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Meanwhile, Donald the Trump
made an epic game-changing journey to Poland yesterday
and no one even noticed. 

(I can't even locate suitable video or images yet.
Pic below is from his twitter page)

As told in his own words:

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 19h19 hours ago

A strong Poland is a blessing to the nations of Europe, and a strong Europe is a blessing to the West, and to the world. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 8h8 hours ago

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 9h
My experience yesterday in Poland was a great one. Thank you to everyone, including the haters, for the great reviews of the speech!

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 8h8 hours ago

After Poland had a great meeting with Chancellor Merkel and then with PM Shinzō Abe of Japan & President Moon of South Korea.
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Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 8h8 hours ago

Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 8h8 hours ago

I look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with Vladimir Putin. Much to discuss.
#G20Summit #USA🇺🇸

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 8h8 hours ago

I will represent our country well and fight for its interests! Fake News Media will never cover me accurately but who cares! We will #MAGA!
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(This horrible story is telling itself.)

Muslim DNC Delegate Calls for Jihad Against Trump and She Hasn’t Been Arrested

sarsour 33

Anyone who calls for violence against the President is subject to arrest and imprisonment. After making such a threat, Linda Sarsour should be sitting in a prison cell.

Linda Sarsour, just gave a speech in which she attempted to come off as the great Martin Luther King. Instead, when one analyzes the content of her speech, she sounded more like Stalin. Here is an example of what she said:

“…here in these United States of America where we have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House. When I wake up every morning and remember who is sitting in the White House, I am outraged.”

This is Sarsour’s right to make the above statements. The statement is baseless, but under the 1st Amendment, she is allowed to say what she said. However, Sarsour does not have the right to say the following:

“I hope that we when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of Jihad.”

This statement was made in irect reference to President Trump. A Jihad is a war and she later went on to direct this at the present administration. This is illegal as it constituted a clear threat against the President of the United States. In the same speech she later threatened a collective jihad against the government. This is also not allowed under our laws.

Time Magazine immediately went into damage control mode by saying that she was not calling for violence against the President. The word jihad” is a violent word which calls for violent action. Even some of the Mainstream Media expressed shock over Sarsour’s jihad comments.

Fox News was critical of Sarsour’s jihad comments:

Controversial activist Linda Sarsour is calling for a “jihad” against President Donald Trump and his administration.

Addressing the Annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention this past weekend, Sarsour attacked the Trump administration and called on the Muslim community to unite against the White House.”

Here the entire speech offered by Sarsour at the 54th Annual Convention of ISNA. The fireworks begin at the 7:15 mark.

It should be noted that Sarsour was also the organizer of the pro-women’s march against Trump on Inauguration Day. The hypocrisy of Sarsour is notable as she violated her own spiritual precepts by banning all pro-life women from participating in the the march.

Sarsour is intelligent, well-spoken and obviously and obviously very well versed in Marxian ideology as she is attempting to create a victim’s mentality in anyone who is not White in order to forma revolutionary coalition to unseat the existing Constitutional structure of our government. This is a jihad against the American culture. The move towards a racially motivated civil war gets a big boost from people like Sarsour. It should also be noted that in this speech, she demanded that Muslims not assimilate into the American culture. Why? Because her kind of followers want to conquer America through a stealth jihad. This means that the concern that many Americans have is that the intent of Sarsour and her followers is to supplant the US Constituent with Sharia law. And when that day happens Christians and non-Muslim believers better go into hiding.

It is also noteworthy that Sarsour was a voting DNC delegate. Meet the new Democratic party in all of its bigotry, violence and intolerance.
Treason In Our Midst

Was anyone else bothered by the fact the large body count of Democratic Congressmen who did not attend the Inauguration. These unpatriotic Congressmen were led by the very radicalized John Lewis. Lewis belongs to the Progressive Caucus which a clear front organization for the Communist Party as are the other disloyal Congressmen.

At minimum, I am concerned because these Congressmen demonstrated that they will not work with this President. This is troublesome because the Congress and the President must work together for the good of the country.

At maximum, I am concerned about this development because questions about these Congressmen are being asked by my audience with regard to their real motivation. Many of my readers and viewers are questioning if these Congressmen want to simply be “out of the blast zone” for what is coming. In other words they are positioning themselves to survive the coup that is coming.

New Zealand Journalist, Trevor Loudon, documents, through his new documentary entitled The Enemies Within) how the Communist Party of the USA itself has adopted a stealth plan to achieve revolutionary goals by decisions made in the 1970s to infiltrate and manipulate the Democratic Party. Loudon’s newest work documents how Lewis is a member of several front organizations with strong ties to the Community Party.

“The Communist and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration plan is to form alliances with the radical elements in organized labor in conjunction with radicals in the African-American community and the feminist movement to establish a progressive coalition on the left that could dominate the national political agenda for decades to come.” John Lewis is a member of the Progressive Caucus which is a front group for the Communist Party. Lewis is not alone, but his actions and allegiances speak to his lack of commitment to the Republic and most importantly, the Constitution of The United States.
With these associations and his continual efforts in dividing the country, this Congressman should resign. Our country has reached its saturation point with treason from its public officials. Lewis has lost all credibility. Former Congressman, Alan West, has identified 80 of these Congressman as belonging to front groups for either the Communist party or the Muslim Brotherhood, or both. Tervor Louden came to the same conclusion and they are Democrats.

