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'President Donald J. Trump Proclaims September 3, 2017, as a National Day of Prayer' #HurricaneHarvey #PrayForTexas
President Trump Proclaims 9/3/2017, as a National Day of Prayer
Melania & I are grateful to everyone devoting time, effort & resources to the ongoing response, recovery & rebuilding efforts. We invite all Americans to join us as we cont to pray for everyone in TX.


Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 60m60 minutes ago

Remember, Sunday is National Prayer Day (by Presidential Proclamation)!

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Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump 1h1 hour ago

Just got back to the White House from the Great States of Texas and Louisiana, where things are going well. Such cooperation & coordination!
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Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realdonaldtrump

North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States.....

4:30 AM - 3 Sep 2017

I guess this could be thought of as the Continental Divide

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Trump is impulsive and inexperienced. Not a good combination in a president... or anyone for that matter.
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Dani Bostick‏Verified account @danibostick 4h4 hours ago

The NK news was bad enough. Then Trump tweets and reminds us all he is president. Crap.

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Eugene Gu, MD‏Verified account @eugenegu 4h4 hours ago

Trump is the worst president in US history and this is one of the scariest moments in US history.

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Dani Bostick‏Verified account @danibostick 4h4 hours ago

It is hard to imagine a worse president. Trump is inarticulate, uninformed, unethical, and impulsive.
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Eugene Gu, MD‏Verified account @eugenegu 4h4 hours ago

The only one worse may be Kim Jong Un. And now we have a nuclear standoff between them.

Oh Lord  Hear Our Prayer    -- September 3 2017

Maureen Ward
Published on Jan 24, 2013  My favourite Taize hymn: O Lord hear my prayer, music by the French composer of liturgical music, Jacques Berthier (1923 - 1994). Lyrics from Psalm 102. Sunsets from various locations, by Patricia Maloney Ottawa ON Canada. The final photos were taken in the evening during the Stations of the Cross at Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Friday, September 1, 2017

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Texas Governor Proclaims Day of Prayer

Texas Governor Proclaims Day of Prayer

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a proclamation declaring Sunday to be a day of prayer in his state following Hurricane Harvey.

September 01, 2017

Joined by Vice President Mike Pence and the Rev. Franklin Graham, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a proclamation Thursday to designate Sunday as a day of prayer throughout Texas.

The governor’s proclamation states, in part:

WHEREAS, it is right and fitting that the people of Texas should join with their fellow residents and with others from across the country and around the world to seek God’s wisdom for ourselves and our leaders and ask for His merciful intervention and healing in this time of crisis;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GREG ABBOTT, Governor of Texas, pursuant to the authority vested in me by the Constitution and Statutes of the State of Texas, do hereby proclaim Sunday, September 3, 2017, as a Day of Prayer in Texas. I urge Texans of all faiths and religious traditions and backgrounds to offer prayers on that day for the safety of our first responders, public safety officers, and military personnel, healing of individuals, rebuilding of communities and the restoration of the entire region struck by this disaster.

Prior to signing the proclamation, Abbott said:

"Throughout our history, Texans have been strengthened and lifted through prayer, and it is fitting that Texans join together in prayer in this time of crisis. Throughout this disaster, we have seen the power of Texans helping Texans, and I am hopeful this proclamation will bring people together once more. We have remained strong throughout this ordeal, and this Day of Prayer will make us even stronger together."

Following the governor’s statement, the vice president spoke briefly about the Trump administration’s commitment to recovery efforts. He was followed by a prayer led by Second Lady Karen Pence.

The event was held at the heavily damaged First Baptist Church in Rockport, which suffered the brunt of Hurricane Harvey as it made landfall.

TruNews copy
This image went viral during the last days of the Dust of August.

 The image has become iconic of heroic action in the flood waters
of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

The story behind the image is told at this LINK

Both the guy in the picture, and the guy telling the story,
are 'known' to me, because both have appeared
on the Hagmann&Hagmann evening broadcast.
They are part of the group of men I have sometimes called
'the American Christian Watchmen'. 

Coming Out of the Shadows: A Critically Important Operational Update

A note from A Concerned American, first:

Coming Out of the Shadows: An Operational Update Regarding A New Team Helping To Expose America's Foreign & Domestic Enemies

The easiest thing in the world to do would be to scoff and disregard.

Many will.

Others understand that supporting like-minded groups is the only way to even have a shot at countering the forces arrayed against traditional Americans.

Choose wisely.

The Reds are winning and have the operational advantage.

