take a look at where the US and NATO positioned these missiles and pay particular attention to Poland, Romania and Turkey:

The Russians are rightly worried that they are being set up for conquest by an aggressive west and they made very clear these actions by NATO would soon reach a point where Russia was FORCED to attack simply to assure its own survival.

President Vladimir Putin went so far as to invite western Journalists into a very candid and up-front press conference where he laid out what Russia was facing and how the actions of the US and NATO were leading the world toward nuclear war! Here is a brief video of that Press conference, held in St. Petersburg in 2016 (12 minutes) with sub-titles to translate the Russian language into English. Listen to how close the Obama regime has brought us all to nuclear war:

The Russia leader makes clear that his country "is in grave danger." And the danger is real as evidenced by what took place in neighboring Ukraine.

In the 2010 Ukranian presidential election, Victor Yanukovych became Ukrainian President after the Central Election Commission and international observers declared that the presidential election was conducted fairly. Ukraine had been a former Soviet Satellite state, and in 2010, the European Union (EU) and the US began overtures to bring Ukraine into the sphere of influence of the EU and NATO.

Negotiations began about trade, travel, tourism, security, defense and a whole host of other issues. These negotiations went on for almost five years and were set to culminate in the signing of an agreement between Ukraine and the EU in Lithuania during the last week of November 2013.

Ukraine suddenly cancelled that signing ceremony, announcing it was re-opening discussions with Russia about remaining within Russia's sphere of influence. This did not sit well with either the EU or the US.

About three weeks later, Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, gave a speech in which she admitted the US had spent over $5 Billion in Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union. Here's video of the short speech wherein Nuland admits the US spent $5 Billion in Ukraine only to have all that effort fall apart two weeks prior.

$5 Billion is a lot of money for the US to lose by having Ukraine cancel the signing of the agreement. Sooooooo . . .

About 3 weeks after Nuland's speech, in January 2014 to be precise, "protests" suddenly began erupting in the Ukraine capital of Kiev; protests against President Yanukovich and the cancellation of the EU agreement.

Editor's Note: Do you see the pattern here? In Syria in 2011, an agreement for a pipeline gets denied and all of a sudden "protests" erupt in that country destabilizing it into Civil War. Two years later in Ukraine in 2013, same thing: an agreement with the EU and US gets cancelled and all of a sudden "Protests" erupt to destabilize THAT government which ultimately overthrew its President. See the pattern? These "protests" are a weapon used by the US and the EU to get what they want. Now, fast-forward to 2016 and the US Presidential Election. Trump won . . . . and all of a sudden, "protests" are erupting. The same players on the world stage are doing the same thing to the USA that they've done in so many other places! The ongoing "protests" here in the US are specifically designed to destabilize the incoming Trump Administration and, make no mistake, if Trump doesn't do what these people want, they fully intend to use the ongoing "protests" to ignite an actual Civil War inside the USA. That is what's at stake!

The protests in Kiev, Ukraine grew fast and they grew violent. People were shooting and killing each other in Kiev. Buildings were being burned to the ground with government officials and civilians inside - they burned to death.

By February 2014 "Euromaidan" protest clashes in Kiev's Independence Square had gotten so brutal that they resulted in more than 100 deaths, occurring mostly between 18 and 20 February 2014.

Seeing his country being ripped apart, and fearing for his life, the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich, had to flee the country.

He was successfully overthrown by civil unrest and protests. And why? He backed out of an agreement with the EU and US. He did something that "the-powers-that-be (TPTB)" didn't like.

As an interesting side note, during these protests, Ukrainian Internal Security tapped phone lines and intercepted a conversation between Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, Apparently, these two mo-mo's did NOT use a secure telephone line when they had this conversation; that's how inept the Obama administration and its minions have been!

During the conversation, Nuland and Pyatt are talking about who the US wants to be in the Ukraine government when it falls! Pyatt mentions the concerns of the EU and Nuland replies "Fuck the EU." The phone call was recorded and the recording was "leaked" to the public so everyone could hear for themselves what was actually going on. The BBC in London has the recording and offers a transcript HERE.

Do you realize what it means when Nuland says "Fuck the EU? It means the protests in Ukraine were not being done by the EU, they were being done by the US. It was America overthrowing a democratically-elected government of another country!

This is what the Obama regime has been up to. And this is what Hillary Clinton would have continued. The mass-media in the US and Europe knows this. They have known it for almost a year, but they concealed it from the public. Because after all, the mass-media is liberal and they couldn't very well expose the fact that Barack Obama was overthrowing democratically-elected governments in other countries because . . . well . . . he's America's first BLACK president.

Exposing him would harm the liberal agenda, especially their plans to install America's first WOMAN president! If they were to reveal that America's first liberal Black President was using his community organizer background to overthrow duly elected governments, well, that might just harm the liberal cause of electing America's first WOMAN president. So they kept quiet. Because to liberals, innocent people being killed is simply collateral damage to achieving their social utopia. That's how liberals operate. They are sociopaths who do not care if innocent people get killed and entire societies are uprooted, as long as it advances their agenda. These people are dangerous and right now, they're setting their sights on doing something similar in the US.

Think about what you've read here. America breached its promise to Russia not to expand eastward. America started the civil war in Syria over a pipeline. America overthrew the government of Ukraine over an agreement. America put missiles in Poland, Romania and Turkey aimed at Russia. We did this. The US. With NATO. And we did it after telling the Russians in 1990 that we wouldn't.

Under the Obama administration, we have overtly LIED to Russia about our intentions, and they know we LIED. So in the video above, when Vladimir Putin says he believes Russia is in grave danger . . . he's has just cause to believe that!