How successful are they? Take a look at the following developments along these lines.
Preferential Treatment for Muslim Brotherhood Federal Employees
First, please allow me to say that the Muslim Brotherhood, not Muslims in general, constitute the biggest terrorist organization in the world. One can be a Muslim and be a productive American and not be accurately tagged as a terrorist. However, one cannot be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and not be a terrorist. Do you know the history of the Muslim Brotherhood? They owe their origin to the Nazis as they were created as a fifth column force to disrupt the allies in North Africa in the early days of WW II.

Trump is facing overwhelming odds with regard to reforming government. One anonymous State Department official contacted me to tell me that he had been called in by his supervisor and warned against promoting the virtues of Donald Trump’s victory. We already know about what is happening to State Department employee Monika Wesolowski at the State Department who is being persecuted for displaying Trumps photo on her desk after the election. However, there was an individual in the same department who was circulating a petition on behalf of Allah’s interest to force a recount of the vote which elected Trump and nothing was said to this person of Middle Eastern background with Muslim Brotherhood sympathies.

The readers need to realize how this stealth invasion has permeated nearly every aspect of American life.
Even the college your children attend, have fallen prey to this stealth takeover.
The Muslim Brotherhood, LONG AGO, Declared a Jihad Upon American Society
“In May 1991, The Muslim Brotherhood produced an “Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America.” This document was written by Mohamed Akram Adlouni, a member not only of MB’s governing Shura Council, but also of its Planning Committee, its “Special Committee,” its Curriculum Committee, its Palestine Committee (which provided “media, money and men” to Hamas), and its QZT Committee (a high-level entity identified only by its initials).

Asserting that the Brotherhood’s mission was to establish “an effective and … stable Islamic Movement” (EDITOR’S NOTE: THIS WOULD BE THE MODERN DAY ISIS) on the continent, this document outlined a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” for achieving that objective. It stated that Muslims “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.” Through stealth jihad, the Brotherhood would seek to impose Islamic values and customs on the West in piecemeal fashion — gradually, incrementally gaining ever-greater influence over the culture. The memorandum listed some 29 like-minded “organizations of our friends” which sought to realize the same goal”.

There is more to this travesty as it has been revealed that “At a 1995 conference (hosted by the Muslim Arab Youth Association) in Toledo, Ohio, MB spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi vowed that Islam would “conquer Europe [and] America — not through sword but through Da’wa [proselytizing].” He also urged Muslims to “continue to fight the Jews” and “kill them.” I ask you, has Europe been taken over? ACCORDING TO THIS DOCUMENT THE UNITED STATES IS NEXT!


The Muslim Brotherhood Invasion of the Obama White House   ( Edit: Max -not to mention Huma Abadin and the pakistani Awan brothers, to name a few more)
Is any interpretation needed to see where this is headed?

This makes one wonder if CNN has threatened the creator of this meme?

The political penetration of our government, in secure areas, is concerning because it is so numerous. The concern is not that they are Musiim, but they are loyal to Sarsour’s notion of a jihad against our leaders and our way of life.

Since every word in this article is verified and true, I have to ask, is this a case of misguided Islamophobia or is the is a case of a major national security concern like what France, Germany, Italy and Sweden are going through? How many radical Middle Easterners, like Sarsour, can America take on unti lwe become a radicalized North American version of Iran?

And once again, two threads have merged  (New Era: Christian or Islamic) on the great freeway. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Meme War

Paul Joseph Watson Retweeted
/pol/ News Forever‏ @polnewsforever 5h5 hours ago

Unconfirmed: The person who originally made the Trump-WWE meme appears to be an Anon from Mexico.
CNN literally can't do anything correctly.

Paul Joseph Watson Retweeted
Dave Rubin‏Verified account @rubinreport 4h4 hours ago

The Internet and Twitter especially can often be a toxic nightmare. Watching the people stand up to the machine today is a thing of beauty.
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Paul Joseph Watson Retweeted
Josh Caplan‏ @joshdcaplan 4h4 hours ago

BREAKING: @cnn faints and is chucked into van like a side of beef after threatening to dox redditor over meme!


Paul Joseph Watson‏Verified account @prisonplanet 3h3 hours ago

If BuzzFeed is correct, it appears CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski outed the wrong guy. … #CNNBlackmail

Paul Joseph Watson Retweeted
Alex Jones‏Verified account @realalexjones 4h4 hours ago

The Meme War begins -- farewell CNN

Report -->
#infowars #CNNBlackmail #CNNisFAKENEWS


Meme War

PresidentTrump Retweeted
quinn54‏ @quinn54 2h2 hours ago
Replying to @richardtburnett

Kicked ass an taken names. you go dog💪



Could it get any worse for CNN?

Brief recap: In June CNN was forced to change headlines and a story that was completely false, then forced to retract another fake news article, delete all links to it and apologize while forcing three employees to resign over it, on top of project Veritas capturing CNN employees admitting the whole Russia narrative they have been pumping for the past six months was "bullsh*t" and a "nothingburger."

Could it get any worse for CNN? Glad you asked, it just did.

After months of attacking President Trump, his family and his supporters, the president struck back with an amusing GIF where footage from WrestleMania 23 in 2007 where Trump went up against WWE CEO Vince McMahon during a "Battle of the Billionaires" match, has been retouched to show the President body-slamming a figure with the letters "CNN" superimposed over the person's head.

With the typical snowflake, social justice warrior mentality, CNN and the rest of the establishment media went into full victimhood mode, claiming the GIF of Trump body-slamming a logo, was somehow an incitement to violence against all media.


Definition for Dox: search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

CNN, not knowing when to quit when their journalistic malpractice was finally out of the spotlight, decided to shoot themselves in the head by "tracking down" a Reddit user who claimed he originally created the much talked about and shared GIF the president tweeted, then publishing an article saying the original Reddit user had apologized so they would not be publishing his name unless of course the user decided to go back to his "ugly behavior on social media," in where "CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change."

