Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Synodus Horrenda

"Working alongside US Senator Elizabeth Warren to create this secret court system in Massachusetts, this report details, is the feared radical leftist attorney Debra Katz—who is shockingly resurrecting within the American legal system the Medieval era practice of Synodus Horrenda (aka “Council Dreadful”) that could prosecute even the dead for long passed crimes—and is why she was appointed by Democrat Party US Senator Diane Feinstein to represent Judge Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey-Ford—as in order to prevent Kavanaugh from reaching the US Supreme Court, he must first be tried by the “Council Dreadful” for all of the imagined crimes he committed as a child, and that he stands guilty of unless he can somehow prove his innocence." - Sorcha Fahl, Langley Virginia

Looking up Synodus Horrenda (aka “Council Dreadful”) I found an intriguing tale,
 which I can easily imagine happening to the Obama presidency.

Probably around January 897, Stephen VI ordered that the corpse of his predecessor Formosus be removed from its tomb and brought to the papal court for judgment. With the corpse propped up on a throne, a deacon was appointed to answer for the deceased pontiff.

Synodus Horrenda) is the name commonly given to the posthumous ecclesiastical trial of Pope Formosus, held in the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome during January 897.[1]

At the end of the trial, Formosus was pronounced guilty and his papacy retroactively declared null.

At the end of the trial, Obama was pronounced guilty and his presidency retroactively declared null.

Formosus was accused of transmigrating sees in violation of canon law, of perjury, and of serving as a bishop while actually a layman. Eventually, the corpse was found guilty.

Liutprand and other sources say that, after having the corpse stripped of its papal vestments, Stephen then cut off the three fingers of the right hand that it had used in life for blessings, next formally invalidating all of Formosus' acts and ordinations (including his ordination of Stephen VI as bishop of Anagni).

The body was finally interred in a graveyard for foreigners, only to be dug up once again, tied to weights, and cast into the Tiber River.

But that still wasn't the end of it.

The macabre spectacle turned public opinion in Rome against Stephen. Rumors circulated that Formosus' body, after washing up on the banks of the Tiber, had begun to perform miracles. A public uprising led to Stephen being deposed and imprisoned. While in prison, in July or August 897, he was strangled.

In December 897, Pope Theodore II (897) convened a synod that annulled the Cadaver Synod, rehabilitated Formosus, and ordered that his body, which had been recovered from the Tiber, be reburied in Saint Peter's Basilica in pontifical vestments. In 898, John IX (898—900) also nullified the Cadaver Synod, convening two synods (one in Rome, one in Ravenna) which confirmed the findings of Theodore II's synod, ordered the acta of the Cadaver Synod destroyed, excommunicated seven cardinals who were involved in the Cadaver Synod, and prohibited any future trial of a dead person.

However, Pope Sergius III (904–911), who as bishop had taken part in the Cadaver Synod as a co-judge, overturned the rulings of Theodore II and John IX, reaffirming Formosus' conviction,[17] and had a laudatory epitaph inscribed on the tomb of Stephen VI.

Adjucating the null and void  criminal presidency of BHO is going to take years.
I suppose the task will fall upon the Kavanaugh  Supreme Court.
Libtards will fight it tooth and claw until they are all dead.

At the moment I cannot recall who the vice-president was.
Oh, yeah. Joe the Biden.

Edit postscript: I heard today that the juristic principle Synodus Horrenda, which encourages prosecutorial diligence to seek as far back in the past as is necessary to locate a suitable crime,  is  also  being applied by the Council Dreadful  to a certain current case involving President Trump,  whose parents had placed a questionably large sum of money into a savings account bearing his name at the age of three. 

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