Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Meme War

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/pol/ News Forever‏ @polnewsforever 5h5 hours ago

Unconfirmed: The person who originally made the Trump-WWE meme appears to be an Anon from Mexico.
CNN literally can't do anything correctly.

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Dave Rubin‏Verified account @rubinreport 4h4 hours ago

The Internet and Twitter especially can often be a toxic nightmare. Watching the people stand up to the machine today is a thing of beauty.
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Josh Caplan‏ @joshdcaplan 4h4 hours ago

BREAKING: @cnn faints and is chucked into van like a side of beef after threatening to dox redditor over meme!


Paul Joseph Watson‏Verified account @prisonplanet 3h3 hours ago

If BuzzFeed is correct, it appears CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski outed the wrong guy. … #CNNBlackmail

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Alex Jones‏Verified account @realalexjones 4h4 hours ago

The Meme War begins -- farewell CNN

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#infowars #CNNBlackmail #CNNisFAKENEWS


Meme War

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quinn54‏ @quinn54 2h2 hours ago
Replying to @richardtburnett

Kicked ass an taken names. you go dog💪



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