Instantly the Twitter #1 trending hashtag was created #CNNBlackmail, where even progressive liberal writers like the senior reporter for Vox, German Lopez, states "I can't emphasize how bad this is on CNN's part. This is basically "don't post stuff we don't like or we'll dox you." Extremely unethical."

Headlines now are calling CNN "Thug Journalism," and others calling them the Media Mafia, while CNN, for the fourth time in so many weeks, is now back into complete damage control mode, with CNN KFile's Andrew Kaczynski is denying the passage quoted above was a "threat."

To highlight how much damage control spin CNN is attempting right now, before the backlash for threatening to dox the Reddit user them, Kaczynski claimed the "apology came after CNN identified" the Reddit user that created the original GIF meme, but after #CNNBlackmail started trending, the same CNN employees then tweeted the Reddit user "posted his apology before we ever spoke to him," captured in the screen shots being shared at the hashtag, just in case Kacynski decides to delete the original statement.

Evidently, CNN "was able to determine key biographical details, to find the man's name using a Facebook search and ultimately corroborate details he had made available on Reddit," according to their article on the topic, then reached out to the man in typical mafia style (we know who you are!), in fear for his personal safety as Breitbart reports, the user asked CNN not to name him, issued an apology on Reddit, which was deleted shortly thereafter, then CNN published the story saying they would not reveal the man's identity, but they reserve the right to if the man repeats his "ugly behavior on social media" again. ( link to the original CNN article)

They claim that is not a threat?

Well how about the now-deleted CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo follow up tweet, which said "Should CNN reveal name of Reddit user who made trump wrestling video? Had a lot of bigoted and hateful material on page and website." As National Review points out, that sounds a lot like "Nice life you’ve got there, fella, shame if something happened to it," which may be why Cuomo deleted it fast, but not before it was captured:


If CNN thought they were having problems before with the lies, the retractions, the forced resignations and the undercover videos from Project Veritas (another one of those is due out later), this latest decision to "track down" an Internet user for no other reason than they created an Internet GIF meme that CNN did not like, has not only brought about massive and instant backlash against the news outlet, but users of 4chan, have now declared war against CNN.

4chan is has been dubbed "weaponized autism" users, an expression referring to the impressive capabilities of socially awkward, tech-savvy internet users, typically associated with those who frequent imageboards like 4chan and 8chan, and some of their recent antics included the unmasking of the Antifa professor that assaulted Trump supporters with a U-lock bike lock, leading to the arrest of California professor Eric Clanton, and the hunt for the Shia Labeouf flag, where using stars, sounds, map locations, they trolled him across the world in order to disrupt his planned 4-year Trump protest, resulting in the end of the protest.

At the time of the war 4chan declared on Labeouf, a site called Probible offered a warning that CNN would have been smart to have taken heed of when they said "Never p*ss off 4chan users. Never, ever, never, ever."

4chan, while being no fans of Reddit, are now taking this CNN threat to dox the Reddit user, as a threat against the Internet community as a whole, for using the constitutional right of free speech simply because CNN took issue with a retouched, amusing GIF that the president then tweeted out.

They have begun "Operation: Autism Storm" in where they are calling for users to "unite" saying this is an "attack on the internet way of life as a whole," while calling for a "FULL SCALE MEME WAR," while publishing a list of CNN advertisers with instructions to "e-mail bomb their advertisers and threaten to stop purchasing their products because we don't want to buy from a company that endorses blackmail, harassment, and lying to the public."

A quick visit to one of the archived threads over at 4chan, shows other comments such as "CNN underestimates the power of neets and their infinite amount of time to make their lives miserable," along with one user providing a full list of CNN advertisers, with another suggesting compiling a full list of email addresses to add to the list of advertisers, while others take it a bit too far and suggest that CNN employees get dox'd themselves, including families, which in this writers opinion, crosses a line. Family members should never be a target.

The whole thread can be read here - WARNING- Offensive language and content.

Note - The meme war portion of thier list has already begun as multiple " memes" are already going viral across social media, including ISIS-style images with the CNN logo in place of the ISIS beheaders head, he CNN logo on the shied of a law enforcement official while he stomps on a persons head, CNN logo on a man holding a gun and a woman hostage... and many, many more.


Another interesting issue was raised by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who tweets "CNN just committed a crime violating § 135.60 of the New York criminal code "coercion," then links to "New York Consolidated Laws, Penal Law - PEN § 135.60 Coercion in the second degree," with a copy of the relevant statue:

Gateway Pundit takes it a step further and highlights federal law CNN may have violated with their threat: 18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights, which states "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same..."

Personally I think any individual taking on a multi-million dollar organization such as Time Warner which is the parent company of CNN, is bound to lose simply because of the money it would take for a protected legal battle Time Warner could afford but it is doubtful the Reddit user could, but those are interesting statutes to read through in conjunction with the specific wording in the CNN article.


CNN has an uncanny ability to take a very bad situation for themselves and make it worse. In typical "crybully" fashion they attack, attack and attack some more, then when they are hit back, they scream and whine that are being victimized, but in going after an Internet user that did nothing more than created a GIF internet meme, then implicitly threatening the user using terminology like "ugly behavior on social media," which is part of that users right to free speech, they have now united political enemies and internet enemies into declaring a full-fledged war against CNN.

This is not going to turn out well for them, especially with talk of AT&T already planning to "neutralize" CNN president Jeff Zucker if they buy out Time Warner.