Coming Out of the Shadows: A Critically Important Operational Update
Douglas J. Hagmann -


Over the last 18 months, I have been visible as the senior host of The Hagmann Report, a father-son investigative reporting team airing weeknights from 7:00-10:00 PM ET on multiple platforms (GlobalStar Satellite Radio Network, BlogTalkRadio and YouTube). Thanks to the work of a dynamic team that includes my son Joe, Eric “The Tech” and most recently, Program Director and Producer Jon Robberson, The Hagmann Report has grown exponentially.

We are viewed and heard in over 100 countries and this year alone, we have surpassed over 70 million view/downloads – making it one of the most popular independent media programs in the United States.

In July, we added two new shows to our line-up: The Doug Hagmann Radio Show (DHRS), a one-hour radio show broadcast weekday mornings from 9:00-10:00 AM ET and hosted by Doug Hagmann, and The Hagmann Daily Show, hosted by Joe Hagmann and Jon Robberson broadcast from 2:00-3:00 PM ET each weekday.

The Doug Hagmann Radio Show (DHRS) provides in-depth investigative findings of current events, while The Hagmann Daily Show provides analysis of the current events dominating the headlines. Both shows are aired and archived exclusively on The GlobalStar Satellite Radio Network and BlogTalkRadio.

Behind the visible, however, I have been involved in assembling a team of investigative professionals to identify, investigate and infiltrate groups that pose real threats to our freedoms and our way of life. My latest initiative may be considered to be the “reformatting” of the Northeast Intelligence Network, well-known for the investigation of the Muslim threat following and in response to September 11, 2001. I would urge everyone to read a more detailed explanation of our findings here to understand that all is not what it seems.

Context in investigations is important but unfortunately, eludes many otherwise intelligent and rational people. It was through and consequential to my experience as an operational asset for the FBI and DoJ that I realized that the threats we face are not limited to Islamic terrorists. We face a systemic threat that transcends political parties by the adherents to a Globalist/Communist agenda. People and groups are in place inside the United States and the U.S. government that pose a grave danger to our freedoms, personal liberty and our nation. Once this is understood – in its proper context – many events we’ve witnessed in our lifetimes make begin to make sense and become much clearer.

The message within this update, therefore, can be made concise and easily conveyed. This website is being officially relaunched as the covert investigative team of the Northeast Intelligence Network is fully operational and functioning behind enemy lines. In addition to providing salient findings to selected law enforcement officials who are keeping their oath to God and country, I will be making our reports and investigative findings public on this site and through our public platforms.

The individuals and groups of investigative interest include but are not limited to:

The Red-Green Alliance, i.e. Communist-Muslim partners;
The Progressive-Left Socialist/Communist groups operating autonomously or within the government, and corporations serving government interests;
Pedophile groups and individuals engaged in and promoting pedophilia, human sex trafficking and associated activities; and
Individuals within the corporate media who engage in activities noted above.

It has been a long and labor-intensive 18 months to get to this point, but we’ve managed to do it. We are at a critical time in our investigative efforts and cannot afford to lose any ground we’ve gained. Accordingly, I humbly ask just a few things of our readers, viewers and listeners.

First, please add this site to your bookmarks/favorites and check it daily. Also, please subscribe to my social networking feeds for investigative updates (Facebook & Twitter) specific to these efforts. Additionally, please spread the word about our investigative team and urge others to bookmark this site and subscribe to my feeds as well. We can win on the numbers, and we will not be as easily censored as the numbers grow.

Most importantly, I ask for your prayers for our investigative team. They are placing their careers, families and their lives in jeopardy through their courageous actions.

Lastly, we need your help to keep our investigations going and advancing our objectives to expose the perpetrators. We operate independent from any outside influence, and it takes an incredible amount of time and money to do what we are doing. We are not just people behind keyboards and microphones, nor are we just reporting the news. We are working in the trenches to expose the perpetrators engaged in the activities that involve taking down our nation. The stakes have never been higher. Accordingly, I humbly ask for your financial support to the extent possible.

Time is short and the tasks are many.

It is with my sincere and heartfelt gratitude that I thank each of you, in advance, for assisting us and by doing so, taking a stand against the evil agenda and those perpetuating it – attempting to force it upon us and most importantly, upon our children.

We must take up the battle and not leave it to our children.

To donate and assist our investigative efforts, please click here. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and be assured that all money is used to offset operational and investigative cost.

War is Coming to the Streets of America

War is Coming to the Streets of America
Douglas J. Hagmann -
August 31, 2017


I remember it well. My first contact with my DHS “whistleblower” source was a middle-of-the-night conversation on May 25, 2012, some five-and-a-half years ago and well documented on this site and other sites, including Canada Free Press (here).