This is what President-Elect Trump is walking into. A mess. Created by war-mongering fools with wet dreams of some glorious conquest of . . . . anyone they choose to . . . even Russia, so as to control the world.

The policies the US embarked upon with its NATO allies has been nothing less than psychotic. And with the recent election, this insanity has to be undone.

Step-by-step, it can be undone. With actions, not words. With an acknowledgment of reality, not some psychotic delusion of a manufactured reality.

And so, today, SuperStation95 is able to report that the incoming Trump administration will not support the forcible overthrow of a democratically elected government and that US-backed rebels in Syria should go home. It seems like a good first step.

But the "protests" that are ongoing here in the US show that TPTB are not going to go quietly. Americans need to be aware that these "protests" are not spontaneous eruptions of anger or opposition to the results of the election. They are paid-for theatrics by the same people who started the Syrian Civil war. Protesters against rump are being bused-in! The same people who overthrew the Ukrainian government.

These people refuse to sit back and allow Trump to undue their plans for global domination. They plan to use protests in the US to destabilize Trump. They plan to get the US/NATO to fight Russia, and to kill each other. Which will leave these folks in charge of everything.

The next time you read an article in Forbes Magazine or in London Newspapers about the super rich buying bunkers to survive a calamity, (even bunkers with golf Courses) bear in mind that it is those same people who are planning the calamity. Not for themselves. For us. So they can control everything. They finally get their utopia. And they don't care one wit if a couple billion of us little people have to be killed to achieve it.

Rebels in Syria, go home. Your US backing will end on January 20.

A Warning
Liberal Elites who are planning to use protests to do to Trump and to the US what you've done in Syria and Ukraine: We know who you are. We know where you live. Stop now or you will be stopped. Your bunkers won't help you.

You should have taken the hint when we stopped you by stopping Hillary Clinton. But now, you are not stopping. You're doing the whole phony protest thing. So here's a reminder: We stopped her via a voting booth. You are not running for election. The method we use to stop you will not be a fucking voting booth.


Trump's and Putin's conversation yesterday aligned this action taken against ISIS..... ! 

See LINK for images and


Post by Newsroom
- Nov 15, 2016
- 0





Russia has launched a fierce bombardment on rebel-held areas of eastern Aleppo after several weeks of relative calm, as it announced that its aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov would anchor a major operation in Syria.
People inside the city reported a heavy pace of attacks, and rights groups confirmed at least three people had died within a few hours.
“Regime aircraft launched strikes and dropped barrel bombs on a number of neighborhoods in the east of Aleppo for the first time since 18 October,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Residents of besieged neighborhoods shared videos of bombs falling on the city. Bombing raids on countryside around Aleppo targeted three hospitals on Monday, and began again on Tuesday before the city itself was hit, they said.
The attacks on Aleppo came just hours after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, discussed Syria with the US president-elect, Donald Trump. They agreed on the need to combine their fights in the battle against “international terrorism and extremism”, Putin’s office said in a statement.
The Russian defenSe minister, Sergei Shoigu, said Russia had launched new missile strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria, using missiles and jets flying from the Admiral Kuznetsov, which made a much-publicised trip from Russia to Syria last month.
He did not mention Aleppo, where Russian bombing has been particularly controversial. Isis have virtually no presence there and both the extreme suffering of trapped civilians and the power of munitions launched against them have prompted international outcry.
Aleppo was once Syria’s largest city, its cultural and commercial hub, but whole districts have been virtually abandoned over years of intense street fighting, and many parts of the east have been bombed into rubble. It is also being starved by a slowly tightening siege, broken only briefly in the summer.
A semblance of normal life continues in the city’s west. Regaining full control would be a huge boost for forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, for its symbolic value and because it is the only major urban area still controlled by the opposition.
Assad’s forces, backed by Iranian and other Shia militias and Russian air power, are battling mostly Sunni rebels, who get some backing from Turkey, the US and Gulf states.
Syrian state television said the air force had carried out strikes against what it called terrorist strongholds and supply depots in Aleppo.
Bana Alabed, seven, whose mother tweets daily updates of life under occupation, said she had counted at least 20 bombs landing on the city, just a couple of hours into the attack.

“Our houses are shaking from the pressure. Planes are soaring above us and the bombardment is around us,” said Modar Shekho, a resident of eastern Aleppo.
Activist Baraa al-Halaby, who is based in eastern Aleppo, said via text messages that war planes were firing missiles and helicopters were dropping barrel bombs. “People are scared. The bombardment is intense.”
The Syrian army and its allies managed to besiege eastern Aleppo this summer and launched a major offensive backed by a heavy bombardment in September, but in recent weeks Moscow has said it was observing a pause in airstrikes.
Ibrahim Abu al-Laith, a civil defence official in the city, said on Tuesday: “It’s all airstrikes and parachute bombs. Today, the bombing is violent … There hasn’t been this kind of attack in more than 15 days.”
This new offensive by Russia comes one day after Russian President Vladimir Putin has a lengthy telephone call with US President-Elect Donald Trump and both men agreed to work together to destroy Terrorists as reported by us  HERE.
It also comes just hours after SuperStation95 reported EXCLUSIVELY that "U.S.-backed Rebels in Syria will NOT be backed by a Trump Administration - they should go home now"  available HERE.





"Today at 10:30 and 11:00 we launched a large-scale operation against the positions of Islamic State and Al-Nusra [terrorist groups] in the provinces of Idlib and Homs

The "Admiral Grigorovich [frigate] takes part in the operation. Today, it launched Kalibr cruise missiles on [terrorist] targets that had been confirmed by intelligence data and determined in advance,

Sukhoi Su-33 fighter jets have been launched from the deck of the carrier"

Russian Defense Ministry Video