This is by JS 
(entries posted in chronological order)

CNN's official statement: "CNN is not publishing "HanA**holeSolo's" name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

My comment: It is deeply disturbing to see CNN act in such a way, doing so is blackmail. It is absolutely shocking that no one has shut that subversive treasonous outpost down. You can't call them news. They are a communist outpost. SEE THE FOLLOWING:

THIS IS NOT A JOKE, THEY WERE THAT NASTY. I always thought the video was trivial and silly. Good for a laugh and that's all. This just shows how thin skinned liberals are, they cannot handle any sort of ridicule any better than Kim Jong - they just showed the Kim Jong commie mindset with aplomb. Birds of a feather . . . .

So the video got very hard to find. All the originals were wiped. But I kept reloading, and sure enough people were trying to put it back on Youtube. So I landed one and made a gif. Now people can E-mail it easily and embed it as a meme.

Obviously CNN did not mention how they got the kid to apologize but that is what happened. CNN needs to be shut down. It is awful pathetic when CNN can't handle an innocent video after they have hosted many people who openly stated they wanted Trump dead. PATHETIC!!!

Oh, but we are supposed to understand and be sympathetic, because they are liberal and care so much!


4chan posters have declared war on CNN for threatening the life of the Trump body slam video poster
I'd take this seriously. CNN has irrevocably proved itself to be a cancer that needs to be excised, and this action is well justified:
"Sirs and madams,

Herein contained in this post is /pol/'s formal declaration of war against CNN. Your news agency has for years produced propaganda designed to brainwash the public at large into your sick worldview, and has non-stop endlessly harassed the good men and women of our website and in the right-wing at large. Your latest threat to dox an individual for creating a harmless meme is just another example of your malignant nature and the urgent need to shut your organization down for good.

That is why the ascendant nation of /pol/ has unanimously agreed that all of our resources will be put to the goal of ending your reign of terror. Do not take this lightly. We have the best cyber hackers in the world. We have access to memes that will forever damage the psyche of your company and its employees. We could bring you to heel with zero casualties if we so wanted. As such, we are offering you a chance to surrender now by our terms.

-Total surrender/ dismantlement of CNN and its sister companies and investigative organs
-Criminal prosecution by an impartial tribunal to accordingly sentence everyone involved in CNN and its crimes
-Immediate retraction of all hit pieces and false stories against the President of the United States along with an apology
-Cede all of CNN's current economic and fiduciary assets to a private fund organized by representatives of /pol/ to be used for the development of new, alternative media organizations which will replace CNN
-Well-written apology to the person CNN threatened to dox
You have one week from the time of this posting. Our people will make certain that you see this message. Remember, we are anonymous. We do not forgive and we do not forget.

We're waiting.

The original post has been moved from 4chan to 4plebs and can be seen HERE

CNN probably will be destroyed. They pissed off too many people too deeply this time around.

Many hospitals and public places have their televisions set to CNN. So CNN is impossible to avoid for many . . . . . unless "many" have universal remotes, and flip the TV over to a different news channel when they see CNN somewhere.

NEW RULE: Always carry a universal remote plus that little book that tells you what code to punch into the remote for specific brands, if it is needed. Make sure you flip the TV over to a competing channel so it stays off CNN for as long as possible with no one noticing.
Media Freaks Out: President Trump 'Body-Slams' CNN In Video And The MSM Drops Everything To Focus On A Tweet


If people thought that giving one Tweet from President Trump 28 times more coverage than Congress passing milestone immigration bills, and covering the start of travel ban, then brace yourselves for a record breaking freakout over the President's latest tweet, in where footage from WrestleMania 23 in 2007 where Trump went up against WWE CEO Vince McMahon during a "Battle of the Billionaires" match, has been retouched to show the President body-slamming a figure with the letters "CNN" superimposed over the person's head, with just two hashtags as the only commentary. #FraudNewsCNN #FNN


Within two hours of the appearance of that tweet it had been retweeted 90,563 and had been liked 135,00-plus times and MSM coverage of everything else was interrupted as the media once again, for the second time in days, completely and utterly melts down.

In boxing this is called going in for the KO while your opponent is on the ropes. CNN has been on the ropes since early June when they issues a fake story about former FBI director James Comey's expected testimony, where they had to change their headline after Comey's prepared statement was released, then CNN was further damaged after having to retract yet another fake news story, offer an apology, delete all links to the story as well as removing it from their site, which resulted in three people connected to the story being forced to resign from CNN. Then Project Veritas issued undercover video showing CNN employees admitting the whole "Russia" storyline that CNN was pushing for the past six months was "bullsh*t" and a "nothingburger."

Recent speeches by President Trump have brutally highlighted how much fake news CNN and other outlets have been reporting, as he publicly denounced the media at a Faith Rally saying "The fake media is trying to silence us. But we will not let them. Because the people know the truth. The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House, but I'm president and they're not," Trump continued. "The fact is the press destroyed themselves because they went too far. Instead of being subtle and smart, they used the hatchet and the people saw it right from the beginning."

The media is, of course, unable to acknowledge the not-so-subtle meaning behind the "body-slam" imagery, which is that in the war the media, especially CNN has waged against the President since the day he announced his candidacy, has resulted in Trump body-slamming them to the ground, where their credibility is in shreds as they have consistently reported fake news in an attempt to destroy Trump, with utter disregard for the truth or any type of objectivity.

CNN declares that Trump is encouraging violence against them!!! ABC News claims the president is "advocating violence against media." Poynter managing editor Ben Mullin whines "This isn't funny." CNN commentator Ana Navarro asserts it is "incitement" to violence. NYT says it is "a call for violence against the media.." Wapo says it "appears to promote violence against CNN."