On that occasion, this source stated that “DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected himself, stating that ‘a civil war’ is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it.”

That was several months before the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, the man of questionable origins, dubious bona-fides and an inherent, visceral hatred for everything that made America a once-great nation. Obama had to win re-election to complete his task of destroying our Representative Republic. He was handily re-elected without much viable opposition, giving him additional time to complete his duties as the front man for his Globalist puppet masters.

As my insider source informed me in the many additional contacts we had, “plans, tactics and timetables change, but the objectives of these Globalists don’t.”

Now, let’s fast forward to the present. In an upset the Globalists did not see coming, President Donald J. Trump was elected by the people of America in a fair and free election. This, however, was not supposed to happen. After her coronation, Hillary Clinton was supposed to continue the unfinished tasks of Obama, transforming the U.S. into a fully Communist society that would better integrate with a Global collective. Bernie Sanders, a socialist, was simply not radical enough for the Globalist puppet masters of the Progressive base, which is really a Communist platform.

In the wake of the loss, the Communist operatives immediately went to work to cast doubt on the legitimacy of our elections. Much like the signature Benghazi video, the Russian-Collusion narrative was birthed out of desperation and necessity. It relentlessly continues today as the Shadow Government is using the mechanisms of our institutions in the form of an “Independent” Counsel to further delegitimize our President and his office. The intended result here is to provoke a Constitutional crisis that will send our nation into a deliberate state of chaos.

Meanwhile, the highly active Shadow Government, maligned as a conspiracy theory by the very people who comprise this agenda and their unwitting dupes, is in overdrive to compensate for the interruption of their agenda. Barry Soetoro, better known as Barack Hussein Obama II, is operational from his base on Embassy Row to tend to the business of taking America down from within.

In fact, one might assert that he has more latitude out of office and away from oversight. Consider the situation of Dr. Sebastian Gorka who recently departed from the inner circle of the West Wing. Undoubtedly, he will be engaged in a form of political trench warfare on behalf of the Conservative Right that might otherwise be impossible.

Globalist Task List

Now recall the warnings from my previous reports, based on the information given to me from my insider source. Also remember that the plans, tactics, strategies of the Globalist might change, but the objectives remain the same. The Globalist puppet masters want to tear America down. All of it. Their hatred for American is unmatched, as is their desperation now that Donald Trump is in office.

The Globalist task list adheres to a five-step program, which is essentially the formula used by George Soros to foment coups and uprisings across the globe:

Form a Shadow Government;
Take complete control of the media, including and especially the independent media;
Destabilize the State;
Provoke an Election Crisis;
Assume Control of the Reins of Power.

Note here that George Soros, in his own words, has publicly lamented on America existing as a roadblock to a Communist collective:

The main problem to a ‘stable and just world order’ is the United States.” –George Soros, The Age of Fallibility.

The Shadow Government has existed inside the United States since 1947-48, or since the inception of the Central Intelligence Agency. It has undergone various iterations and refinements, and now comprise, as part of the Shadow Government – a subsection known as the Deep State. The tools available to the Shadow government are many, and now involve the use of the many technologies that did not exist even a decade ago.

Note: Kevin Shipp, a former CIA officer, will be our guest on The Hagmann Report tomorrow, Friday, September 1, 2017 to give his presentation on the Shadow Government based on his first-hand knowledge.

One can see how far along the Shadow Government is in their task of destroying America. Nonetheless, they have an enemy in Donald Trump, who is a formidable speedbump on the road to complete tyranny. While they continue to work on step 4 via Robert Mueller and the Republican establishment, there is a level of organization and flow of money being poured into step 3 unlike anything ever before seen.

Orchestrating the Chaos

Starting with “protest” marches concurrent with the inauguration of Donald Trump, the Communist resistance to a free Republic is being refined from the top down, populated from the bottom up, and fueled from the inside out. Does this sound familiar? It should, as it is from the mouth of Van Jones, a close confidante of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton who was briefly at the center of controversy as Obama was about to give him a West Wing position. Today, Jones is a political activist and involved in numerous “Progressive” political initiatives.

According to most recent information from my insider source within the beltway, combined with infiltration and investigation of various “activist” groups in the U.S. by investigators involved with my organization, the protest marches are being permitted to grow into an armed militant movement that will cause “flashpoints” of domestic unrest and armed conflict across the U.S.

Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” although momentarily interrupted by the victory of Donald Trump, will be facilitated by an armed resistance aided by holdovers inside government loyal to Obama, Clinton and the Globalist cause. They have had more than a decade of infiltration under Obama and the globalists, and intend to stay as long as possible. Meanwhile, they are arming for war to be conducted in the streets of America.
Red Guards – Austin

Groups including but not limited to Antifa, RevComm, and now Red Guards (Austin) are collecting weapons and preparing for an all-out assault under the pretext of fighting the Nazi oppression that they purport that Donald Trump and his supporters espouse. Tey are turning in their rocks and bottles for bullets and guns, and are receiving training from war veterans sympathetic to their cause.

One might laugh at the through of the thuggish snowflakes, known by their obtuse behavior, being able to cause any such violence, at least effectively. Alone and without top-down coordination, perhaps a chuckle might be warranted. However, their efforts are being supplemented by powers inside the Shadow Government, a force multiplier that we should mock or ignore at our peril.

As I discussed during my radio show today, war is coming to our streets as I warned over five years ago.

Prepare. Pray.
Images that make you gasp
Statistics that you can't grasp.

East Texas residents are warned river levels could rise to 82 FEET as the Army is forced to open reservoir floodgates after Harvey's trail of destruction leaves 38 dead and destroys 48,700 homes

Residents in a county of Beaumont, Texas, have been told to evacuate or face certain death from Harvey
Authorities warned anyone staying behind to write their social security number on their arm to later be identified
Two explosions at a flooded chemical plant in Crosby have released toxic chemicals in to the air and water
The entire city of Beaumont, which has 118,000 residents , is now without running water
Harvey is still thundering on and is making its way towards Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky
It will bring heavy rain to those states but is not expected to cause the same devastation as it has in Texas
So far 38 people have been confirmed dead but the final death toll will be exponentially higher as the flood waters recede and more bodies emerge
The governor of Texas has warned that it could take weeks for some flooded districts to become dry again
More than 48,000 homes have been destroyed by the storm and the estimated cost of damage is $160 billion

Read more:
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Volunteers help handle a boat in a swift current during the rescue of of people from their homes in Beaumont on Wednesday


Houston Under Water: Hurricane Irma and Prophetic Warnings
August 31, 2017

With Hurricane Irma now bearing down on Texas, and the U.S. nuclear standoff with North Korea intensifying, are we witnessing a fulfillment of prophetic warnings? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles shares China’s decree that they will never allow war or chaos on their doorstep, and discusses the statement by independent journalist Mike Cernovich, that a coup has taken place and President Trump is under house arrest. Rick also details the numerous dreams and visions which were delivered prior to the Houston deluge, and defends God’s watchman who were courageous enough to alert the Saints despite ridicule.


 But where did this idea come from that Trump is under house arrest? 

  Journalist Mike Cernovich Says A ‘Coup Is Underway’ In The White House
Mac Slavo
August 31st, 2017

Hurricane Harvey-refueled 3 times=50 inches

Published on Aug 30, 2017
There are countless ways to see Harvey is not “Mother Nature,” but watching it disappear and refuel with massive Water Vapor Bursts three days in a row (at exactly the same time of day and from exactly the same areas), proves beyond any reasonable doubt, that this catastrophe is entirely manmade. I knew that I would be able to show four days of exactly the same refueling process (if I waited until this morning), but after 16 straight hours of work on this video (and 6 hours to render it) I was simply too exhausted to wait, and needed to get this video posted.

More than that, it irrefutably illustrates that not only is it manmade, the inflicted misery is far beyond intentional. Even after the first night of Harvey’s landfall, the complete destruction of Rockport, and two feet of flooding is Houston, the perpetrators were far from satisfied with the devastation they caused.

If the perpetrators had any semblance of mercy or human decency, they simply would have allowed Harvey to dissipate as it was already doing (illustrated in the first satellite series in this video), and allowed the victims of this disaster to begin trying to recover their lives.

Instead, they deliberately refueled this storm system with massive On-Land Water Vapor Generation (illustrated and proven by the tell-tale Raid Evaporation Bursts which are uncontestably manmade), causing the worst night of flooding in Houston for the entire event.

If the perpetrators had any semblance of mercy or human decency, they simply would have allowed Harvey to dissipate on the second night as it was already doing (illustrated in the second satellite series in this video), and allowed the twice victimized community some relief from their nightmare.

Instead, they deliberately refueled this storm system for a second time with massive On-Land Water Vapor Generation, as well as Massive Water Vapor Generation streaming from the Rapid Evaporation “Firehose” in the Gulf. As is always the case, the streaming water vapor made pushing it past saturation (for the third round of torrential downpour) easy, which you can plainly see by the explosion of deluge, as soon as it hit the On-Land Water Vapor Generators.