Mother Jones writer David Corn gets the drama queen award of the day with "This is sick. This is disturbing. This is pathological. This is violent. This is reckless. This is authoritarian."

See more reactions at The Daily Caller.


Needless to say, Trump supporters on social media found it hilariously funny, while establishment "political class" is horrified that the president just keeps on tweeting, thowing those "shiny objects" around so the media and the rest can all scream "SHINY" and drop everything else to bitterly complain, cry, whine and clutch their pearls.

While the Republican establishment is busy holding their heads in their hands, squeezing their eyes shut, covering the ears with both hands every time President Trump issues a tweet that retaliates against those that have been bashing him, his family, his wife, his supporters, those of us that think "KEEP ON TWEETING, MR. PRESIDENT" just cackle hysterically with each and every meltdown by the very people that attempted to influence and control the populace during the primaries, that worked against the GOP party during the general election, willing to vote for Hillary Clinton rather than the GOP nominee simply because "they" didn't approve of who "we" chose as the Republican candidate.

Here is a newsflash for all those on the Republican side that bemoan every time Trump tweets something outrageous, YOU are in the minority, as a recent Drudge poll clearly establishes, when the question of "Should president Trump Use Socials", with two options "tweet" or "delete", so far has received 260,239, with 75.04% of the respondents voting for Trump to keep on tweeting, and 24.96% saying stop. (Poll is still running, so numbers may fluctuate) As of writing this, 195,476 Drudge readers want the tweets to continue, compared to 65,000 saying no more.<<<<snip


Independence Day Tweet War

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump Jul 1

Getting rdy to leave for tonight's Celebrate Freedom Concert honoring our GREAT VETERANS w/ so many of my evangelical friends. See you soon!


Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump Jul 1

The FAKE & FRAUDULENT NEWS MEDIA is working hard to convince Republicans and others I should not use social media - but remember, I won....
37,543 replies 26,956 retweets 112,488 likes

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump Jul 1
Replying to @realdonaldtrump

....the 2016 election with interviews, speeches and social media. I had to beat #FakeNews, and did. We will continue to WIN!

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump Jul 1

I am thinking about changing the name #FakeNews CNN to #FraudNewsCNN!

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump Jul 1

My use of social media is not Presidential - it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 2d2 days ago

We will always take care of our GREAT VETERANS. You have shed your blood, poured your love, and bared your soul, in defense of our country.


Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 2d2 days ago

#FraudNewsCNN #FNN 

[Wrestling video]

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 1d1 day ago

The dishonest media will NEVER keep us from accomplishing our objectives on behalf of our GREAT AMERICAN PEOPLE! #AmericaFirst🇺🇸
The FAKE MEDIA is trying to silence us - but we will not let them!



Paul Joseph Watson Retweeted
Not Elizabeth‏ @basedelizabeth Jul 2

When Trump tweets anything...

untitled July 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

: Trump Supporters React to Sharia Law Invasion in Brooklyn, NY

Watch the video at LINK.

BREAKING : Trump Supporters React to Sharia Law Invasion in Brooklyn, NY

Trump supporters are not very pleased as a new video has exposed what liberal mayor Bill De Blasio is allowing in NY.
Apparently, Muslims from India are allowed to take over an entire street meant for DRIVING on to perform Islamic rituals.
Why does this need to take place OUTSIDE and not inside a mosque?
Many Trump supporters think the outdoor public arena is a recruitment / intimidation tactic.
Watch the video:
Here is just some of the feedback:


Sunday, June 18, 2017


A china cupboard by the kitchen door in the old stone house. . 

The bonney Bellekirk.

She spent the weekend sewing the sails for the boat the boys  built. 
Wildthing- Cat on clock, My house.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

" In the middle of the end of a soft coup"

The other day Larry Nichols stopped in on the H&H show on his way to check himself into the hospital.
 He was very ill, and his message was urgent. 

In essence, this is what Larry said. 

We (in the u.s.) are in the middle of the end of a soft coup. 

They were going to activate FEMA - Provisional Continuity of Government (aka complete Martial Law)
 soon after Hilary became president.

This is what Jade Helm and O's exec orders and all the stockpile of bullets and all of that, was/is about.

FEMA Provisional Gov establishes POTUS as fullblown socialist/globalist new world order Dictator/King.

But -- gasp!  shock!  -- Trump became POTUS. 

They dare not --cannot--  put Trump on that throne.  They can't activate FEMA as long as Trump is president.

Therefore the insane measures to get rid of Trump any way they can. 

"We are hanging by a thread, and like it or not, that thread is Donald Trump."

(In Larry Nichol's opinion, Hillary is over, but Obama is still viable.)

The Superstation synopsis sounds quite accurate as to what will happen (martial law FEMA activation)  if/as this oroborus continues to gobble up the internet.  What's to stop it? 

JS says the following piece is Click-bait bullshit. And it may well be. It certainly isn't the truth.   But either way,
it indicates that at least  the narrative is being guided. 

Accidental hero" halts worldwide ransomware attack by registering domain name that turned out to be the kill switch

Date: Saturday, 13-May-2017 11:23:42

Accidental hero' halts ransomware attack and warns: this is not over
Expert who stopped spread of attack by activating software’s ‘kill switch’ says criminals will ‘change the code and start again’
- Cyber-attack hits dozens of countries – live updates
- Massive ransomware cyber-attack hits 74 countries around the world
Nadia Khomami in London and Olivia Solon in San Francisco
Saturday 13 May 2017 10.49 EDT

The “accidental hero” who halted the global spread of an unprecedented ransomware attack by registering a garbled domain name hidden in the malware has warned the attack could be rebooted.