If the perpetrators had any semblance of mercy or human decency, they simply would have allowed Harvey to dissipate on the third night as it was already doing, but not only did they not want it to end, they wanted to re-strengthen it. Although I didn’t have time to include it (and I certainly have the satellite imagery to prove it), they “gently” pushed Harvey BACK out to the Gulf using a series of Generated Gravity Waves – giving the all but collapsed rotation an opportunity to survive and strengthen. Unsurprisingly (hopefully you are beginning to see the pattern) they once again simultaneously refueled this storm with Massive On-Land and Gulf “Firehose” Water Vapor Generation (Tell-Tale Rapid Evaporation), for the fourth straight night of unimaginable suffering for the people of Houston and Eastern Texas.

On and on it goes. Exactly the same refueling process happened last night, and exactly the same refueling process will happen tonight. As Harvey is now making its THIRD landfall – this time in Louisiana (uncoincidentally on the Anniversary of Katrina landfall) the perpetrators still intend to cause as much death, destruction, and suffering to the people of this country – as they possible can. Know for a fact – they will not stop fueling this system, until conditions make it no longer possible. If human suffering is a factor at all, it can only be interpreted as a desired outcome.


Irma jumped straight from practically nothing to a category 2 before anyone got a chance to measure it as a category 1. That's basically impossible, unless NOAA is lying, or someone flipped a switch somehwere and "turned on" a hurricane! I'd bet someone flipped a switch.

Check out this storm tracking map, you can see here that Irma went from nothing of significance to a category 2 like someone simply flipped a switch!
Look folks, Hurricane Irma is an impossible anomaly
If you live anywhere a hurricane can strike, now is going to be a good time to go out and get hurricane supplies, while they are cheap, BEFORE they run out.

Comb Craigslist or whatever other source to find used plywood so you don't have to pay an enormous price once your home is in the target zone. Get the minimum needed, so your home is not cluttered up with crap if it does not hit your area. Just get at least basic protection for as cheap as possible. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT, Irma is clearly an anomaly, this happened WAY TO QUICK. I do not believe this one is natural AT ALL.

None of the news agencies have picked up on this yet, because it was such an ambush.

10:10 AM CST August 31:
CONFIRMED: Irma is now a hurricane
IN ONLY 10 MINUTES, tropical storm Irma went from 70 mph sustained winds, straight to 100 mph sustained winds. It was like an ambush, it was not supposed to intensify to hurricane until this week end!

This is the type of anomaly I look for when determining if a storm is man made or not, this change was actually unnatural, and it is absolutely real, straight from NOAA SEE THIS it is real folks! 100 MPH sustained winds already??!!??

Hurricane Irma is impossibly far to the East to be as powerful as it is. The tropical depressions that become Atlantic hurricanes form off the west coast of Africa, and usually stay at either storm strength or remain depressions until they are at least twice as far off the African coast as Irma is now. This one could be a whopper. I doubt the sudden strengthening, which defied predictions, is natural. I still think Harvey was natural but am beginning to think they played with Harvey after landfall. This apparently will not be the case with Irma.
Irma Turning Into Monster Hurricane: "Highest Windspeed Forecasts I've Ever Seen"

by Tyler Durden
Aug 31, 2017 8:27 PM

Hurricane Irma continues to strengthen much faster than pretty much any computer model predicted as of yesterday or even this morning. Per the National Hurricane Center's (NHC) latest update, Irma is currently a Cat-3 storm with sustained winds of 115 mph but is expected to strengthen to a devastating Cat-5 with winds that could top out at 180 mph or more. Here is the latest from the NHC as of 5PM EST:

Irma has become an impressive hurricane with intense eyewall convection surrounding a small eye. Satellite estimates continue to rapidly rise, and the Dvorak classifications from both TAFB & SAB support an initial wind speed of 100 kt. This is a remarkable 50-kt increase from yesterday at this time.

Irma continues moving west-northwestward, now at about 10 kt. There has been no change to the forecast philosophy, with the hurricane likely to turn westward and west-southwestward over the next few days due to a building ridge over the central Atlantic. At long range, however, model guidance is not in good agreement on the strength of the ridge, resulting in some significant north-south differences in the global models. I am inclined to stay on the southwestern side of the model guidance, given the rather consistent forecasts of the ECMWF and its ensemble. In addition, the strongest members of the recent ensembles are on the southern side on the consensus, giving some confidence in that approach.<<<snip