The ransomware used in Friday’s attack wreaked havoc on organisations including FedEx and Telefónica, as well as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), where operations were cancelled, X-rays, test results and patient records became unavailable and phones did not work.

But the spread of the attack was brought to a sudden halt when one UK cybersecurity researcher tweeting as @malwaretechblog, with the help of Darien Huss from security firm Proofpoint, found and inadvertently activated a “kill switch” in the malicious software.

Live Cyber-attack: May says 'no evidence' NHS patient records compromised – live
British prime minister thanks NHS staff for working overnight after attack of ‘unprecedented’ scale
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The researcher, who identified himself only as MalwareTech, is a 22-year-old from south-west England who lives with his parents and works for Kryptos logic, an LA-based threat intelligence company.

“I was out having lunch with a friend and got back about 3pm and saw an influx of news articles about the NHS and various UK organisations being hit,” he told the Guardian. “I had a bit of a look into that and then I found a sample of the malware behind it, and saw that it was connecting out to a specific domain, which was not registered. So I picked it up not knowing what it did at the time.”

The kill switch was hardcoded into the malware in case the creator wanted to stop it spreading. This involved a very long nonsensical domain name that the malware makes a request to – just as if it was looking up any website – and if the request comes back and shows that the domain is live, the kill switch takes effect and the malware stops spreading. The domain cost $10.69 and was immediately registering thousands of connections every second.

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  But either way,
it indicates that at least the narrative is being guided.

A controlled burn is always more survivable than a wildfire. 

The narrative being guided strongly implies that this event is a controlled burn,

not an organic all-consuming unstoppable wildfire as would appear to be the worse case. 

We are likely to survive this.



FedEx employees in Memphis received a text notification: “Virus spreading through FedEx with ransomware threat. Could be US wide. Recommend you turn off your computer if it’s windows just in case.”"


"...Some employees were told company systems globally were affected and that non-critical systems and PCs were to remain turned off until further notice from management..."


SuperStation95 can now confirm the cyber virus is in the global Banking System. Santander Bank has confirmed it is affected by this cyber attack.

ALL BANKS on planet earth utilize the SWIFT communications system to conduct "secure" banking. That system is so outdated, it requires Windows VISTA to operate!

Microsoft halted updates to VISTA years ago, meaning the banks are sitting ducks.

The fact that Santander Bank is affected, likely means the global banking system is now infected.

If YOUR bank becomes infected, how will they provide CASH OR CREDIT services if all their files are encrypted? See how this could mean no cash from ATM's and no credit or debit cards working?

We urgently suggest you take the steps outlined earlier in this article to try to protect yourself in case everything shuts down.


Ross Feingold, a Taiwan-based political analyst who advises on Taiwan and Hong Kong political affairs, warned that full picture may not be known until Monday morning when officials returned to work.

“As the attack commenced on Friday night Taiwan time, many organiZations, whether government or private sector, will only know the true impact on Monday morning when personnel return to work, turn on their computers, and possibly click on malware and/or otherwise discover that the organisation is the victim of ransomware,” he said.


The cyber attack has now begun to cripple main infrastructure systems in Europe. German railroads are now grinding to a halt becuase the computers which run those railroads are being locked by the cyber attack.

Below is a photo from a German Railway station this morning. It shows the Ransom-ware Notice in the Red Box, proving the computer for the railroad has been taken-over by the cyber attack.


The number of infections has jumped to 141,000+ in a matter of hours. The map below shows the most-prominent countries of infection:


According to, confirmed infections by this Cyber Attack have risen to 148,732 systems with 137,406 taken offline and made non-functional. The spread of this attack is continuing. It is important to note that of the 148,742 infected systems, that means "systems" not "computers."

Within a system can be one computer, or a thousand, depending upon the entity affected. For instance, the "banking SYSTEM" may count as one system, but obviously it could apply to tens-of-thousands of individual banks. So the magnitude of this cyber attack is staggering . . . and the spread continues.

Live updates to this article will continue to appear frequently as this story continues to develop. Check back often for the updates!

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Friday, May 12, 2017

 There is cause to believe this attack has also already struck the u.s.


Post by Newsroom
- May 12, 2017
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A massive cyber-attack is underway throughout the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal right now. Computers at companies, hospitals and government offices in 16 UK regions are now offline. Britain's National Health Service is said to be "in complete meltdown."

The attack is crippling telephone service in Spain and Portugal as well; with Portuguese Telephone Company workers "unable to communicate."  <<<<snip

An ambulance waits outside the emergency department at St Thomas' Hospital in central London, Britain May 12, 2017. © Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Hospitals across Britain have reportedly been hit by a large-scale cyberattack. Some are having to divert emergency patients, with doctors reporting messages demanding money.

National Health Service (NHS) hospitals across the country appear to have been simultaneously hit by a bug in their IT systems. Doctors have been posting on Twitter about what has been happening.

A screengrab of an instant message conversation circulated by one doctor says: “So our hospital is down … We got a message saying your computers are now under their control and pay a certain amount of money. And now everything is gone.”

A second doctor tweeted: “Massive NHS hack cyber attack today. Hospital in shut down. Thanks for delaying emergency patient care & endangering lives. #ssholes.” 

massive ransomware campaign appears to have infected a number of organisations around the world.

Computers in thousands of locations have apparently been locked by a program that demands $300 (£230) in Bitcoin.

There have been reports of infections in as many as 74 countries, including the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan.

Many security researchers are linking the incidents together.

One cyber-security researcher tweeted that he had detected many thousands of cases of the ransomware, known as WannaCry and variants of that name.

"This is huge," said Jakub Kroustek at Avast.

Another, at cyber-security firm Kaspersky, said that the ransomware had been spotted cropping up in 74 countries and that the number was still growing.

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) was also hit by a ransomware outbreak on the same day and screenshots of the WannaCry program were shared by NHS staff.

A number of Spanish firms were among the apparent victims elsewhere in Europe.

Telecoms giant Telefonica said in a statement that it was aware of a "cybersecurity incident" but that clients and services had not been affected.

Power firm Iberdrola and utility provider Gas Natural were also reported to have suffered from the outbreak.

There were reports that staff at the firms were told to turn off their computers.

Screenshots of WannaCry with text in Spanish were also shared online.
Media captionWhat is ransomware?

In Italy, one user shared images appearing to show a university computer lab with machines locked by the same program.

Bitcoin wallets seemingly associated with the ransomware were reported to have already started filling up with cash.

Another firm that confirmed it had been caught out was delivery company FedEx.

"Like many other companies, FedEx is experiencing interference with some of our Windows-based systems caused by malware," it said in a statement.

"We are implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible."
'Spreading fast'

"This is a major cyber attack, impacting organisations across Europe at a scale I've never seen before," said security architect Kevin Beaumont.

According to security firm Check Point, the version of the ransomware that appeared today is a new variant.

"Even so, it's spreading fast," said Aatish Pattni, head of threat prevention for northern Europe.

Several experts monitoring the situation have linked the infections to vulnerabilities released by a group known as The Shadow Brokers, which recently claimed to have dumped hacking tools stolen from the NSA.

A patch for the vulnerability was released by Microsoft in March, but many systems may not have had the update installed.

Some security researchers have pointed out that the infections seem to be deployed via a worm - a program that spreads by itself between computers.

More to follow

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More on the 'nuclear disaster' at the Hanford 'plant' in Washington state,

The number of blog-readers has doubled since yesterday,

and readers in Russia have taken the lead 

over France, Britain, Canada, and the u.s. all put together.

I do not know why that is,

and can only presume that people are interested 

in the 'nuclear disaster' at the Hanford 'plant' in 

Washington state, 

as the politically-correct press likes to call the place. 

Little more has been reported about it today.

My opinion is that the 'nuclear disaster' was fabricated

one way or another,  for public relations purposes

of stirring up the old Cold War bogeyman of atomic bombs,

radiation fall-out, ticking of doomsday clocks, and world super-power nation-states

which possess the appropriate arsenals -- all of this befitting, of course, 

a trending build-up to world-war scenario set-up, to the benefit of 

the 'military-industrial complex' as Eisenhower called it, and nobody else. 

I do not know how much of all that was ever even true in the first place.

I used to be scared to death of it in the 1950s.  

People were then digging fallout shelters in their backyards 

and all that. Oh, yes, and 'missile silos' on every other hill.

 And UFOs everywhere you looked, too. 

 In any case, for some reason, they officially shut the hell up about yesterday's incident  by nightfall.

The  no-fly-zone remains in place over the area  

What they did was, years and years ago, they loaded a bunch of nuclear waste stuff on the trains and buried the whole trains underground to get rid of it.  The 'tunnels' were never constructed to move goods from one place to another or anything like that. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

“Emergency Alert” Declared At Nuclear Facility In Washington; Evacuation Ordered, No-Fly Zone In Place

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden
Update 2: An aerial survey midmorning Tuesday showed an opening about 20 feet by 20 feet into the tunnel, which had been covered with about eight feet of soil. As reports , the breach could expose the highly radioactive material disposed of in the tunnel to the atmosphere.  
No airborne radiation had been detected as of about 10:30 a.m. Radiological surveys were continuing.
Instructions for people to shelter in place were expanded from central Hanford to all of Hanford, including LIGO and the reactor areas along the Columbia River, after the aerial survey. No one is being allowed to enter the site beyond the security barricades.
Earlier in the morning workers near Purex had noticed a 4-foot-by-4-foot depression that was 2 to 4 feet deep over the tunnel.
Workers in Purex were evacuated when the depression was noticed.
About 3,000 workers in central Hanford initially were told to take shelter indoors, including about 1,000 workers at the vitrification plant construction site. Ventilation systems at the vit plant have been turned off as part of the emergency procedure and equipment that could generate heat have powered down.
The DOE announced that secretary Perry is aware of the incident and that there is no initial indication of any worker exposure or an airborne radiological release.
Meanwhile, Private pilots in the area have been told to avoid flying over Hanford. The Hanford Patrol is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to put a formal air restriction in place until the FAA can confirm there is no danger.
Update 1: A robot is being used to sample the contaminated air and soil in the area around the collapse…
And here is a chart of current windflows…

*  *  *
As we detailed earlier, the U.S. Department of Energy activated the Emergency Operations Center Tuesday due to a tunnel collapse at the Hanford nuclear site.

According to KING-TV, a “tunnel in a plutonium finishing plant collapsed in Hanford early Tuesday morning. The tunnel was full of highly contaminated materials such as hot radioactive trains that transport fuel rods.”
As Breaking911 reports, some workers were being evacuated while others were advised to shelter-in-place. The Hanford Fire Department is on scene and updates will be posted as they are available. Workers in the vicinity are still being sheltered as a precaution.
From the U.S. Department of Energy
“The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Richland Operations Office activated the Hanford Emergency Operations Center at 8:26 a.m., after an alert was declared at the 200 East Area. There are concerns about subsidence in the soil covering railroad tunnels near a former chemical processing facility. The tunnels contain contaminated materials.”
Actions taken to protect site employees include:
  • Facility personnel have been evacuated
  • As a precaution, workers in potentially affected areas of the Hanford Site have gone indoors
  • Access to the 200 East Area of the Hanford Site, which is located in the center of the Hanford Site, has been restricted to protect employees

*  *  *
As we detailed previously, radioactive leak problems at the Hanford Site, a nuclear storage tank in Washington State, are nothing new.
We first wrote about the ongoing radioative leakage at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, created as part of the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb, in 2013.

As a reminder, during the Cold War, the project was expanded to include nine nuclear reactors and five large plutonium processing complexes, which produced plutonium for most of the 60,000 weapons in the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Alas, the site has been leaking ever since, as many of the early safety procedures and waste disposal practices were inadequate and Hanford’s operations released significant amounts of radioactive materials into the air and the neighboring Columbia River.

Hanford’s weapons production reactors were decommissioned at the end of the Cold War, but the decades of manufacturing left behind 53 million US gallons of high-level radioactive waste, an additional 25 million cubic feet of solid radioactive waste, 200 square miles of contaminated groundwater beneath the site and occasional discoveries of undocumented contaminations.

The Hanford site represents two-thirds of the nation’s high-level radioactive waste by volume. Today, Hanford is the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States and is the focus of the nation’s largest environmental cleanup. The government spends $2 billion each year on Hanford cleanup — one-third of its entire budget for nuclear cleanup nationally. The cleanup is expected to last decades.
However, as Krugman would say, the government was not spending nearly enough, and after a major documented leak in 2013, over the weekend, thousands of gallons of radioactive waste are estimated to have leaked from the Site once again, triggering an alarm and causing one former worker to label it as “catastrophic.”
As AP reported, the expanded leak was first detected after an alarm went off at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation on Sunday, and on Monday workers were preparing to pump the waste out of the troubled area. They were also trying to determine why the leak became worse.
It’s unclear exactly how much waste spilled out, but estimates place the amount at somewhere between 3,000 and 3,500 gallons, according to the Tri-City Herald.
The problem occurred at the double-wall storage tank AY-102, which has the capacity to hold one million gallons of the deadly waste, and which has been leaking since 2011. At the time, the leak was “extremely small”, and the waste would dry up almost right after spilling out between the inner and outer walls, leaving a salt-like substance behind.
However, over time the small leak got bigger.
In March, the US Department of Energy began pumping what was left in the storage tank, which originally held some 800,000 gallons of waste. However, after leak detector alarms sounded early Sunday morning, crews at Hanford lowered a camera into the two-foot-wide space between the tank’s inner and outer walls. They discovered 8.4 inches of radioactive and chemically toxic waste has seeped into the annulus.

Pumping work on the tank has been halted as officials reevaluate the situation and figure out how to get to the leaked radioactive waste. It’s possible that the leak was made worse when the pumping began, but that has not been confirmed.

Taking a page right out of the TEPCO playbook, the U.S. Department of Energy released a statement Monday calling the leak an “anticipated” outcome of an ongoing effort to empty the tank in question. The Washington state Department of Ecology said, “There is no indication of waste leaking into the environment or risk to the public at this time.”
But one former tank farm worker said the leak should be considered a major problem.
This is catastrophic. This is probably the biggest event to ever happen in tank farm history. The double shell tanks were supposed to be the saviors of all saviors (to hold waste safely from people and the environment),” said former Hanford worker Mike Geffre.
He should know: Geffre is the worker who first discovered that the tank, known as AY-102, was failing in 2011. In a 2013 series, “Hanford’s Dirty Secrets,” the KING 5 Investigators exposed that the government contractor in charge of the tanks, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS), ignored Geffre’s findings for nearly a year. The company finally admitted the problem in 2012.
Another problem: tank AY-102 is just one of 28 double-shell tanks at Hanford (there are 177 underground tanks total) holding nuclear byproducts from nearly four decades of plutonium production on the Hanford Nuclear Site, located near Richland. Initially the plutonium was used to fuel the bombed dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, in World War II.
The new leak poses problems on several fronts. The outer shell of AY-102 does not have the exhaust or filtration system needed to keep the dangerous gases created by the waste in check. Workers have been ordered to wear full respiratory safety gear in the area, but the risk remains. And unlike Fukushima where cleanup crews are aware of the danger, in Hanford virtually nobody is aware of the dangers of the radioactive seepage.

“The hazards to workers just went up by a factor of 10,” said Geffre.
The breakdown calls into question the viability of three other double-shell tanks at Hanford that have the exact design of AY-102. It is not clear how many of them may have comparable “extremely small” leaks which have gotten bigger, and even if there was it is likely that the DOD would not reveal them.
“The primary tanks weren’t designed to stage waste like this for so many years,” said a current worker. “There’s always the question, ‘Are the outer shells compromised’”?
Oh, and let’s not forget that the accumulation of waste in the outer shell also means “the deadliest substance on earth is that much closer to the ground surrounding the tank. And currently there is no viable plan in place to take care of it.
Or, as Ben Bernanke would say, the Plutonium is contained.
“It makes me sad that they didn’t believe me that there was a problem in 2011,” said Geffre. “I wish they would have listened to me and reacted faster. Maybe none of this would be happening now. It’s an example of a culture at Hanford of ‘We don’t have problems here. We’re doing just fine.’ Which is a total lie,” said Geffre.
Dear Mike, if you think that is bad, you should see what they say about the “markets”…